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On a vacation at a Las Vegas hotel, she laid out in her new bikini and felt confident how she looked. She noticed a man staring at her and didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable – it made her feel sexy, like she still had it after three kids and all.

She got up and walked to the pool putting her hands up over her head to act like she was fixing her hair, but really to show off her breasts and firm, hard worked figure- hoping he was still watching.

As she reached the pool, she looked to see if he was still staring and as she turned she saw him right in front of her, eyes squarely on her breasts. She was a bit startled but he smiled and looked up and said “Hi.” She felt weak in her knees, like her first crush, the way she felt the first time her husband took her hand when they were dating and told her he liked her.

She hadn’t felt that knee buckling type of adrenaline for so long. She liked it. She smiled back and said “Hi”. The next 15 minutes were like a blur, they talked, laughed at anything, flirted. She realized how much she was flirting when she touched his chest while laughing. She looked forward to each time his eyes wandered and gazed upon her body.

When they said goodbye, there was that feeling of emptiness along with excitement. Like we may not see each other again and the hope that this might continue. That night as she made love to her husband, her mind couldn’t help but wander and it helped her have an amazing release.

The next day she went to lay out again, hoping that he would be there. Just like that feeling with a new crush, so exciting. He came up and startled her from behind as she was laying out tanning. They laughed and said “Hi”. He said she looked like she was getting burned and offered to rub some tanning lotion on.

Her knees went weak again, she put her hair up and loved seeing those eyes wandering again. She knew she doesn’t burn as her skin is naturally tan, but she liked the pursuit, it made her feel wanted and she longed for that.

She laid back and he poured lotion on her legs. When his hands touched her she almost gasped. His hands were firm, his strokes were with a purpose. He wasn’t shy either. His hands ran up her outer and inner thighs. She was getting more comfortable by the second and she soon relaxed.

He moved behind the lounge chair and got on his knees. He leaned over her to pour lotion on her stomach and chest. She looked up at his muscular and glistening chest. His hands began to rub the lotion in on her stomach and chest. She watched as his arms and chest flexed with each stroke and she imagined his hands sliding under her revealing bikini top. She suddenly realized her legs were bent up and spread apart and she could feel wetness sliding down her inner thigh.

His hands kept going over her breasts that were exposed in her revealing top, with every stroke feeling better than the last. She wanted more, she wanted this feeling of urge and desire to continue. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen and she was relieved when he said “We’re out of lotion and I haven’t got your arms or back, do you have another bottle in your room?”

She was flattered by that line- he had just used an entire new bottle of lotion on her legs, stomach and chest. She knew he wanted her and he just presented a perfect chance for this to go to the next level.

They walked upstairs, she was so relaxed from the massage, and so aroused at the same time. She could see the excitement in his swim trunks and felt herself blushing. They had a great rapport as it was easy to laugh with him and have fun.

They entered the room and he went over to the window to check out the view. She got up near the window and pointed out places she’d been and what she had been doing in the city. He got behind her and wrapped her in his arms, her knees buckled, and she reached back grabbing his legs. He ran his hands up her body and untied her top. His hands ran over her full breasts for the first time as her top fell to the floor. She gasped. His hands cupped her breasts with desire and purpose. She felt his chest firmly press against her back and she could feel his firmness against her for the first time.

His hands ran down her body, making their way past the bikini line. She had clean shaven for this trip and his first words were “nice” as his hands made contact. She knew she was aroused but didn’t realize how wet she was until his fingers were quickly able to slide into her. She gasped again. It was like he knew how to touch her, although with how aroused she was anything could have set her off. She reached back and untied the front of his shorts and slid them off. His right hand was fondling her breasts, while his left hand had one finger sliding firmly on her g-spot and his thumb was circling her outside sweet spot. She began to shutter as an orgasm took over her body, her head whipped back, mouth open, moaning with pleasure.

She turned to face him, their lips locked for the first time, tongues met, she felt his stiff, firm erection press against her. He lifted her up and carried her to the bed never breaking from their kiss.

He laid her on her back and took her face in his hands while he straddled her. She spread her legs in anticipation, he had so much passion built up for her, his kisses were so intense, his hands touched every part of her body like he never wanted anything more. He slid inside of her with a purpose, a burning passion for which she longed. She sat up and straddled him, wrapping her arms around his head and pulling him into her breasts. He circled her nipples with his tongue as his hands pulled her deeper into him.  She moaned with pleasure, she forcefully thrust on him over and over, he grabbed her breast with one hand while cupping her face with the other and they kissed passionately. Her thrusts were in perfect sync with him and she arched her back and passionately exhaled, moaning while she had an earth-shattering orgasm.

As they held each other in their afterglow he said, “Honey, you’re still so sexy, I would still pick you out of a crowd and marry you all over again.”. She said, “Honey, that was so amazing, I love when we pretend and make things erotic and ho

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    This story got me aroused! I love role-play it's so much fun! 😀 We've been to Las Vegas ourselves, some. God bless

  2. Clara Olivia Thornton
    Clara Olivia Thornton says:

    Very sexy indeed! I felt hot reading this… I think I'll go find my husband and show this to him! God bless you

  3. Marie Lister
    Marie Lister says:

    I really loved this story on so many levels. It is extremely seductive and sexy and it tries to "mislead" you. LOL! I was never fooled, but it is fun and hot just the same.

    I am a romantic and it has beautiful romance, too. I love the ending….

    "As they held each other in their afterglow he said, “Honey, you’re still so sexy, I would still pick you out of a crowd and marry you all over again.”. She said, “Honey, that was so amazing, I love when we pretend and make things erotic and hot."

    To be told that he would marry you all over again….how much more romantic can a guy get?

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