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Video Store Pickup

I stopped by the video store on the way home from work just to see what was for rent. My day had not been the greatest and I was thinking a movie was just the thing to relax and unwind with. It was a warm summer’s night and I had changed into a pair of shorts, flip flops and tank top after the last job since my work clothes had become dirty. As I was looking up and down the aisles I happened to glance over the shelf into the next isle and met a pair of the greenest eyes I’d ever seen. Eyes so green and with such sparkle that emeralds paled by comparison. The shock of the connection sent shivers up and down my spine. I smiled and looked away continuing down the aisle. A few moments later glanced over again and this time when our eyes met they locked together and wouldn’t let go. It was probably only a few seconds but it seemed to last forever as my heart raced and my body responded to her very sexy green eyes. She looked down to whatever movie she was fondling, at least that’s what I was thinking and continued down the aisle.
I walked around the end of the row into her aisle and tried to be nonchalant. If I thought my heart was racing before it was now trying to leap out of my chest as I got a good look at her. She was about five and a half feet tall, all curves with long beautiful legs set off perfectly by the low slung heels and mid-thigh length summer dress she was wearing. She had blonde hair, nicely tanned brown skin and light blue finger and toe nails. In a word, she was gorgeous. I ambled down the aisle in her direction trying to appear casual. She did the same thing. We kept glancing at each other our eyes sparking between us. Arriving in the same vicinity I reached for a video and she reached for the same one. Our hands touched and we looked into each other’s eyes again, “Hello” I said trying to sound smooth. She smiled and looked into my eyes and answered with her own hello. My pulse raced! Her voice was soft and smooth, very pleasant to hear. I couldn’t help wondering what she would sound like sexually aroused.
“Are you going to rent that video?” she asked.
“I don’t know,” I answered. “I’ve never seen it before and to be honest I just picked it off the shelf randomly.” I extended my hand to her while saying, “My name is Paul.”
“Hi Paul, I am Karen.” She answered as she took my hand. Her hand was soft and smooth and sent a jolt of attraction through my entire body. My pulse quickened even more and I felt the blood leaving my head and flowing to another area on my body. I was trying not too but the thought of those soft hands on my chest or the back of my neck was invading my mind.
I stared at her lips and wondered if they were as soft as her hand. “Ummm I’ll need my hand back sometime,” she smiled when she said it and sort of bit her lower lip a little. I noticed that when I released her hand she lingered just a moment and I swear she traced her finger tips across my hand as she withdrew. We talked to each other about where we lived, what movies we liked. She said she was going to watch a comedy and showed me the dvd. It was some romantic thing that normally wouldn’t interest me at all. Tonight however I was very interested.
“Watching it all by yourself or with a boyfriend or husband?” I asked again trying to sound smooth and instead sounding rather idiotic. Her beauty was very distracting, no a better word is intoxicating.
“No apparently just by myself tonight.” She answered moving closer to me. I could smell her perfume now and it called to me luring me in for a closer experience. I shook off the daze I was in and managed, this time with some composure to say, “Well we can’t have a beautiful woman such as yourself watching a movie all alone, would you like some company?” very lame I know. I was only hoping I didn’t sound as nervous as I felt. She licked her lips and then said, “Sounds like a great Idea, I live right down the street, why don’t you follow me home.” She started to walk to the rental counter and my eyes were glued to her ass as she walked away. Her dress was just fitting enough to cling in all the right places but wasn’t slutty looking. I asked if I could bring anything, she looked me up and down and suggested some Ice cold beer. I arranged to meet her at her home in an hour so I could finish a task. She said that was great since she wanted to freshen up. I stopped by the store and picked the beer. I purchased the long neck bottles mainly because I kept thinking of what those red lips would look like wrapped around the bottle head.
I arrived at her home and knocked on the front door. I could hear some soulful romantic music playing, the kind that makes you want to hold someone close against your body and dance. Dance very slowly, while you kiss the base of her neck. Karen opened the door and my mouth literally dropped open. “Well” she said with a very sexy smile, “I guess you like my dress, perhaps it was worth the money after all.” By now I’d regrouped enough to pick my jaw off of the floor and give her my own smile and say “I think the dress is priceless as long as you’re the one filling it out.” Kind of corny I know but it got me another smile and she placed her hand on my arm sending jolts of lust through my body.
“You are very sweet.” She purred.
She led the way into the kitchen and then into a large family room. I followed along admiring the view she gave from behind. Her dress was very low cut and the neck line dropped way down in between her breasts leaving no doubt that a bra was not in the attire that night. The fabric was thin, looked very soft and clung to her figure in a way that made me appreciate poetry all over again. The straps across her brown shoulders were thin and looked like the caress of a summers breeze would cause them to fall away releasing the dress from its unfortunate task of covering this beautiful creature. She was barefoot and had an ankle bracelet on her left leg that jingled as she walked. Once again I couldn’t help but notice how pretty her feet were especially with the toe nail color matching her finger nails. I caught the smell of her perfume again. It was alluring, intoxicating and I wanted to lose myself within the world it created around her. I had to force myself to stop imagining my face buried against her skin as I breathed in her fragrance.
I opened a bottle for each of us and I watched as she put those beautiful red lips around the opening and took a long drink. She pulled the bottle from her mouth with a kind of sucking and smacking sound. Her tongue licked a drop off of her lips and my maleness got so hard I thought I was going to bust through my shorts. We sat on the couch and talked. I really don’t remember the topic. Various things that popped into my mind. I just wanted to hear her voice. Her legs were crossed and she was turned towards me as I was turned towards her too. As we talked she would laugh at something stupid I’d say and place her hand on my arm or leg, her foot too would rub against my leg occasionally and finally just seemed to rest against the back of my calf. Her anklet was very sexy and made soft ringing sounds whenever she would move her leg. I kept stealing looks at her legs, long, brown and very well shaped. Her low cut dress revealed her cleavage almost to the point of exposing her areola. She laughed at something I said, took a long drink and put her hand on my thigh and leaned forward to put her bottle down on the floor and I saw right down her dress. Her breast was beautiful and her nipples were rock hard. As she sat back up noticing my eyes looking at her chest she said in a rather husky voice, “See something you like?” I took my hand and slid it along her cheek cupping the back of her tiny head, I leaned forward while pulling her towards me and said “Everything.”
I kissed her then, not too hard or demanding, a nice soft kiss that lasted for what seemed like eternity. I could taste the beer on her lips and tongue. It was an unbelievably sensual experience. I felt her hand move along my thigh and almost groaned out loud. We were both breathing rather heavyily when the kiss broke off. I caught her scent again and was overwhelmed by the fragrance and how it matched her personality. Sensual, mysterious, provocative and sexy on a whole new level. A new song had started to play, Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, “Dance with me.” I said and stood up holding her hand. As she started to get up Karen paused as her eyes glanced at my crotch seeming to be transfixed by the bulge in my shorts. Seeing her interest I asked, “See something you like?” Standing up she looked me right in the eyes making my heart leap into an irregular beat and my now aching maleness throb to its own rhythm and said, “Everything.”
Moving into my arms she pressed her body against me as we started to sway to the melody. Her warmth and scent were over powering. I felt like a little kid, not the 210 pound, six foot two inch man I am. I reached up and caressed her head, feeling the softness of her hair, my other hand was on the small of her back pressing her against me. Her tanned arms slipped up around my neck and her green eyes looked into mine. Breathlessly she whispered, “Kiss me.”
I did and everything seemed to explode with a quiet silence that was deafening. All I could feel or hear was the beating of my heart the rushing of blood through my body. Then the deafening silence seemed to zoom in and focus down to her soft tongue in my mouth and her lips against mine. Her soft yet pleading moans and whimpers were echoing through my entire body. Our tongues met and I sucked hers into my mouth while my arms crushed her against me. I felt her legs against mine and oddly enough I could her the slight jingle of her anklet. I leaned over and picked her up and she squealed as she wrapped her legs around my waist and I felt her grind her pleasure spot against my hardness. Our kiss was now demanding and full of passion. I grabbed her ass in my hands and squeezed as she squealed and thrust against me again. My hand was caressing the bare flesh of her leg and I slid it along the underside of her leg towards her crotch. I could feel heat emanating from her. My fingers continued their journey yearning for the soft wetness of her. And there it was. She wasn’t wearing panties and my fingers felt her wetness as they slid along the outer lips and she moaned into my mouth. I put her down and again I heard the soft tinkle of the charms hanging from her ankle bracelet as her bare feet hit the floor.
I was right about her shoulder straps, a simple caress with my lips across her shoulder and the straps fell away. Her skin was smooth like fine silk. I pulled down the front of her dress revealing her wonderful breasts. Her skin was tanned except for the tan lines that seemed only to enhance the beauty of her skin by contrast. I kissed her shoulder loving the feel and taste of her skin, and my lips went down to her chest and then on my knees I took her half inch rock hard nipple into my mouth. Her head went back and a moan hissed from between her lips as I sucked and flicked her nipple with my tongue. My hands were roaming up and down the smooth skin of her legs and around her ass. My fingers darted along her ass crack and dug into her slit feeling her wetness and her gasps of pleasure as I touched and stroked her dripping slit. Quite by accident one of my now very wet and slippery fingers slid up against her asshole as I squeezed her cheeks. I felt it go in up to the first knuckle as my other fingers strummed her slit. She lifted her left leg up hooking her knee over my shoulder, again I heard her anklet tinkling, “What a sexy sound.” I thought. My fingers had much better access and I slid one, then two inside of her. “Dear God yes!” she moaned and her leg began to shake.
Quickly I picked her up and moved her over to the sofa. Laying her down with her bottom on the arm of the sofa her legs automatically hung back towards her head exposing her wet, beautiful pussy to my lust filled eyes. “Please Paul I need you to fu . . .“she began but my mouth on hers silenced her plea. My right hand found and began to tease and stroke her now dripping pussy. I began to slide two fingers in and out of her as she moaned and thrust against me. My tongue quickly found its way to replace my fingers and within seconds of me sliding my tongue against her clit and making little circles, she grabbed the sides of my head, moaned loudly and came. I felt her feet on my back as her legs twitched in spasms of pleasure. Her anklet was jingling like crazy.
My face was covered with her wetness. I stood up she didn’t move but laid there in a post orgasmic trance and just stared at me with one hand on her breast still pinching her own nipple. I locked eyes with her. Those beautiful green lust filled eyes were begging for more. I took off my shirt she reached up and caressed my stomach. I watched her run her fingernails across my skin and hook them into the top of my shorts and pull down. I helped and a moment later my aching cock sprang out to full attention and then some! It’s head was glistening with pre-cum as she grasped the shaft and uttered a groan of pure desire. Karen slid her hand along the shaft cupping my testicles. She started to swing her legs around to sit up but I stopped her and moved my throbbing cock to her mouth, which she eagerly opened.
Her lips surrounded my shaft and I felt her tongue swirl around the head as she sucked me deep into her throat. I gasped as I felt myself slide deep inside almost all the way to the base of my now straining cock. I pulled out and she whimpered and pulled it back in and thrust her mouth back and forth on my dick. I almost came but I wanted to be inside of that beautiful woman. I moved between her legs, grabbing her left foot in my right hand I spread her legs wide open and placing the swollen head of my cock against her I thrust all the way in. She screamed. I stopped and she moaned, no almost whined, “please fuck me, don’t stop ahhhhhh yes” she said as I thrust all the way in again and then all the way out. Her wet folds seemed to grip my shaft as I plunged in and out. After about 10 thrust and withdraws I took my cock back to her mouth and she once more eagerly devoured me. I only stayed for a few moments and then went back and plunged in again. Five times and on the fifth time as I withdrew her moans became a scream as she again began to writhe and buck her anklet jingling away and her pussy gushed. I plunged back in and went to town. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard.” she moaned. I held her tan legs by the ankles and lost myself in the act of screwing her. Her ankle bracelet was ringing like crazy as I held her legs apart and fucked her as hard as I dared. She moaned, gasped and screamed again as another orgasm took her and this time the feeling of her pussy tightening on my shaft took me over the top and I emptied myself inside of her. My cock pumped and pumped I was shaking from the experience. Karen put her tiny feet against my chest and pumped herself against my rock hard shaft. “God yes!” she screamed as she came again.
I fell on top of her and we laid there holding each other. Caressing her face and hair we kissed again. The kiss was slow and full of tenderness and love. I rolled off of the couch onto my back pulling her with me my still hard penis deep inside her soft folds. She put her head on my chest grinding her pussy on to my dick, “what should we do about this hard thing still inside of me mister?” she asked with a coy smile.
“You should know,” I answered, “you’ve been riding it for the last 18 years darling. Do you think there’s any more life left in it?” She slid almost all the way up then back down hard with a little groan “Feels pretty fucking good to me, so I think I will.” And she did. Karen doesn’t often use language like that but when she does I know she is extremely turned on. She took her time moving along my length building up speed and force. I love being married to this woman. Just goes to show what a little impromptu, inspired moment can do. We’d planned to meet at the video store to pick out a movie and I believe the good Lord put the idea in my mind to pick up my own wife like we’d just met.
“Good God honey that feels amazing!” I groaned as she started to move faster up and down on my throbbing aching cock.
“Thanks for picking me up like you did tonight, it made me feel so beautiful and desirable. We should do this much more often!” the last part she sort of gasped out as she was getting quite intense at this point. “The sex or the pickup lines” I groaned.
“Both! God both, yes! I can feel you cumming!” she gasped and collapsed on my chest as I filled her again. Now I’m not normally a two shot wonder but she was freaking hot and had me turned on so much that day.
By the way in case you are wondering we have done this more often, both the sex and the roleplaying. To this very day when she wears that anklet and I hear the sound it makes I get hard and realize how blessed I truly am.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Read this story to my husband Ben as we lay nude together after a nice "welcome home fuck". He grew hard again and round two was enevitable. As we get older "round 2" is a delightful suprise!??

    Thanks for the story and the inspiration! Sounded like a fun time.God bless and stay horny always!

    • hornyGG says:

      Lol LH! ? Not a bad idea, I may just do that. Love the title, however I am not sure if MH would allow " Fuck" in a story title. Maybe they can leave a comment yay or nay.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Well GG, I agree. And I know this for sure, the MH staff has great wisdom about what is appropriate and what is over the top. I know I've been a little carried away in the moment on occasion when I've writen – and their balanced judgment gives me great confidence.
      God bless you and Ben. LH

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