Pleasing My Husband (L)

This is my first Marriage Heat story, so here I go…

I started the day by sending my husband photos of the white and black spotted thong that was filling up my pussy, he thought that was awesome. Then I went into town and we met for coffee (unfortunately, I had our 16-year-old in tow). I made sure that he knew how I was feeling with the look in my eyes. After coffee, my husband went back to his office, I headed off to a meeting. A few minutes later, he texts me a photo of his big hard cock sticking out of his suit pants under his desk, that got me going!

That evening, my mum was coming for dinner and we were hoping that she wasn’t going to stay too long. Since our children (aged 16, 14, 10, and 7) go to bed late, we have to choose or time carefully.

Gosh, I’m getting very wet again just writing this story. We love each other so much and making love has always been great, but since I found Marriage Heat it has gone out of this world, so thanks for sharing all of your stories.

Finally, the kids were all in bed and I found a blanket to cover up in case the kids came out. I pulled down my jeans so my husband could see my generous arse, it didn’t take long till his cock was rock hard when I touched him. Then he removed his jeans and I took his rock-hard cock into my mouth sucking it hard. Thanks MH for helping me to do this better.

He asked me to sit on his cock, and I jumped at the chance! I turned to face him, but took hold of my hips and turned me around so he could see my arse jumping him. My husband took a few photos of his cock just inside me. We decided to go into the bedroom so we could shut the door and finish our romp.

I slowly took off the rest of my clothes while he took a few photos of me. Then he asked me to spread my cunt and began recording me. Then he asked me to play with myself and recorded his cock entering my pussy with ease. Before he finished the recording, I turned over so he could fuck me doggy style as I know how much that turns him on. He stopped the recording and then climbed on top of me to fuck me while we both watched our video. We took a few more videos and I had the most amazing orgasm that I’ve ever had. Then I climbed on top of him to fuck him hard. After we switched to my husband on top again, he came.

Since our sex life has got more amazing, our relationship has really improved, too. I can’t believe how much better it is, even after 19 years.

Thanks, Marriage Heat and all those that share.


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12 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear "I don't see you name",

    You shared an amazing story! The back and forth of the texts showed how much you both were thinking all through the day about each other. His cock picture at work, your thong – so exciting! Then, the photos and video during sex!

    We recently took some pictures for the first time of us while we were fucking. It was the most amazing thing to see! As a man, seeing my wife's pussy lips gripping my rod as it was going in and out of her – it makes me hard to just think about it and press the keys on this keyboard! Anyway, you guys took it even further than us! My wife still has tremendous fears of some digital file getting out on the internet! So, we have moved slowly in this. But, what we saw – it was hot! Your story made me hungry for more.

    God bless you both! LH

  2. Upcomingauthor says:

    I have a few videos I watch of me and the wife when I can't get to her but need a release. The best one recently was of her sucking me dry and letting me cum on her chest. I've been asking for an actual camera lately so I can take better videos and even edit them. One day 🙂

  3. Lovingcouple920 says:

    Well done on your first story. My husband likes to take pictures and video as well. The first video he shot was of him cumming all over my face and me swallowing. I forgot he took it with my phone and later in the week when my sister was looking at a couple pictures in it, she accidentally saw it. That was a little embarrassing, lol. I love the playful picture included with your story. Look forward to reading more of your stories in the future.

  4. Juicy says:

    Marriage Heat really is a blessing and I am so glad that you are now a part of this community. I hope that you have a lot of fun exploring your new found sex life together.

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Welcome! I too love to please my hubby and I often get wet writing stories too. The way you're so hot for each other is wonderful, and triggering some feelings in me for my husband! Honestly my husband and I feel the same way! I love the part where you tell us how much you love each other and have great sex, that part if so beautiful. Please keep writing my dear! God bless

  6. wifeofone1002 says:

    Love sending and receiving videos and photos! Last night we were both so hot from sending them to each other all day we went upstairs so I could "solve" the problem with my mouth! The kids were all downstairs eating dinner so we had to be really quiet!!! He sent me the video and I have watched it 3 times already this morning! It's so hot to feel so naughty!!!!

  7. joydaddy says:

    Great story. Have just started using some photos and videos more to send to each other, but have not taken any of us both in action. Sounds like something to try soon as watching ourselves together making love sounds so hot. Just recently read something about making love doggy style while facing a mirror to watch the pleasure on each other's faces – sounds similarly hot.

  8. Clara Olivia Thornton says:

    Welcome, I'm new here myself. I got turned on reading this story, it's very sexy. Happy new year and may God bless you with many more sexy years together! <3

  9. Katti154 says:

    Hi I am new here but reading your stories made me realise how great sex can help your marriage
    I am actually very horny from the stories can't wait to give my honey a treat.

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