Hump Dat

I must say that the Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful wife and soulmate that I could I ever dream of.  I’ve said it a thousand times over…I will shout and sing her praises from the mountain tops.  With that said, she had one of those weeks that was bringing her down, and I knew I had to do something to let her know that she is AWESOME!!! I needed to lift her up. She had so much work to do– so much stress that I could see it in in her body language.

She struggled to keep up her normally happy front.  This week was the complete opposite of the previous week when we both took a week off and spent it together.  Last week we went on a short getaway and were able to get up when we wanted, make love when wanted and as frequently as we wanted, we spent every moment together.  Then we came back reality, and life took over. This week, her Monday was busy but nothing compared to her Tuesday, She was full of frustration from work, dealing with angry, disrespectful people, deadlines, working overwhelming hours, and on top of all that she was dealing with a very heavy period.

Mother Nature had put our love making on hold for a few days. I told her I would take care of the house, dinner, and the dishes so she could rest, but I could tell that she was just down. The weight of the world crashing in on her.  That evening, she had just left the bathroom freshly showered…so very sexy! I’m so blessed to have such a passionate relationship with such a beautiful and supper fit wife of 31 years! I knew she didn’t feel like making love (we hadn’t been able since Sunday night), but I needed to let her know that she was wanted, needed, and sexy.  As she searched for the right pair of panties, I came up behind her and turned her around. I just held for her a moment, then I started to kiss her gently, moving her backward toward our bed.  I started to kiss her more passionately and purposeful.  I broke our kiss and looked into those big brown eyes still full of dread for the upcoming day. A small smile came to her face–one of acknowledgement that I was trying to make her feel better.

I then moved down to kiss her neck, slowly kissing down to her breasts and to her so sexy flat tummy. She was hesitant, still thinking of the day’s deadlines and workload.  I brought my left arm under her leg, lifted her up and laid her back on our bed.  She said with hesitation and regret, “We can’t. I have a tampon in.”  I looked up and told her, “I know,” reassuring her that is was just fine.  My kisses went to her freshly shaved mound. I so love that she shaves. She is smooth and sexy.  I drank in her beauty as my tongue started to explore her love.  She laid back and allowed me to continue. It was more to oblige me than to allow me to pleasure her.  My tongue continued to move and search for her pleasure until it found her button.  I slowly and lightly applied varying pressure on her love button.  I felt her relax, just a little, and relinquish some control.

I continued my attention to her button, and then I felt her relax and enjoy the attention she was getting.  Moments later I looked up and saw she was letting her hands explore her own breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples as my tongue continued its dance.  Then her hips started to rise and fall, soon they were undulating like a belly dancer.  My right hand came up and lightly touched her breast and teased her nipple then slowly moved down to her wonderfully sexy flat six pack of a tummy.   I drifted my fingers across her tummy changing from a light touch to my nails lightly scratching her.  My left hand had a grip on her bottom.  All this time my tongue never lost contact to her button. I brought my right hand down to her love and made a V with my thumb and index finger pulling her closer to my mouth.  Then I felt her body becoming more intentional in its movements, her breathing increasing with a purpose.  Then out of nowhere I heard her shudder, and a small tremor rippled through her body. She released a small but much needed orgasm.  She touched the top of my head to tell me to stop. I gently kissed her tummy and laid my head on her thigh looking up at her.  My beloved, always wanting to please me, asked me hesitantly, “Do you want me to take my tampon out?”  I chuckled, “No that was just for you.”  I lifted her up off the bed and held her.  Now there was no longer a dread in her step. Instead there was sparkle in her eye and lightness in what she was doing.  We continued getting ready for work.  She was in a much better mood.

As we went to our cars we kissed passionately said our good byes, and I wished her a happy hump day. She said, “It already started with a bang!!”  I love her with all my heart and soul. She is my Queen and God has blessed us greatly.

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  1. Gracie says:

    The beauty and greatness of marriage I believe is built on acts of selflessness. Sounds like you two have a wonderful marriage. Loved your story. Selflessness is so sexy.

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