Writing Dirty

John and I have a great relationship, in the past before we were married, it was tough to keep our hands off of each other. So I created a way for us to be intimate without it going too far together, a loophole if you will.

I was visiting in his home country, and we spent the days together and well into the night. But just to be careful, he insisted that he stay in a hotel and that I should be in his apartment. I found that to be sweet and kind, it made me love him and cherish him even more.

But it also was arousing, to sleep where he sleeps and to take a bath where he does. Just to be where he is every day, the smell of him was still there, and it was intoxicating.

One night after we spent the whole day together and the night watching TV and having dinner, we were kissing. Things always got hot and heavy, and we knew that, but it was worth stopping and him going back to the hotel. He never seemed upset or annoyed, but tonight he was rock hard, and the wetness from his precum was coming through his jeans. He quickly changed and left; he was obviously upset.

When he left, I called him, and he told me that he was embarrassed and that he should have controlled himself around me. I told him that it was fine, and we are human and humans get aroused.

We glossed over that and laughed about it, but I was very aroused and wet. I badly wanted to tell him how I would love to lick off the precum and take him into my mouth. How I wanted him to pound me hard. Sometimes sex toys don't do it, and I wanted the real thing. Seeing him hard made me want to throw him on the bed and ride him. But it would be inappropriate to tell him that. So I decided to write him a dirty letter every time that I was horny, which was a lot.

I wrote everything that I was feeling and sprayed it with perfume. We were getting married in a few months so I thought this would be a good wedding gift for the night. Over the course of 3 months I'd written 130 letters, I had it bound (I hope the person who bound it didn't read it!) and got a lock put on it.

I gave him this gift on the night of our wedding; he loved it! He told me that whenever I am away, or he is, that he will read it and enjoy my naughty thoughts of him that I had before we were married. He reads it even when we are together now or in the night, and he doesn't want to wake me.


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  1. marriedman0217 says:

    What a great gift! My Sweetie and I only see each other for two weeks every three months for the past couple of years. We've been married for a long time, so I have lots of past adventures to draw upon when I write to her. I write to her to give her my detailed memories of some of our times together, the highlight reel if you will. This helps to bridge the times apart and to keep the intimacy in our marriage going. I definitely look forward the end of this separation though, before I run out of inspiration.

  2. Upcomingauthor says:

    That is just bonified awesome! ? I would have never even thought of something like that and that's really cool.

    This is going in my list, my list of creative ideas for my kids as they grow up and start to have their own feelings. I struggled with porn and sex and there have been many creative ideas I've seen on here that have helped people wait and I pray this is an idea they'll take to heart when they're dealing with their urges.

    Thank you for sharing! I really appreciate this ?

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Jessica - I love your idea - and the discipline to carry it out! When I have time - I love writing like that. I look forward to somehow getting aspects of your writing here on MH. God bless you! LH

  4. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    This might be an old post, but sure worth commenting on. What an amazing gift!!! Ladies, couple a gift like that with some boudoir photos for your husband and he will be a very happy man.
    I can't get over that you wrote 130 stories in 90 days!! That was a lot of hornieness. Nice way to channel the burning desire into something that can cause future desire for your spouse. Plus, it likely encourages the creative juices to flow.
    Good job.

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