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My husband and I have been together for ten years, married for seven.  My youngest is eight months old, and I have not felt confident with my body ever since the baby was born, but my husband hasn't noticed this.

I had been feeling overwhelmed lately, so he suggested that we have the kids spend the night with relatives and go out for a much-needed date like we used to before we had our kids. I said, "yes." He set everything up, making reservations and getting a sitter.

While out for dinner, we had the most enjoyable conversation. I haven't laughed like that in a long time. I am completely smitten with this man who I feel blessed to have as my partner, lover and best friend. We have known each other since university.

He told me "You have never looked hotter. Hotter than the first time I saw you, sexier than on our wedding day. You look so beautiful."

Two pregnancies have not been the best thing for my once fit body. I needed to hear this. I could have immediately dropped to my knees and serviced him right there in the crowded, romantically lit restaurant. I made it clear to him that we should skip dessert. He knew what I meant and signalled for the check, even though, our plates were 3/4 clean.

It was an intense drive home. His hand grazed up my thighs through my dress, and I moaned with pleasure. We barely spoke but didn't need to.

Oh, the joy I felt as we pulled into our garage. I had unbuckled my seat belt before the car was in park. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. We raced into the house, fondling each other along the way.

I walked in and took off my coat. He immediately pushed me against the wall like he was going to frisk me and dropped to his knees. He slowly pulled up my dress and caressed my thighs along the way, his tongue gently following behind his wonderful fingers.

I was at his whim, completely his. He pulled down my thong and began to lick my pussy. My knees were weak. I couldn't control my legs, especially in my heels. It took about two minutes to reach orgasm. I loved every minute of it.

As I was ending my intense orgasm, he picked me up and carried me upstairs to finish what he had started. I couldn't wait to feel him in my mouth and my pussy. It was the most incredible night we have ever had. I loved all of it. I had three wonderful orgasms that night as we made love.

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  1. Lovinghusband says:


    Thank you for sharing this sizzling story of a wonderful night! I'm glad your husband was able to help change your mind about how you are seeing your own body!

    Frankly I adore my wife's body that has given us 4 children! She is fit but not free of the marks of childbearing. A Biblical mindset helps us to see these marks - not as blemishes - but as the seasoning that comes by God's hand. My seed caused my wife to grow and stretch on 4 occasions and I rejoice in this. I kiss and lick those reminders of our sexual legacy together. They are on her body - but they are our marks. They are not there because she is lazy or undisciplined - they are there by God's doing!

    Samantha, I don't know you or your husband - but I can't imagine him not adoring you in this same way!

    God bless you and your family in Christ's love! Welcome to Marriage Heat! LH

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      LH, these words you just spoke were supremely beautiful! Thank you for them! They are sure to be a blessing to every woman. They absolutely blessed me, though I haven't borne a child yet. God bless you!

      And God bless you, Samantha, and your husband and your family too! Thank you for sharing that wonderful story of devoted marriage love and affection! You are beautiful.

  2. cameron says:

    OH just got back from a date like that with my Jake. I have had 2 kids and I know how hard it is to think that you still look good, but trust me we all do lol.

    Take care 😉

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