Hot wife in control

Hi and just like to share a story. We are married for almost 11 years, and I have the hots for my wife. She is not that conservative, but she is also not that adventurous. We both love and who doesn’t. She is not that vocal when we make love. I was horny but could not do the deed since we are on an outing together with our friends. Sorry for me! So I just slept it thru. Then I just had thus dream that we went on a date, and she is wearing something sexy. The whole night I just can not resist looking at her beautiful legs, and I just keep on imagining what she is wearing underneath.

We are on our way home when to my surprise she start touching her self, and that made me hard. Once we got home she told just to stand, and she immediately lies down on our bed, and she spread her legs and start playing with her shaved pussy. It is the most beautiful sight! She asked me to come closer and instructed me to start licking her but I can not touch her, and that drove me crazy. I know she is about to cum when she told me to stop and lay beside her. She stood up and sit on my face with her wet pussy. I started to lick her, again and again, she asked to stop. She fucked me right away, but she told me not to move and touch her. She is the who is doing all the work and after a few minutes she finally cum, and she stand up and sit on my face again and told to start licking her sweet pussy together with her juice.

To bad that this is just a dream but still hoping that this will come true!

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