How would you introduce someone to the world of MarriageHeat?

I have a question for all you veterans to and authors out there. If you were going to introduce someone to the world of marriageheat and the type of sexual freedom it espouses, what selection of posts and stories would you choose? The archive is getting lengthier by the day, and I can remember reading a post here and there about freedom in sexuality or masturbation and thinking how they would make a great introduction to those topics, but the volume of posts available makes it challenging. What list of posts would be the best for the argument things like married erotica, Christian masturbation, and how to start sexual exploration in a Christian marriage?


Editor Note: We do think about doing more volumes of user-generated stories that feature specific topics…


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  1. PassionateForChrist says:

    I had thought about that too… and I'm not sure yet how to introduce a significant other to the stories shared itself but I believe, for me, if the relationship is in terms of development deep enough and things about the sexual can be discussed together, then I personally would probably just tell of the site and how I personally got to it and what God did through it for me… I believe the conversation would evolve from there on in some way…

    I'm still having conversation in my online matchmaking adventure and it just so happened a few days ago that during the first getting to know each other, in the Dig Deeper questions, someone asked me "Why I chose to join the matchmaking service?" And I answered them that a friend in Christ of mine has an online marriage ministry, which seeks to celebrate and promote the blessing of marriage by God's design in all its beauty. I didn't name the site yet because the gentleman and I are just beginning to talk with each other, so to name it would be way too soon. But I did say that it's a place where Christian married couples and singles can share from their experiences and be there for each other with advice and encouragement wherever needed. I said that I've been a part of this unique little community for a little over a year and that God had led me to it while He had worked on me during my road to restoration. I probably have an icebreaker advantage about MH due to it being connected to my journey of restoration and due to the fact that Mrs. Blondie was the dear heart who encouraged me, in my special case, to try online matchmaking… which is why I simply cannot answer the question the gentleman asked without referencing to this site the way I did it, in a subtle yet truthful way.

    Love and blessings to my dear MH fam and friends! 🙂

  2. Steph Ott says:

    I think the set up now is good. It is great to have a search option. I am unable to read many of the older stories though, it states they are for members only. Not sure why that is.

    • HornyHubby says:

      I am also having this problem. Even after I sign in, it won't let me go past page 1. Not sure what the problem is.

    • Steph Ott says:

      Glad it is not just me….I have logged in and out several times on different devices. I hope this issue is addressed soon. Even though I have no stories to post, I do so enjoy reading them. 🙂 I love this site and all that it offers to so many.

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Hey Steph, I've had problems logging in when I click on "login to reply" on a post or so, but when I click on the "My Account" tab in the upper bar and then login it works… I've just tested if browsing through the stories works in a similar way, for the time being. To get past Page 1 on the normal page won't work yet. But, if you are logged in, when you click on the "Stories" tab in the upper tab bar on the web, there you can browse through the pages… Just thought I'd let you know about that, so you can still enjoy MH until our beloved MH admins will have gotten everything back into order within their timing. Love and blessings to MH!

    • PassionateForChrist says:

      Please erase this first reply… I've had a typo in the name 🙂 Thank you, dear MH fam! God bless!

    • Eva says:

      Marriage heat, another issue I am having (and this is on my tablet, haven't checked from my computer), is that sometimes the name of the author isn't showing up at the top of the post. Sometimes it is, though. I can see, for instance that this post was written "by committed". But that newer post from the girl who hasn't had an orgasm, all it says on my screen is "by" and then it's blank. Overall, have to say, I love the new site. I also really like the sexual wellness products link on the side bar. I think it's a little more classy looking than the pictures of products that were showing up there before.

  3. HornyHubby says:

    I would recommend directing them to the category called "Heat Wisdom" and the category "Marriage Heat Blog." Have them start by reading the posts there before the actual stories. This way they can get an idea of the mentality behind MH and the reasoning behind all the stories. I found the site first and then introduced it to my wife. When she first started reading the stories she wasn't sure what to think about it. But then she went to the Wisdom and Blog sections and read several posts in there and then she came back to the stories and she could then appreciate the stories. So from my experience it's better to introduce people to those 2 sections first before starting them on a story. Especially a story with more explicit language.

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