Pregnant sex

I am almost 5 months pregnant with our third child. I am not sure what’s happened with my hormones this time but I don’t remember wanting this much sex with the other two.

Weve been married nearly 15 years and both work very hard to look after our kids. My hubby works in another town and travels for 5 hours a day. All that travel makes for very long days and long waits for my sexy hubby to get home to his very horny pregnant wife. I send him sexy, naughty texts through the day and he returns them telling me what he’s thinking and what he wants to do to me, mostly our favorite thing of him kissing and licking me down there- he especially loves how very wet I get when I’m pregnant. We’ve been having amazing hot sex every night – sometimes one of us falls asleep while were putting the kids to bed, but either his hard penis or my wet pussy make sure we both get plenty of pleasure before the night is over.  It’s on the days when neither of us have to work the next morning that we can really enjoy each other for hours of very hot sex.Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 3.36.24 PM

My favorite was the other night. We were both trying to get our kids to sleep and my hubby knew how much I wanted him but we needed the kids to get to sleep first. I felt his hands on me which soon crept to my breast. I pushed him off telling him he knew he had to wait. Not long now. His hands kept wandering and I kept pushing them away. Finally they were asleep and we snuck out quickly looking fwd to being with each other.

I was was wearing a black clingy wrap dress and Lacey panties. I looked fwd to my hubby finding this gorgeous see through underwear. I had no bra as my breasts are sooo big and huge practicing for when they’ll soon fill with milk. They are sore to touch but long for my husbands massage and lips to soften them. My hubby’s hands are quickly all over me and straight to my breasts which only have the thin wrap over them. He massages and then kisses and sucks my nipple. He makes one side soft and comfortable and it is obvious te other side needs his attention too- he is happy to oblige and I am in heaven.

I push him over and off me and begin kissing his body now. I stop at his nipple and give it plenty of attention like he did mine. I move down his torso so slowly enjoying every part of him knowing where I am heading. I look down and see his underwear bulging and love that sight. I move my kisses over his underwear blowing hot breath onto his penis inbetween kissing and rubbing my face into him. He moans. I then carefully move his underwear off revealing his very hard penis which springs into position right near my face. I rub it over my face and neck and then begin kissing, then licking. I lick up the sides then back down so very gently, touching with my finger tips as softly as I can. I begin kissing him all over, slowly moving up his penis to the end and I take end end in my mouth, tasting his wetness, so carefully and slowly, enjoying every bit. I slowly widen my mouth to devour him and I can feel his head rubbing the very back of my throat. I run his head all over the top of the back of my mouth, using my tongue at the same time. I alternate between licking his length, kissing the head and fully taking him in my mouth, driving him so crazy but he feels so good- he’s telling me with his moans. I can feel him close to come so I move my kisses back up his chest, over his nipple and to his mouth. He flips me onto my back and begins kissing me.

His kisses move from my mouth over my breast where he begins sucking again. He stays for a while then begins to move downwards. He kisses my big round pregnant belly and quickly moves to my thighs. He opens my legs with his face inbetween and begins gently kissing me just how I like it. I can feel his beard all over me and his kisses and licks. I am addicted to him pleasing me this way- he is amazing and know exactly how to please me. I stop him because if he continues I’ll orgasm and were not done yet!


His turn again, I kiss him all over his chest and onto his nipple. I grab and suck and lick then slowly kiss down to his throbbing penis. I continue til he’s so close to cumming again then he stops me and heads back down to my pussy.

This time I can’t help but orgasm as his tongue licks me up and down. He loves the taste of my pregnant self and it turns me on to know he enjoys this as much as I do. I have multiple orgasms and all I can think about is his hard penis being inside me. I want him so badly!

I climb on top of his belly facing his feet and give him a little kiss and suck before I begin to ride him in reverse cowgirl position. I have my knees either side of him and I lean down with my arms touching the floor while arching my back. This allows for very deep penetration and we both get into a rhythm as we feel complete esctacy until we came at the same time.

Pregnant sex is really amazing!! Specially when u are still truly in love after 15 years!





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3 replies
  1. Upcomingauthor says:

    Were expecting our kid right now and wifey is due next month. She’s always horny but it definitely amps up when she’s pregnant and while I miss laying on top of her, I love giving it to her doggy for that deep penetration.
    Glad to see anothet pregnancy story! Thanks for sharing! God bless and keep writing! 🙂

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    Beautiful Soul – Great story. I love how you described how if one of you falls asleep while the other is getting the kids down – that you both will wake up to the other when he or she comes back. My wife and I have had that happen many times. There have been times when I’ve been so tired – and she is so horny that she doesn’t give up. I awaken to her slapping me with her tits, or putting a nipple in my mouth. Another favorite is for me to be awakened by the aroma of her wet pussy right in my face! Yes, those are still the best alarm clocks I’ve ever experienced! My wife likes to be awakened by me groping her boobs or sucking them – or fingering her. Lastly, some of the most amazing memories of hot sex we’ve had were when she was pregnant. There was even greater abandon in her horniness at those earlier stages of our marriage. She is more self-admittedly horny now – but those days were the breaking through a “new ceiling” of horniness for her that I’d not seen to that point. A greater desperation that was so hot! She wanted to not only be fucked, she wanted to be aroused in every way! I sense that same hotness in you two from your wonderful story. God bless you and your family. I hope all is well with the pregnancy. LH

  3. Beautiful Soul says:

    Thank u for the positive replies! I never thought I’d write anything like this in my life so lovely to read people enjoying it.
    Upcoming author have u tried reverse cowgirl position? It’s our very favorite ATM!! Best wishes in your pregnancy! 🙂

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