A Night of Kissing

You could say it started when I was at work, and he texted me and said, “Hey, Babe. Want to go out to dinner tonight?”

Of course I said, “yes” and I couldn’t wait to get out of work.

I arrived home and gave him a kiss. He was getting ready, so I got ready and put on a red short dress with black heels, he was wearing a suit and tie. Before we left, he pushed me up against the wall and pulled down the straps on my dress and kissed me; it felt great.

We then headed to the restaurant. Once we got there, we sat and ate our food. He would give me looks that he was turned on. After we had eaten, I stood up and sat on his lap and started kissing him. People were looking at us, and I felt embarrassed, but couldn’t help the passion I felt toward him.

We then left the restaurant and on the way home he put his hand up my dress. I couldn’t wait till we got home. I got home and threw my heels off, and he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me  again. I kissed him back fervently, and he started taking off my dress. I bent down and slid his pants off and unbuttoned his shirt. At that time, all he has on was his boxers and all I had on were underwear and a bra. He  picked me up and squeezed my butt cheeks and carried me into the kitchen and set me on top of a counter. We continued kissing.

He then carried me into the bedroom and threw me on the bed. He ravenously undid my bra and started grasping my boobs, and we kissed for long minutes before we made love. All I can say is that it was a beautiful romantic night for this wife.

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  1. cameron says:

    Ah don’t you just love it when you man pins in in and corner and holds you tight as he kisses you. I loved the story and can’t wait for this weekends date night.

    Take care.

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