Aw, Snap! (L)

“Oh K, oh K, it feels soooooo good. So damn good. Pound me harder, babe, pound me harder!”

What a luscious site before me; my beloved Kay with her back to me as she leaned forward in the shower, her palms open and braced against the tiles. Her heaving breasts molded into the shower wall with each thrust; spilling outwards to the sides of her feminine torso. Oh, how I love sideboob, especially hers.

We were both panting from the exertion and the humidity of our hot, steamy shower, kissing and pawing each other as we did when first married. Even after all these years, we still adore slow, passionate foreplay. But now our bodies could no longer take the separation and needed to be joined together as one.

I honored my wife’s primal request.

Man and woman. Husband and wife. Mr. and Mrs., just as God ordained. Passionately, we made love together in the exotic confines of our shower, steaming up the bathroom and the glass shower door. Anyone listening in would have been in for quite a show.

And can my Kay ever moan! With each thrust, she groaned and purred. “Oh, my K, my K, mmmmmmmmm. Feels so gooooooood. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yes…yes…yes…Mmmmmmmmmmm. Ooooooooooh, Ahhhhhhhhhh,” she panted.

“I love you, babe. I love you, oooooooohhhhhhhh,” she muttered between deep long breaths.

“Your balls feel so manly slapping against my big ass. I love it. Oh, that’s it K. That’s it. Right there. Stretch me, babe. That’s right, stretch me. Stretch your woman.Yes.”

“A-hah. A-hah. Yes…yes…yes! Pound your woman…that’s right, pound her right here in the shower. That’s right, that’s right. Oh. Oh. Oh. Right there. Right there! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Impale me with your manhood, impale me, my husband. Mmmmmmmmmm.”

More panting, more moaning. I adore listening to her experience these incredible throes of passion.

It’s a bit of a challenge with our height difference. I’m around 6’ 3” and she is barely over 5 feet tall. Yet we make it work, lol. In pure ecstasy, I plowed myself in and out of my soulmate’s tight greedy pussy.

Without warning, she reached behind herself and grasped the cheeks of my butt, digging her nails in firmly for leverage.

“Agggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” She screamed as I buried myself even deeper.

Holding me in place for a moment and leaning back against me, she grabbed my hands and placed them under her full breasts.

“Don’t move, honey. Don’t move. Hold me like this. Hold me, please.”

We froze in place for quite a while as the hot water cascaded upon our nakedness. Our bodies were molded in place. I stopped thrusting as she backed into me and expertly kneaded her amazing breasts with my hands.

“Mmmmmmmmm. Ahhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Look at that. I love watching your sexy hands on my breasts, K. I love it. So intimate and erotic. Look how big you made my nipples.”

They had swollen, alright. Huge, like fresh ripe strawberries, they nestled within areolas rounder than Kennedy half dollars. With all the restraint I could muster, I resisted the urge to explode deep into the mysterious confines of her womanhood. I really wanted to fill her full of my seed, yet I waited.

“Feed me, honey. Feed me, please.” And with that, she lifted her breasts up towards her mouth; her hands leading under mine. She plopped one swollen nipple into her mouth and nursed herself, straining to maintain eye contact with me.

I find this so incredibly hot.

“I love sucking my titties, K. You know that;” she said between plopping sounds. “Mmmmmmmm. So tender and so nurturing. Oh K, oh K. Watch me suck my titties.”

I was her willing spectator. She lovingly went back and forth, cupping her incredible tits with our hands, kneading them, flicking the tip of her tongue onto them and sucking them. Taking her time, she enjoyed herself. So did I.

And I remained still, rock hard and buried to the hilt, waiting to shoot her full of my spunk – but not yet.

My kindred continued tenderly loving and tasting her breasts. Despite the stream of hot water and the steam, I could see goosebumps on her cute, fuzzy-blonde arms and thighs. She is a naturally hairy girl who keeps the magnificent brown forest between her legs nicely trimmed and manicured. She shaves her calves, but not the thick blonde peach fuzz that grows on her thighs, forearms, and lightly upon her jawline.


After sating herself on her breasts, Kay gently pushed herself further into me, forcing me backward. To my disappointment, she took a step forward toward the shower head which made me fall out of her.

Turning to face me with her breasts pressing into my stomach and her big brown eyes locked onto mine, she clamped both of her little hands around my veiny cock. Her grip was quite impressive, as was the look of love and desire in those dreamy eyes. It was the look only a naked wife intoxicated by multiple orgasms could give to her incredibly blessed husband in the shower. She slowly lowered herself onto her knees…

The voice on the speakerphone jolted me back to reality. “Your conference call will begin shortly, your line has now been muted. Please stand by.”


Waiting for the call to begin, my mind drifted back to the steamy sendoff Kay gave me last night in the shower; it seemed so long ago. Now I was stuck in conference calls all day as part of an out of town retreat for management. We had to finalize the remaining acquisition details of our newest company.


I quickly became very bored listening to the CEO and regional VPs as they chimed in. Fortunately, it was a nice sunny day and I had a window close by. The call was barely 10 minutes old when something quite unexpected happened. My cell phone buzzed. Glad for the distraction, I looked to see who had messaged me, expecting some snarky comments from my colleagues about the presenter. I was wrong.

Someone sent me a Snapchat message.

What the hell? I don’t use this app. How did it get installed onto my phone? Not having ever used Snapchat, I didn’t know much about it except that users can send messages, videos, or pictures that remain visible for around 10 seconds then suddenly disappear. Not thinking this totally through, I mindlessly opened up the Snap message.

Holy shit.

My incredible wife sent me a Snap.

“Hey, baby. I’m sorry you are stuck in conference calls out of town all day. Wish you were here with me.” She was sitting up on our bed, her back against the headboard.

Wow, that was nice of her to think of me. And she remembered my calls started right about now. What a sweet girl she is.

Smiling at her thoughtfulness and resourcefulness of somehow installing this app on my phone without my knowledge, I put it back on the desk. It wasn’t there more than five minutes before it buzzed again. Intrigued, I saw it was another Snap.

I gasped as I watched her now clad only in the sexy black bra and matching lacy panties I like. Effortlessly and without breaking eye contact, Kay reached behind herself to unclasp the bra, peeling down both straps and off tossing it towards the screen with that look in her eyes. Her delectable breasts bounced with her movements. She said nothing.

My member slowly began waking from its slumber.

The conference call dragged on for quite a few minutes. My phone buzzed again.

I excitedly reached for the phone. There she stood in front of our full-length mirror, totally naked in all her feminine glory. Kay purposely posed at an angle to give me maximum exposure to her outstanding side boob. The look in her eyes suggested she was in the mood.

“Hello K? Are you there? What are your thoughts about the new regional structure?”

Damnit, I was so wrapped up admiring Kay’s sexy Snaps that I didn’t hear them call my name on the speakerphone.

“Um, sorry about that, we must be having trouble with this connection. Can you hear me now?”

I moved the phone around and fumbled with an answer while looking over my notes as the cell buzzed again. I had a nice hard-on going now.

I should not have attempted to do both at the same time.

“What? What was that you said, K?”

I mumbled some corporate talk in response to their question while opening up the Snap.

This ten-second clip was incredible. Kay now lay on her back with her head partially hanging backward over the edge of the bed to face the camera. Incredibly, she was deep-throating one of her dildos. And when I say deep throating, I mean deep throating. I could see its head bulging outward as she slowly guided it up and down her throat. How did she do that?

“Well, the consultant’s report was pretty thorough,” I bull-shitted. “I think we should follow the recommendations she proposed.”

A few minutes later, my phone buzzed again.

Her body still lay in the same position, but her head now hung a little further down over the edge of the bed. Her thick brunette mane cascaded down onto the carpet of our bedroom, as did her arms. Her fingers barely touched the carpeting. This position really accentuated her beautiful breasts by thrusting her torso upwards towards the ceiling.

And she was blindfolded.

“What is she up to now,” I thought to myself. She looked very erotic yet vulnerable in that position.

Desperately wishing I could join her, I readjusted the budge in my trousers. Now I was really distracted. The conference call went on for maybe another fifteen to twenty minutes. I kept checking my phone. No Snaps. What was she doing back home? She got me all worked up, then stopped sending them to me? Reluctantly, I stopped rubbing my stiff dick.

A few minutes later, my patience was rewarded.

Opening the next Snap, I found my amazing wife in the same prone position. But this time, the short clip showed her entire nude form. Somehow, she was tightly bound with several silk scarves. One tied her ankles together. A little higher up, her knees were trussed in the same way. Further up, something resembling a bungee cord tightly cinched her thighs together. Her arms were still thrown back over her head, yet her elbows were wrapped tightly in another scarf – and both wrists were handcuffed to my 25-pound dumbbells! She wasn’t going anywhere.

What was all this about? If the sight of my beloved prone in that position wasn’t amazing enough, all over her nude form were little tan looking circles or blotches, seemingly everywhere. On her ankles. Her thighs. Hips. Tummy. Her breasts. Throat.

There were a lot of them. What were they?

I hate that these Snaps are only 10 seconds long and can only be repeated once; such a tease.

Another few minutes went by. My phone buzzed.

A similar image appeared. Except that this time, it showed the same tan glops deposited throughout her luscious brown pubic hair. And on the nightstand in the background off to her side glowed a candle. My, oh my. Kay apparently dripped hot candle wax all over her body as she lay on her back. All over herself. How did she do that, all tightly bound and everything?

More time went by, the conference call stretched on. Nothing from my beloved. What was she up to now? The conversation covered budget targets, expense control, proposed restructuring, staff reductions, etc. It was difficult to stay focused. My heart raced and my eyes darted back and forth from my laptop to my cell. Maybe 20 minutes went by before my phone buzzed again.

Opening the Snap, this time my sweet Kay was lying face down on her tummy atop the bed. Arms behind her back and bound together at the wrists and elbows by the same scarves. But now, her legs were splayed apart facing the camera with an incredible view of her inviting rump and luscious lips. To my surprise, there was a twist. Barely sticking out, I could see the bottom of her dildo buried deep in her pussy and a butt plug up her ass fully on display for my brief enjoyment. I loved seeing her stretched out like that. Yet how did she accomplish all this light bondage by herself? Only one answer suggested itself: her crazy sister must have assisted her off camera again.

Watching Kay’s performance was incredible and made the conference call fly by. I kept hoping my name wouldn’t be called again. At least she was helping me get through these boring calls.
More time went by. My dick still throbbed, waiting for the next installment of her private peepshow.

It took a while, but my phone buzzed again.

This Snap treated me to a bird’s eye view of Kay on her back. No more scarves. Legs apart facing the camera. Eyes staring right at me through the camera as she was making love to herself. With a big cucumber. Yes, a cucumber. She worked it in and out of herself several times during those delightful ten seconds. Damn, that was hot. How could she take in a cucumber that large? From the look on her face, she was certainly enjoying herself. I was suddenly jealous of that lucky vegetable.

More talk about budgets, quarterly projections, proposed regional headquarters, accounts payable and receivable, etc. I remembered none of it as I anticipated Kay’s next Snap.

I waited and waited and waited. Nothing. Maybe an hour passed. I even spoke on the call for a few minutes, taking advantage of the lack of distraction from my incredible woman back home. Just as I was finishing up, my phone buzzed.

Greedily, I opened her Snap. What the hell!?!?!?

Kay was all cleaned up; clearly, she had showered since the last Snap. No more candle wax or scarf restraints decorated her form. This time, still naked, she sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi, facing the camera with her knees apart and that sexy look on her face that always tells me she is up to something.

I knew whatever was coming, it was going to be special.

A few minutes later, Kay began running her hairbrush through her lovely lady garden. She made nice, slow strokes while looking me in the eyes. I was mesmerized, watching her seductively move that brush through her forest of velvety soft pubic hair.

Another vibration. Another Snap. To my amazement, she now held that same brush in one hand, and in the other, a pair of scissors.

Several minutes elapsed. The phone buzzed.

With one hand she was pulling up strands of her pubes, while her other hand was cutting them off. Substantially.

Another Snap. Kay was taking the scissors to her entire pussy. What was she doing?

This continued for several Snaps. Finally, having removed all of her pubes that she could with the scissors, she started applying my shaving cream to her mound.

The phone buzzed. Another 10 seconds of her lathering herself. Then another. And another.

Finally, a series of Snaps appeared as she slowly and carefully shaved herself until she was totally bald down there. Bare as the day she was born. I have never seen my beloved totally bald before. It was quite a site. Without the thick hair covering them, this new totally shaved look really accentuated the size of her pussy lips. I knew they were big, but not this big.

So right there – as I tried to pay attention to this boring conference call while savoring her incredible, unexpected Snapchat show – without warning, my sweetheart shaved her pussy bald.

I never thought I would see the day. We are from the old school and she is not ashamed of her body, the way God created her. We both enjoy the natural, neatly trimmed look, even though I do shave my balls to make myself look “bigger,” lol. Until a few moments ago, Kay could boast of sporting a thicker patch of pubic hair than her husband. But not anymore.

Her next Snap featured her on her back on our bed. All smooth. Nice and clean everywhere. Her sexy knees pressed together, her body reflecting the soft candlelight. With a big smile on her lovely face, she drew her hair over to her right side, and it’s waves drifted down towards her waist. Her sexy red lipstick accentuated her magnificent white teeth, and with it, she had written three words across her now baby-smooth mound.

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And someone knocked on my office door…

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80 replies
  1. Alicia G. M. says:

    SO HOT! You two still got it! I am so wet right now, but Trey is under the weather ( bummer). I would slip into the bathroom and masturbate but Callie is a little hyper this evening. Oh well, glad to see ya'll back!😃

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I love you guys, but I have to be honest. This story started of well, but what did you mean when you said that her sister assisted her off camera? Also, I have to tell you that I was really uncomfortable reading the scissors part.

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi K,

    You described this hot story so tantalizingly well! I love how focused and thoughtful Kay was on you – in the way she put on that snap show.

    I don't know how you got anything done! Your phone must have gotten wet from you drooling!

    Plus, your ability not to cum early in the story in the shower – I don't know how you held back.

    Her sucking her own tits while getting pounded was amazing too.

    Your story gave me a huge bulge all the way through.

    What a wonderful love you two have! Thank you for peeling back the curtain and letting us see a snapshot.

    God bless you both. LH

  4. Anonymous says:

    She used the scissors to shave or trim herself….not really a problem with that. Her sister……some sisters are really close, if she was helping her sis out, no biggie. The sister was not in the pics or involved sexually. I guess I would help my sister out if she was trying to be really sexy etc… with her hubby. Obviously to a point. To each their own I guess.

  5. TayTay says:

    I love this! Not sure why people are weirded out by the fact her sister took the pics? I do boudoir photos like this for strangers and friends. My sister has absolutely helped me take photos for J and I have done the same for her. Compared to some of those this stories scenes are positively tame! It's not like the sister was sexually involved.

  6. ladygarden says:

    @AliciaG.M: Thank you for the kind words, very happy to be back and being able to work you up, lol. Great hearing from you and hope Trey is back in your saddle soon ;-D

    You Are Loved,

  7. ladygarden says:

    @TayTay: Thank you for the feedback and your other posts too. Glad you enjoyed our narrative and that you "get it" about my sister and I. We certainly are not incestuous lesbian sisters, lol! You and I seem to have much in common and I look forward to keeping in touch with you. Keep up the wonderful work in your studio!

    You Are Loved,

  8. ladygarden says:

    @Anonymous: Not sure of your name or gender yet thank you for also "getting it" about the scissors and my sister. They were small tweezers-sized scissors. Since it has been a very long time since I last shaved my bush, I wanted to be very delicate and deliberate down there lol. And yes,my sister and I share a special unique bond as sisters do; yet as I told TayTay we are not incestuous lesbian siblings.

    You Are Loved,

  9. ladygarden says:

    Hey there LovingHusband–K here. Thank you for the shout out, always enjoy your comments. Glad you were titillated by our adventure! I truly do not know who enjoys it more–her sucking her own tits or me with a ringside seat watching her sucking her tits and licking her sumptuous nipples.

    I wonder who had the bigger bulge? Me viewing her Snaps or you reading about it :-D. She is an amazing girl and it will be very difficult for me to top this special surprise to return her the favor. And she shaved her hairy pussy, can you believe that? All the stories we have written about her hairy bush and now its gone. Poof. I miss it but am giving her baldness a chance (for now).

    You are right, don't know how I was able to control myself in that steamy shower with her nice big ass shaking in front of me; her big tits swaying and pancaking into the tiles and her primal moaning. I crave making love with her in the shower like that. And if memory serves correctly from your stories, our wives share common traits, tastes and techniques if you know what I mean, lol. Unlike CCR, we ARE the fortunate sons, lol.

    Ladygarden (K)

  10. joydaddy says:

    Very hot story! Would have been wonderful if it had ended with just the shower scene even. I was very hard and ready at that point to go get clean (or dirty) with my wife.

  11. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi K,

    Your memory does serve you correctly.😊

    I'd be interested in know how you enjoy eating her pussy with no hair or less hair – I really like it! I like it any way her hair is down there!

    Who had the bigger bulge? Let's call it a tie😊

    You are right – I was so surprised when you said Kay shaved her pussy. It is like it is one of the bylaws of Marriage Heat – Section 4, Line 5 reads: "Ladygarden has a bush"

    I know you will enjoy her pussy shaved, trimmed, or full James Harden!

    Again, I love what you guys write in both your stories and comments.

    God bless you brother. LH

  12. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I didn't mean to hurt you, sweet heart it's just that I feel it's one thing to be close to your siblings, I was also very close with my sisters, and another thing for her to help you with something sexy, and seeing you in that way, thus having some involvement, that's all. I'm not saying that you have something incestuous between you too, but I don't think it's appropriate for her or anyone other than your husband to be "that" close, as far as assisting you sexually or seeing you that way that you were for the camera. I just think it's a bit too open, dear. But I'll let you respond, if you want. I'll hear you out. God bless

  13. Juicy says:

    Such a hot story! You had me at shower sex. What a hot way to keep the spice up in a marriage. And yeah, after all these years, Ladygarden is……well not a garden!

  14. Gracie says:

    I just want to say I could not wait to read this story. Wow! So incredibly hot! Thanks for sharing, K.

    Kay, you are one of those people I would love to just sit and have a conversation with, I think you could teach me a few things. I love your confidence. I have read a lot of your stories and I am always amazed by you. Have you always been that confident in the bedroom/train/vacant houses, etc. Lol! Or has it taken you time to get where you are? I also love the relationship you and your husband have together, it's wonderful. Can't wait to hear more from the two of you.

  15. Happy Husband says:

    I will just chime in on the shaved pussy discussion. I would enjoy eating my wife's pussy in all conditions, but when it is shaved fully bald, like it has been for the past year, it is incredible. I can't recommend enough.

  16. ladygarden says:

    @HST: Thank you for your sensitivity; you didn't hurt my feelings, lol. We are from differing sexual geography and generations,"no harm no foul," as I like to say.

    You Are Loved,

  17. ladygarden says:

    @Joydaddy: You are kind to write such encouraging words, thank you.

    Oh yes, we could have ended the story right there in the shower, explaining in intimate detail how I rimmed my husband's ass with my tongue lifting him off his toes with raw pleasure, inhaled his smooth balls and dick deep into my mouth choking me, and sitting on his face with my sopping wet muff making it difficult for him to breathe as his magical tongue worked me into several orgasms.

    Re-read the beginning of our story then close your eyes imagining what I just wrote–and you will see in the picture of your mind how our story ended in the shower. (And let us know how it worked out for you!) 😀

    You Are Loved,

  18. ladygarden says:

    @Juicy: Thank you for taking the time to write; and for making me choke out my hot tea laughing with your hilarious comment "After all these years ladygarden is …not a garden." Well played!

    Still getting used to it; my husband K, God bless him; is hinting the novelty of my baldness may be wearing off already. He loves me regardless, yet is hinting he prefers "Ladygarden to Ladybarren." 😀

    We are thrilled we had you at the shower scene. We adore shower sexcapades and should share more of those stories.
    And stay tuned about the possible return of my ladygarden, lol!

    You Are Loved,

  19. ladygarden says:

    @HappyHusband: We appreciate your chiming in, thank you. The most important takeaway from this discussion is we are wonderfully blessed to enjoy performing oral sex on one another. Ironically, my husband has neatly trimmed pubic hair and shaves himself bald from under his sack and including his sack. I love him smooth down there especially when rimming him to insanity with my tongue. And even though he initially enjoyed my baldness, he is hinting he would like a return to the "good old days."

    Much less work for me :-D. How often does your Mrs. have to shave to maintain her baby silk smoothness down there?

    You Are Loved,

  20. ladygarden says:

    @Gracie: Wow, thank you for your honesty in sharing your feelings about the special bond between K and I. We are truly blessed. You just brought tears to my eyes as I try to find words to respond to your beautiful post. We are humbled.

    While I have always been curious about the mystery of sex since a tender age and grew more interested over time; no I have not always been so confident, lol. It has been a work in progress. My dear husband has played a huge role in developing my sense of adventure and confidence over the years. K and I are like that book The Couple That Became Each Other (Calof & Simon 1997).

    We play a lot with each other, we laugh a lot, we compete, we encourage, we tease and we spend a lot of time just hanging out together as friends. And yes, we crave those treasured moments when we are naked together and join our spirits and bodies in the mysterious dance of love making…especially in uncommon settings 😀
    Such an incredible gift God has given to his children–the gift of eros, or sex. I prefer the word eros better.

    You would be fun to sit down with too, Gracie. Feel free to ask us any questions here on MH. And be on the lookout for another story scheduled to be published in March with another story nearly completed.

    You Are Loved,

  21. ladygarden says:

    @Lovinghusband: Dear sir how are you our friend? Thank you for commenting, always great hearing from you directly or indirectly. Kay is so emotionally touched after reading and responding to Gracie that I am responding back to you.

    To answer your questions–I enjoy tasting Kay's delectable pussy with hair or no hair. I love the intimacy and privilege of going down between her legs to her secret place to taste her and to adore her remarkable womanhood. I savor her feminine scent and her sweet taste of honey. Gently biting and pulling at her big pussy lips is most enjoyable for both her and I.

    Having said all that, and I have told her this–I think I miss the "old Kay." While I love her regardless, I may be missing the uniqueness of how she was created. Kay is a beautiful woman who happens to be blessed with cute body hair all over. I've written before about the sexy blond peach fuzz on her arms, thighs, tummy and even her jaw line. She shaves her calves and until recently, was endowed with an abundance of beautiful brown pubic hair. Sure, she kept it nicely trimmed which also provided easy access–yet I may be experiencing withdrawal of the amazing look, fragrance and feel of her lush, fluffy mound. Perhaps old school in today's environment, yet I loved rubbing my face and mouth over her pubes, licking them down and lightly caressing with my fingers or slowly running a hair brush though them. And the sight of my dick disappearing into her forest was simply astounding.

    Again, I am blessed with my special Kay and thank God for her every day. Probably should not concern myself with something as trivial as my wife's pubic hair, lol.

    Did I address your question? 😀

    K (Ladygarden)

  22. Lovinghusband says:

    Ok you two!

    Your comments are awesome

    K – I love your appreciation for Kay's uniqueness for you – that is a good lesson for us all. My wife has never been shaved bald on her pussy – almost always neatly trimmed. I must say that I like the feel of her scratching my face with her cunt hair – while enjoying the smoothness of her pussy lips. Both happen at the same time. It is like I'm making out with her pussy 😊

    To answer your first question- we are well. We are up right next to the San Francisco bay area – has been a wet winter. I believe you are in SoCal – so we have California covered as MH correspondents 😁

    Kay – the erotic description you commented on was amazing – rimming K's ass hole – you know we love anal play too😊

    Well, you two have fun!

    I know you joyfully agree that God is the source of our very lives – including the love gifts we share. Blessings on your family. LH

  23. Gracie says:

    Thank you so much for the response, Kay. Well, I am going to take you up on that offer. Get ready for some questions. Lol!

    You and I have a few things in common, one of them being we are both petite and have very tall husbands. My husband and I are also very close. We met young and after our first date, we were inseparable. I haven't read Simon and Calof's book, but I can say that my husband and I in many ways have become each other. I will have to look into reading it.

    I do enjoy sex very much, have a high sex drive and a sexy husband to boot, however, I have had obstacles to get over and it's only been in the last four years that I have really started to become much more open and vocal about my desires with my husband.

    I guess what I am so curious about Kay, is how you became so confident. I do believe as you mentioned your husband has played a large role in boosting that confidence. My husband is absolutely wonderful, glad to play along, but not always the most creative, so in a way I think this may be part of my struggle.

    I am sure many of us women have looked at a cucumber and thought, "hey, that might be nice," but how many of us would actually go ahead and give it a try, and on top of it all use it in front of our husbands. I know I wouldn't, why? because I just don't have the confidence to do something like that. You very easily set up SnapChat on his phone and sent him incredibly hot videos, I love it! Wish I had the guts to do it. I can be confident to a certain extent, but there is a point where I get too self-conscious and nervous. I think, "what if my husband doesn't like it? what if it's too much? What if I look like a complete fool?" It all looks good and easy in my head until I try and follow through with it.

    I am always intrigued and inspired by women that can be so open and vulnerable with their husband's. I read your sushi story too, by the way. I mean having sex on a train, in a vacant house or helping your husband cum in the Dr's office, I think I would be way too nervous about getting caught or someone walking in on us. You seem so comfortable and at ease with it all. So, you've got to tell me how you've gotten to this spot because I would love to be there and I do believe there are many other women like me that feel the same way.

    Thanks, Kay! Looking forward to your response.

  24. Happy Husband says:

    @ladygarden – My wonderful wife shaves her pussy every other day. She basically does it at the same time she shaves her legs. It takes 15 seconds extra, maybe. I have nice 4 blade razor for her and I buy plenty of replacements. I discourage her from using the exact same razor she uses on her legs so she can have a better shave and therefore we keep 2 or three sets in the shower at one time, but usually she just uses the same one. As for me, I shave my shaft and balls every day. Have been doing that for about 6 or 7 years now. My wife very much enjoys performing oral and never wants to go back to having to pick out or spit out pubic hair. I would say that 80% of our sex is oral because we both love to perform and she has never been able to cum through intercourse. So, 100% of her orgasms are through oral or toys, and probably 3 out of 4 of mine "cum" from her careful oral or manual attention. Being shaved or trimmed makes that more pleasant. I joke around with my wife, who is an otherwise very conservative 53 year old hottie, that none of our friends would ever guess what an amazing and enthusiastic cock sucker she is!

  25. ladygarden says:

    Hi Gracie–thank you for feeling comfortable and vulnerable to express your thoughts and desires here. I acknowledge it took courage to reach out like this. Good job.

    I will try to address your concerns and questions. I am not ashamed to say that I have struggled and continue to struggle with self confidence and self esteem. Don't all of us? Spoiler alert–I have been on an anti depressant for years. I have seen professional counselors to help me cope with, embrace, and work through the struggles in my life. I was sexually abused as a teen, mocked by mean girls growing up because of the way and how quickly my body developed, gave birth to a stillborn baby girl, lived through job losses and betrayals of those who were supposed to be my friends, and have experienced first hand the impact that alcoholism and suicide have on families.

    Why am I disclosing all this? To show that one way or another, we are all messed up, lol. Our world is broken and we really can't control much of what happens to our lives. Most of our lives is how we react to the good things and the bad things that come our way.

    I choose to live.

    With God's help, prayer, loving support from family and special friends, proper medication, diet and exercise, and spending alot of time with and communicating with my husband–I am a work in progress. It is a struggle at times, yet I refuse to give in to negativity, depression and reliving the past.

    We are what we eat and we are what we think. I work hard at positive imaging to see the good in my life and in myself. I stay away from negatives that I can control (cable news shows, political discussions, trashy reality shows, depressing music).
    Through years of ongoing practice, I have come to accept myself as I am. I now realize God created me for his purposes and he loves me regardless. He loves me more than I love myself. Even more than K loves me. I am a work in progress and am not there yet. So until then, I strive to live life to the fullest and have as much happiness as I can along the way. And that is where eros or sex comes in.

    Do not be afraid to take risks. Put it out there Gracie and see what happens. In bed, bring up your fantasies and desires. Feel him out. If your husband is not as comfortable as you with trying new things, gently find out why. Let him know what you think, and when you try out new sexual scenarios, ask him what he enjoyed or didn't enjoy about it. Tell him what you like and want to try out. Or try surprising him. As long as he knows you love him no matter what–and you know he loves you no matter what–you will gradually become more comfortable and more creative in your sex play. You will become more confident over time.

    My libido is usually higher than his, so I am the one throwing out suggestions and ideas. If he declines my offer, I fantasize or come here to Marriage Heat. Or I will try again another day. Or I will jill off. I also let little "erotic accidents" occur such as him walking in on my playing naked on the bed, or walking around the house topless, or sharing erotic scenarios with him.
    Much of what we do is based on impulse or dare with the risk of being discovered. We have discovered it really adds spice to our love and friendship. The more creative the better. Sometimes my ideas and surprises work, sometimes they don't. Oh well, move on to try again another day, lol.

    Gracie I apologize for rambling. I admire your sweet spirit and am trying to open up to help answer your questions. I either helped you tonight, or totally muddied the waters, lol. Feel free to digest all this and we can continue our conversation tomorrow. Now that I have thrown all this out there, perhaps it will serve as a starting point to helping you with your confidence and sense of adventure with your husband.

    Looking forward to continuing our dialogue,

  26. Lovinghusband says:

    Dear Kay and Gracie,

    I'm loving being a fly on the wall for the dialogue between you two! Bless you both for the humility that God has given you.

    This comment below is meant to be humorous – I was going to say it at the end – but I thought if someone started reading it and didn't get to the end – they might get mad at me.

    Now, imagine me joining in your dialogue in this way….

    – – – – – – –

    Dear Kay and Gracie,

    I wish I could identify with you both – but I just can't. I never have any struggles. I wish I could relate. I'm so confident and self-assured all of the time. I don't feel any risk in sexual things because I've never been turned down for anything. I just wish you could say something that could help me – but I don't need any help. I'm currently writing my seventh book: "My Perfect Marriage – Part 7". My life has never been in a mess. No lows – nothing but highs!!! I'm writing to inspire you to be perfect like me – AFTER you've first been jealous of my perfect marriage. I had to look up "anxiety" in the dictionary because I didn't know what it meant. Adventurous? My sex life is a never-ending safari. And our kids? They have never interrupted us ever – we put them down for bed at 7:30pm until they were 18 – they spent the rest of their waking hours in prayer and Bible Study. Yes, my wife and I are are pretty much walking and breathing orgasms. Oh, and she cums and cums and cums, and squirts and squirts and squirts! She hangs from the chandelier (yes, we have them in every room – even in our 6 car garage). She talks dirty on command – though I never need to command it. She only wears Victoria Secret clothing all day – when she wears clothes. We have volumes of pictures and videos of us having sex. Each one is perfectly shot with perfect lighting and we are always maximum horny in each one. We are both open to everything sexually righteous. Our fantasies become reality within seconds. So, basically, we need no advice and no encouragement. We are always vulnerable and open. Did I mention that we both come from a line of perfect families? We pray – but really, do we really need it? Perfect health and exercise. Our lives are as upbeat as a church foyer. Nothing gets us down. How are our libidos? Well, I'll answer this way: It starts with a "P" and ends with an "erfect". I hope my testimony will make you want to be just like us. LH

    – – – – – – – –

    Now, from the real Lovinghusband. You two ladies blessed my heart (and many others) by what you write in the comments. I so appreciate both of you because you are not only real – you are not afraid to be as real as you are on MH. The sincere comments and stories from you both encourage both men and women on this site immensely. Yes, we can be tempted to read about the strengths and blessings that others experience on this site – and come away with a false picture of unending bliss. Your testimonies remind us that we are not in heaven yet. We get to taste a little slice now and again – but we live in a world that requires us to recognize our need for God in all things – including our sex lives. God bless you my friends and sisters in Christ. LH

    I hope I might have caused you to chuckle – but please don't miss my point.

  27. ladygarden says:

    @Happyhusband: Oh that is funny, you are married to a real "cocksucker," lol. I bet you both have fun turning that phrase.
    Thank you for the personal grooming input, those were helpful examples.

    Sounds like alot of work shaving every other day, at least in my case. I don't really have to shave my thighs due to the prominent down peach fuzz that K enjoys. So its a matter of shaving my pussy every other day as your wife does when I shave my legs. My body is odd in that my calves don't get very hairy between grooming–yet everything else does on me :-D. My husband and I may be reaching a compromise–in return for letting my triangle grow back to its full luster (height, width and lushness), I in turn would maintain a hair free zone surrounding my lips and overall peri region. That would be quite an undertaking for me, lol.

    Will keep you posted!
    You Are Loved,


  28. ladygarden says:

    @Gracie: I appreciate your honesty, encouragement and feedback. I came very close to deleting the post last night thinking it was too drawn out and taking up valuable space from other MH commentators. Yet something kept urging me to send it as is.
    Must have been the Spirit nudging me since you and LovingHusband commented how helpful and it was.

    As we all know, marriage, children and eros takes work, effort, patience and forgiveness. Its a lifelong process. What works for one couple may not work for another couple. That's why this forum is so wonderful so we can all communicate and learn from each other.

    We have two children instead of the four you have been blessed with, so that is more of a challenge, lol. Depending on their ages, you may try some of the things we did:

    Control their bedtimes as much as possible.

    Schedule date nights once a month, make it romantic as possible.

    Erotic dinner dates are wonderful so you can communicate your desires, needs and fantasies.

    Always wear something nice on your date nights that accentuates your beautiful figure. (reminds him of what is "available")
    depending upon whether he is a breast, ass, leg or foot man.

    If the kids are old enough, arrange to go out for an hour or so to run "errands." These are fun quick little road trips especially at night where you can rub his penis while driving, or he can finger you. Or you can flash him your tits as he drives.

    Go to the movies, neither one of you wear underwear. Pick a movie that is not very crowded so you can take care of each other in the dark especially if you have a jacket to "cover yourselves."

    At home, you both disappear into your bedroom to "shower." Turn on the bathroom fan and the furnace or air conditioner for "cover noise" and got at for a while. But make sure your husband doesn't feel too much pressure to "perform."

    Send each other romantic or erotic notes, texts during the day. or Snaps!

    Read MH together, share your favorite stories. Act out your favorites.

    Flash your husband around the house whenever you can get away with it. For years when he least expects it, I will get his attention and flash him my tits or quickly pull down my pants flashing him my pubic hair. Since most men are visual, these images stay in their minds and build desire over time.

    Arrange for friends to watch your kids once a month and you do the same for them. Use those opportunities for a erotic date night concluding with eros. Or just being naked together lounging around the house or your hotel room.

    Gracie, have to get back to work, so will continue with this thread later. Hope these ideas help. I need more time to develop these thoughts for you. Thank you for your friendship, yes we seem to have much in common.

    You Are Loved,

    PS LovingHusband I will respond back to your hilarious post soon too!

  29. Gracie says:

    I had a feeling you were perfect! Lol! Loved it, LH. Joking aside, I have told you before that your stories have inspired me. I've always loved how you speak of your wife and I am a big fan of your, "My Erotic Top 5." My favorite is the one when you and your wife are driving back to campus and you slide your hand up her thigh. My husband would often do the same to me as we were driving, so I could really relate to that one. I love the relationship you and your wife have and I always love your words of wisdom.

    I always like when you chime in on these conversations. You have chimed in on many conversations between Juicy and I and I've always appreciated both your advice and perspective. I love what you wrote, "but we live in a world that requires us to recognize our need for God in all things – including our sex lives." So true!

    Thanks again, LH. Oh, and thanks for the laugh!

  30. Gracie says:

    I know you have more to add. I just want to say I'm glad you didn't delete what you had, it's definitely helpful.

    Thanks for the great tips.

    We do try and get out at least once a month for a date night, and we do try and make the best of it, we just need to bring more adventure.

    I have never flashed my husband before. I don't know why, but I should really get on that, lol.

    As for grabbing my hubby's package, I'm always after him. When we're driving, in the house when no one is looking. I love to tease him. I'm also known to send him romantic, steamy, sexy and sometimes very dirty texts messages.

    I am not going to go on anymore, but thanks again for the great tips. Looking forward to hearing more from you. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to answer my questions and offer your advice, Kay.

  31. Lovinghusband says:

    Kay & Gracie,

    Thank you for the encouraging words. I was actually disappointed that you didn't comment on our chandeliers in every room.😁

    In all seriousness, I'm glad that my chiming in does not bother you too.

    Keep your dialogue going – I promise not to comment again until tomorrow.

    Kay – Your list of ideas was terrific. We like the grabbing and groping in the car too.

    Gracie – I'm so glad to hear you liked the car sex in my "Top 5". That very memory is so vivid – I have masturbated to it many times – even though we've done it many times since. There was something unforgettable about the first time. Her pussy was so wet. Later that night – I don't remember if I put this in the story – but it was the first time my hand smelled like her pussy. A smell that I love! Anyway, it means a lot to me that that story touched you too.

    God bless you you two. LH

  32. ladygarden says:

    @LovingHusband: In reply to your recent post; how dare you sir?! Who do you think you are, anyway? What nerve on your behalf! Freely discussing such inappropriate subjects as female pubic hair; their natural lubricational functions and the associated fragrance thereof; residual vaginal discharge upon your hands, touching each other's genitals, swinging from the chandeliers in EVERY room; enjoying inserting your fingers or even tongues into each other's anal regions; swallowing sexual discharge; touching yourselves in front of each other; bringing each other to mutual climaxes, observing your reproductive fluid escaping from your dears wife's sexual opening; making passionate love to her in the confines of your shower from behind…

    Have you no shame sir?!?!?!

    OK, how was that, lol? except I put this on top instead of the bottom!

    Yes, please continue chiming in, we love your expert color commentary as you usually have the situation well in hand.
    I fr one enjoy reading about the little details of your blessed marital escapades.

    Keep chiming!

    You Are Loved,
    Kay 😀

  33. ladygarden says:


    Such a sweet name, is that your real name or a nickname? I enjoyed your post, thank you for continuing our thread.

    Without sounding trite, I think when it comes to pushing the limits of your sexual comfort zone–practice makes perfect.
    Take baby steps. "The journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step." We encourage you on the steps you have already taken, that you have told us about…and have not told us about! 😀 Sounds like you definitely are trying to spice things up and are proactively showing your affection for your husband by grabbing him and everything else. Good job.
    As we know, our dear hubbies need constant affirmation that we love and adore them, respect them, and crave their bring dicks. Well, maybe not that far. Or is it…

    How well do you handle "rejection," Gracie? Nothing major, I mean everyday life. You may already be doing this, but you may have to keep putting yourself out there for your husband and risk being told "no," or "I'm not comfortable with that."
    Its hard but try not taking it as a personal affront. He just has not been enlightened…YET…as you and I are, lol. it may take time and consistency. K reminded me in baseball, a player with a 300 batting average is very good (whatever that means).I guess they make an out 7 of every 10 times they come up to bat the ball. So if that is "successful" in baseball, we can shoot for that in our "sexual attempts batting averages."

    Addressing one of your questions, no I have not always been this "confident. Again, I struggle with confidence, self esteem and self doubt. However I am constantly fighting the battle reaffirming in my mind it is not what I perceive of myself. Or what K perceives of me. Or what the hot younger naked women in the gym locker room think of me. (Oh, to look like that again!) Rather, what God thinks of me. "I am a beloved child of the most high God." Yes, it is a work in progress over time.

    My libido has always been higher than my husband's. Maybe it is an excess of testosterone in my system, maybe that's why I have more body hair than most women, lol. It was very difficult in junior high and high school growing up and developing at an early age. The "mean girls" (I love that movie) made fun of me for developing breasts and pubic hair before they did. And when they finally did, I was physically (not emotionally) more mature than they were, especially down below. They taunted me as "ape girl," "werewolf," "Elise the milk cow," you name it. Took years and a lot of tears to get over that taunting. Youth can be so cruel.

    Then poof, what are the odds? I meet and eventually marry Mr. K; a wonderful man who adores my body the way it is. He doesn't view me as a freak of nature endowed with a pair of large breasts, light peach fuzz everywhere and a thick brown bush all packed onto a petite frame. He loves me for who I am (and who I pretend to be when we role play our fantasies which is for another time, lol).

    He was more reserved than me for a long time sexually, Yes, he liked sex, but I was the one who corrupted him–I mean–encouraged him over time to be creative and try new things. Its like when my grandpa used to carve animals out of wood. He had that whittling knife and worked on the wood over time until it finally became one of his beautiful hand crafted creatures.

    K still resists more than I would like, but he has come around over time. When you read our stories, especially in unusual or out of the way places to make love; it is usually my idea. I am the one driving it. We don't write about the times he says a big flat NO to my crazy ideas, lol. Again, its like that baseball batting average thing.

    You asked about what of the policeman caught us screwing in "Diamond in the Buff." We would have been mortified, maybe arrested for indecent exposure. Humiliated and embarrassed. I even wrote recently about the time we were caught doing it naked on the beach in The Canary Islands by the Federals. Talk about embarrassing…Its all about risk and reward. Over time K has come around to my way of thinking (not totally) about taking romantic sexual adventures,living out fantasies and experimenting.

    Gracie, I hope this helps. Looking forward to continuing our dialogue.
    You too, Lovinghusband.


  34. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Kay,

    Thank you for your invitation to more chimes. I would have probably kept doing it anyway. No, not really.

    I can identify in some way with everyone who writes on MH. We have a common interest. But, when I read you and K – I have a sense that we have very similar tastes to a greater degree. Which makes reading your stories and comments even more fun – because you sometimes are more open about some things than I am. There is a "me too" aspiration alarm going off in me as I read you guys. Because I'm glad someone is likes these things as much as I do. It makes me feel less weird or "unique" 🙂

    Ok – for some fun – and I guess I'm in that kind of silly mood as I read and now write.

    I thought about your last reply to Gracie – when you were talking about her intestinal fortitude to face rejection. You wrote, "We don't write about the times he says a big flat NO to my crazy ideas, lol." My warped mind thought about writing the shortest story ever submitted to MH.

    – – – –
    Title: "She Said NO"

    Story: "Last night I asked my wife if she would let me *^#$ her *@#"? She said, "NO"

    The End
    – – – –
    It is funny as a fake story. But, I guess I can understand why we don't write too much about the times we've faced failure or frustration in our sex lives. We are more into the Hall of Fame – than the Hall of Shame. I think we can all identify to some degree taking a risk and being disappointed. It is the give and take in our marriages. I'm definitely the risk-taker in ours. I bring up the things we do most of the time. Even now, the disappointments are not always easy – but we persevere (and still keep a .300 batting average!)

    God helps us keep these things in perspective, doesn't He? If we were idolaters – the frustrations would kill us because sex would be our God and not Christ. So, not having everything we always want isn't a bad plan for God in our lives is it? I don't always like it! Sometimes I want to do something so bad at the moment – and the answer is "no" or "wait" or indecision that kills the passion. I'm humbled by it – sometimes later. But, MH has helped me to learn over and over by the writing of others that most of us are in a similar boat.

    Last thing Kay – I loved your "have you no shame sir?" I laughed out loud. Yes, I love those inappropriate subjects – each and every one – and you even mentioned them in a way that was kind of a turn on (" their natural lubricational functions and the associated fragrance thereof; residual vaginal discharge upon your hands; enjoying inserting your fingers or even tongues into each other's anal regions; swallowing sexual discharge; observing your reproductive fluid escaping from your dears wife's sexual opening")! In fact, you mentioned some of my favorites! I guess in regards to those things you mentioned – and by the grace of God – I have no shame!! Amen!

    Thank you. LH

  35. Anonymous says:

    @Breanna: Hi there! Thank you for remembering; we returned from the Marriage Heat alumnus to the Marriage Heat producers, 😂

    One of our 2017 resolutions was to return to Marriage Heat and strive to give more than to receive. Another story is scheduled for publication this month with another adventure 95 percent comelet ed.

    How are you?
    You Are Loved,

    Lady garden

  36. ladygarden says:

    @Gracie, Hello again, thank you for your beautiful post earlier today. I am in a hurry as K posted a comment and just jumped in the shower before we commence with doing the wild thing 😀

    I too am enjoying our conversations, we seem to cover a lot of sacred ground, some positive, sadly, some dark. The important thing is, we can share our thoughts. I agree there does seem to be much we have in common so far. I have so much I wish to ask you about and to bounce off of you.

    Quick thought–do you or have you considered starting a private "Romance Journal?" Not really suggesting you keep secrets from your dear husband; rather, a private place to record your thoughts, your fears, your hopes as it relates to your marital romance and of course, sex. (Its like going to the bathroom–there are times we girls lock the bathroom door because we don't want our husbands to be part of that, lol).

    I keep one and K knows about it and respects my need for "space" so he does not ask about it or look for it. Referrimg back to my journal rekindles vivid recollections of my thoughts and fears during that time. Also helps me to throw out story ideas to K from our past escapades.

    Food for thought. Better go, he just turned off the shower.


    PS Hi and Bye Lovinghusband. Sorry. I hope for some rimming action and "messy" love like you and your wife enjoy tonight ;-D

  37. ladygarden says:

    Hi Gracie, how are you? Hope your weekend is going well with y our husband and children. This whole time change thing
    has thrown me off, I fill out of sync today and somewhat sluggish. I do however enjoy the longer days. Finished another story today, so be on the lookout as that makes four in the can.

    Thank you for keeping in touch, I enjoy our dialogue and discovering more that we seem to have in common. Think I will head off to the gym before K gets home. Have a wonderful evening!


  38. Gracie says:

    Hi Kay,

    I am doing pretty good today, a little sluggish as well with this time change, and perhaps last night's escapades have something to do with it as well. I think that goes for both you and me, lol. Sounds like you and K had some fun last night too.

    I have some good news. My hubby and I were able to get away this weekend without kids, it was a quick and last minute getaway, but great.

    I had a discussion with my husband about how I'd like to be a little more adventurous, but I often hold back because I am not always sure he's on the same page. He assured me he is more than happy to play along. I've always known he is happy to play along, but I wanted to make sure some of my desires weren't too far fetched. Sometimes it is so difficult to pry this information out of men. I'm thinking to myself, "I'm wanting to talk to you about us, about how much I enjoy fucking you, you should be all over this," lol. I finally pried it out of him. I actually made him list some of the things he might want to do, I was happy to hear that many of them were things on my list. I have a feeling I may have broken the seal and this information may flow out of him a little easier now.

    Our chats are paying off, Kay! You really inspire me. Your advice made me take the plunge this weekend, and I let go a little more than usual. I loved it!

    You asked about a Romance Journal, I do have a notebook that I often jot things down in. In it, I will often write about how I am feeling about something, and yes, my fears or sometimes I will even write about a desire I have. I also write about our experiences, some of which I have posted on MH.

    Well, I hope you and K had a fun filled weekend. Looking forward to your upcoming stories. You are great, Kay! Really enjoying getting to know you.

    Have a good night!

  39. ladygarden says:

    Hey Gracie–way to go! I am very proud of you. Yea God. Yea Gracie. Yea Mr. Gracie, lol. You faced your fears and went against the grain of your comfort zone. And it paid off!

    Such excellent timing we had our chats last week and you and your dear hubby enjoyed your romantic getaway. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall ;-D "I'm wanting to talk to you about us, about how much I enjoy fucking you, you should be all over this," loved that Grace. Bravo. And now you have his list to compare to your list. Perhaps you both were not that far off after all. Outstanding.

    I am very happy for you both, especially you, Gracie. Glad you are keeping those journals–they are a big help to me.
    And now you two have somewhat of a new starting point. You have re-calibrated your erotica life and are now ready to commence. Oops, sounds like you already put that plan into motion last night.

    Thank you but I really didnt help you that much. You thought about it, prayed about it, and went for it. And it will pay off handsomely in the days and months ahead. Your note scared me for a brief second actually. At first I misread it and thought you wrote "really enjoyed getting to know you Kay." As in past tense. I thought Oh No! Thankfully, I misread it, lol. Big sigh of relief.

    Yes, we enjoyed a wonderful evening and I am still a little sore. But then, so is he probably. You two sleep well and have a wonderful week, we will keep in touch. I am enjoying getting to know you better too, Gracie.

    Nighty night!

  40. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Kay & K, Gracie

    Yes – we got messy too

    Sounds like Saturday night was a hot night for the "Aw Snap" Club.

    We are charter members😀

    And Rimming -Yes!

    It was a memorable night.

    A great night – then a great Sunday of worship, instruction and sweet fellowship with the church.

    Just a chime from LH

  41. ladygarden says:

    @Lovinghusband: "The Aw Snap Club,"
    we love it! Love it.
    Sounds like you and your bride enjoyed a wonderful weekend too. Maybe Elton John should have said "Saturday Night's Alright for Fucking" instead of "Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting."


  42. ladygarden says:

    Lovinghusband: How about:

    "…She goes in and out and in
    And out and in and out and in and out
    She's playing all night
    And the music's all right
    Mama's got a squeeze box
    Daddy never sleeps at night."

    Oh wait, that is a real song! ;-D

  43. Gracie says:

    Too much fun happening in the "Aw Snap Club," and I like it!

    Love it, LH and Kay!

    Saturday night is definitely alright for fucking! Lol

    Honestly, Kay, yes I did pray and have been praying asking God to help me be a little more courageous and I think part of the answer was me being able to get to know you a little better. Your openness and honesty really gave me that push. I kind of thought, well, if Kay can do it, perhaps I can too. I have a long way to go, but I will take it one step at a time or maybe all just say, "what the heck," and dive right in one day. We shall see.

    Heck, no, I'm not finished getting to know you, lol. I am looking forward to having more chats with you.

    I see your next story is going up tonight; I am looking forward to it.

    Chat again soon!

  44. Lovinghusband says:

    Oh Kay

    You have already broken the rules of the fun game you helped start here on the "Aw Snap! Channel" (a subsidiary of Marriage Heat, Inc.)

    May I remind you – it originated with you MODIFYING an Elton John song

    I chimed in (as is my trademark) with another modification of a Steve Winwood song – with an erotic twist – as you had done – then challenged you to keep the game going

    A game that I hope we keep going for a while!

    But – you then just went with an actual song – no creative modification. I must say that was intellectually lazy Kay. You disappointed all your fans who were counting on you.

    Well, let's try AGAIN

    I answer back with:

    Janet Jackson

    "Cum Back To Me"

    * No paid employees or their family members of the "Awe Snap! Channel" were involved in the playing of this game.

    * No animals were hurt in the organizing and decimination of this game.

    * The rule Kay broke is in section 7.4 of the Change the Lyrics of a Song and Make It Erotic handbook.

    * LH (part-time chimer)

    Your turn……😀

  45. Gracie says:

    Alright, I'm getting in on this one, LH. Unless it is against the rules? Lol

    Since you're on to cum now.

    How's this? Teddy Pendergrass' "Cum and go with Me."

    I was going to use Sinatra's "The best is yet to cum," but I figured that was too predictable.

  46. ladygarden says:

    Lovinghusband: OK, OK–Forgive me, I was listening too much to that Pink Floyd CD…and had a momentary lack of reason…

    Feel free to ponder these before ravishing your dear wife this evening:

    "A View to a Jill" Duran Duran

    "Every Breast You Take" The Police

    "Fleshdance…What a Feeling"

    This could go on for weeks!!!


  47. ladygarden says:

    Hi Gracie! Looks like you have been corrupted too. Nice choices you submitted, I like them. Here are three for you before I sign off for tonite:

    "Rimming On The Edge" Aerosmith

    "You Can Touch This" MC Hammer

    "Cunt Live Without Your Love and Erection" After The Rain

    I love our club and this dialogue! Glad we could help you in some small way with your romantic life. ;-D


  48. Lovinghusband says:

    Listen up "Aw Snap!" Club

    Gracie – Do not throw in the towel – unless it is tonight at 10:30pm with your husband

    You've had nothing but good entries so far – this game has a bit more time – as you consider erotic tweaks to songs

    – – – – –

    I propose – just one entry per comment – and the original had to have been a top 100 Billbaord chart song in the year it was released – insuring that we're not quoting a local band playing at your local bowling alley

    * Yes – I charge Kay with trying to win by sheer volume (Yes – there is a sexual, double entendre with "sheer")

    PS – I'm not a legalist – but I'll keep adding rules until I win (Did I just admit too much?😲)

    – – – – – – –

    I propose this song from Paul McCartney:

    "With a Little Fuck"


  49. Gracie says:

    That's a good one, LH!

    See if I can keep up with the two of you. I'm going with,

    Captain and Tennille: "Fuck Me Like That One More Time"

    I know I've sung this song to my hubby more than a few times.

  50. ladygarden says:

    Hi Gracie–"Fuck Me Like That One More Time," I love it, very good. Yes of course please stay in this fun game. I like your sense of humor and honesty. How was your day? Hope you are doing well!

    Here is tonight's "entry"
    "Vagina Girl, David Bowie.

    Hope you sing your song to your husband again soon! ;-D

  51. ladygarden says:

    OK Lovinghusband, looks like you are trying to up the ante by lowering the standards, whatever! lol
    Tonight's "submission" is close to my heart:

    "Upskirt Curl" Billy Joel

    There, make you happy?!?!?!
    Kay ;-D

  52. Lovinghusband says:


    YOU GOT GAME! I will have to get plenty of rest to compete!

    I love your entries! They are fun and sexy.

    I'll have to give mine later tonight. It will be a good one!

    Have a good night. LH

  53. Gracie says:

    You are on fire, Kay! "Vagina Girl" and "Upskirt Curl," Nice!

    LH, I think you may have to change the rules again if you want to win. Lol! Kay is getting creative here.

    Hope all is well with you, Kay. I am doing great! Still curious about a few things, though. If you don't mind I'd still like to pick your brain a little more. I know you have a lot of comments to respond to with your other story up, so answer this whenever you want.

    Now that I've somewhat overcome the obstacle of voicing my desires (still need lots of practice), can I ask when you are somewhere like on a train or in a baseball dugout how do not let the fear of being caught take away from the moment? I'm so bad at times I can get thrown off by our kids knocking at our bedroom door or if doing it in another room of the house when the kids are asleep I worry about them waking and coming down. In most cases, we would probably hear them and have enough time to react, but I find that fear or anxiety really puts a damper on the moment. I can be extremely aroused at the time, but I find my mind is constantly saying, "What if," really making the moment a little less fun. So, if I plan to get a little more courageous in where we have our romps, I need to figure out how to calm my nerves. So how do you do it, Kay?

  54. ladygarden says:

    Hi Gracie! Sorry for the delay, its been crazy around here lately. Glad you are becoming more comfortable in your skins and stepping out for your comfort zone. Keep it up; jump in because the water feels great, lol.

    Answering your question, its difficult to say.Just go for it. over the years K and I have become more patient, respectful and tolerant of each other. We do not always share the same interests, yet we frequently meet very close to the middle so to speak. Romance, erotica and sex play a major role in our lives. We love talking about sex, writing about it and doing it in fun and creative ways. Being spontaneous is major factor.

    For example:

    On the train, we were already horny. And as we got back to that dark car amazingly with no one else around, it seemed like a natural fun risk. Being in the back row, we had plenty of notice if someone came through the noisy front door, plus the seats were blocking anyone's view who may have come in. Of course we had blankets to cover ourselves too which is common on trains. My horny mind quickly calculated these risk factors when K went exploring, so it seemed an acceptable risk since there were safeguards. And let me tell you Gracie, the soft gentle swaying of a passenger train can be romantic and erotic, especially in the dark with a nice big dick close by ;-D

    The baseball dugout was another spontaneous yet calculated risk. I seem to be wired to think frequently about sex and how to make it happen, whatever the circumstance, within reason. That night, I was horny, and a bit jealous after my dear husband's walk down memory lane discussing his past girlfriends. Being competitive, I wanted to challenge him, fuck him and make him forget about those chicks. The sports complex was behind his old high school., very dark with alot of trees in a bit of a residential setting. Stripping and walking naked was just plain fun daring him to follow me in the dark through the grass. Fucking him in the dugout seemed safe as the back wall was facing a street and there was nothing but trees and darkness on both sides of the dugout. My mistake was being too loud and enjoying it too much. One of my weaknesses is fucking outdoors and everything was perfect that night and I was very vocal thinking we were secluded. I was wrong and we nearly got caught thanks to the massive orgasms K bestowed upon me.

    Shaving my pussy on Snapchat (a major undertaking!) was spontaneous. I wanted to surprise K and keep him aroused during his boring conference calls. Part of the delay between Snaps was deciding what to do next, then arranging the props.
    Gracie, if I may ask, do you shave your pussy or do you let it grow out keeping it manicured? If you have a hairy pussy you might consider doing what I did for your husband. And if you do not, consider sending him pictures with a dildo and or plug inside. That should get him going.

    Let me know what you think, hope this helps you. I am enjoying this!

  55. ladygarden says:

    Lovinghusband, Thise are two very good entries, well done sir. Going to be difficult competing with you and Gracie, lol.
    Lets see, how about:

    "Never Gonna Get You Up," Rick Astley ;-D (K doesn't like this one)

    "If You Don't Blow Me By Now," Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes

    OK, let's hear from and and Ms. Gracie!

  56. ladygarden says:

    Oh Gracie, I love it "Gotta Get You into My Pants," by the Fab Four. Yours is the best one yet in K and my opinion. Well played! And good analogies about Nike verses Adidas too.

    Yes, I am really enjoying our correspondence too, you are fun to communicate with and I can tell a strong intelligent woman. I be you are very pretty, too.(of course your husband thinks so!) K wants to know if he can jump in too sometimes; I am fine with that if you are.

    One of the benefits here on MH is how we can open up and ask each other intimate questions from the perspective of another gender. I love the detailed questions and answers I receive from members of the opposite sex, especially Lovinghusband, here on MH. I think it is fun and very helpful to get into the weeds as we can openly ask and receive feedback here from opposite gender perspectives in a safe healthy setting. I mean where else can we ask each other for advice or feedback about such intimate topics as rimming, bondage, lactating, role playing, pubic hair grooming, sexting, Snaping, fucking, etc?

    Gracie, you are making progress, good work. You are getting your husband to open up and talk about sex a little more rather than holding it all in. And isn't that what we wives crave from our husbands–to open up and communicate with us? To let us know how they feel? The sneaker analogy is a good example.

    Yes, like all wives, we need to keep "training" our husbands, lol. The more he sees you "leading sex by example" the more he will get used to your new dynamic or new reality. Keep chipping away at his reluctance or his shell. Your idea is good to perhaps let him "accidentally" catch you masturbating.

    Have you ever tried waking him in the middle of the night on the weekend with a blow job? Or left moist panties or a bra out in your bedroom or bathroom for him to notice? Or asked him to take sexy pictures of you nude or semi nude? Or trimming your pubic hair. Walking by him and "accidentally" brushing his shoulder with your breast? Offer him a nice relaxing massage while you are in the nude?

    I find it erotic to find "natural" ways to be naked in "non sexual" settings while K is fully dressed. It turns me on knowing I am naked and he is not. For example– walking around the house nude. Or pretending to be looking for something or making an extra trip in the buff to and from the laundry room. Making small talk without nothing on or topless. (Gracie, is he is breast man? An ass man? Leg man?).

    Thank you for encouraging me about my sister. Yes, we love and adore each other and enjoy a wonderful relationship. She doesn't like me to mention her very much on this forum so I have to be careful. I will say this about her which is probably too much–yes she is known to help me set up "erotic opportunities" from time to time as you have read about. One of my favorites is for her to call on the phone me when I am nude or topless, thus giving me an "excuse" to walk around the house nude or semi nude in front of my husband. Like a "distraction" or something preventing me from getting dressed until we are off the phone. Another "erotic accident." You get the idea ;-D

    K loves baseball analogies, he told me to tell you baseball batters from time to time go through stretches where they cant hit the ball. He said often times it is in their head. Some sort of mental block. Or they are thinking too hard or trying too hard to hit the ball. That's why amazingly, making an out 7 out of 10 times in considered very good.

    Gracie, maybe try not thinking so much the negatives, don't think it through so deeply. Just experiment and try, try try. As Churchill said,"Never, Never, Never ever give up." I am honored to keep encouraging you and helping you walk through this erotic sensual season of your marriage.
    Thank you for the opportunity and the continued dialogue.


  57. ladygarden says:

    Lovinghusband, this is K. Hello. I enjoy touching base with you even though I don 't post here nearly as much as Kay, although we do write and co-conspire together. I was curious if I may ask. You and I and Kay and your wife seem to have much in common. Very unique. If I may ask, in what ways does your wife surprise you that really turns you on? How do you know when she is in the mood? Is she vocal or quiet when she reaches climax? You already mentioned her enjoyment of rimming, lol. Edging too?

    I'm asking out of curiosity. Maybe one day we can list the similar attributes they have in common. Or Kay and she can do the same about their studly men, lol. Gracie already mentioned she and Kay have some similar attributes including their figures and sexual interests, which is cool.

    I will try to post more to you and Gracie as long as everyone is comfortable. I do however, reading everything we all post eventually, which is a wonderful thing.

    See ya!

  58. Lovinghusband says:

    I just got to read the Aw Snap! comments from the last 2 days. I really enjoyed everything you three have been writing.

    I am out of town on a work related event – and unable to sit and write.

    I am looking forward to responding to you K – I think it will be very fun. And I feel a bond with you brother. Gracie, your comments about my stories encourage me very much. Your transparency is so precious. I think some days afford us to be Adidas – all day; while at other time Nike jumps up😁. Kay, you are like "the walking and talking and breathing book of ideas!" I get ideas from many on MH – but yours are often so close to where we really live – again just my personal bias and sexual taste – so they translate easily to us. My wife has recently been walking around more when kids are not home in just her panties – the frequency is new to us. Seeing her tits – and her ass cheeks barely poking out the bottom – makes me want to take her. Yet, not knowing when the kids come through the front door influences our timing. But your phone calls with your sister to tease – my wife has done a similar thing with talking on the phone with a lady friend or finishing a text – while "coincidentally" walking past me. I'm like "I want to fuck you right now"! I'm horny most of the time to begin with – and then this! Well, I'm looking forward to writing with K – to see how he responds in his mind when he first sees your "coincidences".

    Much more later – my work event ends today. I'm way behind on the songs. Kay and Gracie – you two make up the best altared sexy song titles! I'll be back. LH

  59. ladygarden says:

    Hello Weary Traveler Lovinghusband! Hang in there, wow, sounds like quite a week for you.

    I'm looking forward to getting to know you and Gracie much better too. Its very cool how much we all have in common and even think alike. I like the examples of how your wife proudly takes risks walking throughout your house topless when the kids are out.I forgot, may I ask if she is busty? Doesn't matter of course, just curious, lol. Sounds sexy how you explained the cheeks of her ass trying to escape through her panties, and her girlfriend who calls her in a "distracting" manner much as Kay's beloved sister!

    Women can be very devious to us, can't they LH! What are we to do?!?!?!

    When the kids are away, does your wife ever like to sit nude or topless in your living room during the day, reading a book curled up on a couch or easy chair near the picture window? Hey, its your home your castle. People should not be peeking in! Or she ever answer the door in short shorts, swimming suit or top without her bra on because circumstances demanded she answer the door at that very moment? Or during a hot summer night, sitting out on the back deck at twilight in the nude or topless enjoying her favorite adult beverage with you (and hopefully no one drops over for a visit).

    Kay does all those things, and more 😀 Surprised? Walking around the house in just her panties talking on the phone with her sister (they are very close) or working her iPad is a favorite pastime of my beloved. Its a win win for both of us! Or the times I'm reading downstairs and from upstairs, I can hear her moaning in pleasure as she masturbates with her Magic Wand, or when she "accidentally" wakes me up in the middle of the night going down on me or fingering herself in her sleep.

    Did you know that?

    Some people talk in their sleep or walk in their sleep. For the past several couple years, I have awoken to the incredible sight of my wife fingering herself in her sleep, even climaxing, even though she has no recollection of it the next day. And after she cums, she often drifts back to sleep or converses with me in gibberish or senseless syntax. Its incredible.

    Glad to know your wife grows out her bush for you too. Very loving of her please tell her I said so. Yes, I am old school enjoying a hairy yet neatly trimmed mound. Kay liked being bald recently, but its been three weeks now and her bush is nearing its usual incredible luster, lol. Not to disappoint our friend Alicia G.M. and others who prefer bald pussies, we did reach a compromise. She lets it grow all the way out keeping it neatly trimmed on the sides of her triangle and inner thighs, yet she remains bald in the area surrounding the lips of her pussy and anus. Its a win win as this new look keeps her smoothness, I get my "natural turf," and I no longer have to part her thick hair out of the way to reach her clips, bud and anal area. I still do not understand how a woman can have so much thick hair between her legs. I mean really!

    Sounds like we are both baseball aficionados, yet I have lost track of who is who last couple of years in MLB. Not sure if I mentioned these baseball related terms or not:

    "Choking up on the bat."
    "Stepping off the rubber."
    "Shaking off the catcher."
    "That pitcher is known as a spitter."
    Of course there is hall of farmer Lynn Dickey.
    When a baseball player misbehaves, which umpire has the power to ejaculate him from the game?

    Again, you seem to have a better baseball innuendo library than I do, lol.

    Kay is worn out and signed off for the evening after posting the conclusion a short time ago to our wild night last night. However, she asked me to share these rock n roll references with you and Gracie:

    "This BJ" (Warren G.)
    "This Is How We Screw It" (Montell Jordan)
    "You Otta Blow" (Alannis Morisette)

    Safe travels my dear brother LH, rest up and take your time catching up. Your trusted Aw Snap Club friends will still be here.


    Ken (Ladygarden)

  60. Bootylicious says:

    Hi Ladygarden, I love the relationship you have with your sister! That is sooo cool that she helps you with these sexy scenarios and that you're even comfortable masturbating in front of her! Has she seen you orgasm too? (I guessing so) Also, have you seen her playing with herself as well? Gotta say, there's something hot about the whole thing for sure! 🙂

  61. Lovinghusband says:

    Hi Ken,

    It is good to be back. I had a busy time away. I enjoyed all you wrote immensely. I too am looking forward to our friendship on here as well. I think it seems that we are a bit more than acquaintances – but, I know we will be stronger friends in the days ahead. I like how we can address couples, groups, and individuals here on MH. I am encouraged by the interactions between others on MH – that have nothing to do with me. The things people share – we can reflect on our situations in light of their situations.

    I too like our commonality. Both in California. I am in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Of course, no two people are clones – but the things we tend to like – are much the same – I think that is so enjoyable to know. I know one thing we have in common – that I don't think is too common – is our love for ass play (licking, fingering, rimming, etc.). There are seasons when I spend so much time at my bride's ass – that I could have my mail delivered there. My address would be: Mr. Loving H. Usband / 69 Hiswifesass Lane / XXXX, California

    So, I look forward to talking more about our common likes there and experiences (for example). My wife is definitely more shy than Kay. They like so many of the same things. My wife is perhaps a notch less horny through the day – but when the coast is clear – she is open "for business"! The coast has to be probably a little more clear for her, too. Yet, she has progressively gotten less sensitive about some things in a sexy way. She knows when conservative apparel is necessary – and has gotten much more revealing in some other circumstances (more on that later). Because our two youngest are always in and out – and quick at that – she would not be in some places in the house naked during the day – because there would be no way to get the the side of the house where her clothes are. But, she is a greater risk taker than she ever used to be. She'll flash her tits to me in the family room where we watch TV. She'll let me suck her tits and finger her cunt even as the kids are just down the hallway. She'll quickly come out topless to show me her boobs – then go back to get dressed – again when the kids are home but not in the room I am in. Oh, her size. My wife has firm and perky tits. Her hardened nipples are not long, but not short. Just right for me. Her size is not small or large – average. But, she is ample of enough for a full hand. I love her size!! I hope that satisfies your curiosity. I agree – it does not matter.

    Yes – her ass cheeks – are out of this world. I am an everything man! So, that makes me an ass man, too. I tell my wife so often how much I love everything about her ass. The shape. The height compared to me. The squeez-ibility. The power of her ass hole! The smell. The taste. There is nothing about her ass that I don't like. She has an athletic build. As I mentioned, the way the very bottom of her cheeks look in her panties – it drives me wild. It is very common for me to grab her and say – "I want to just fuck you right now".

    I have a story coming out very soon – my first in a long time – about how we act in our backyard. I think you will find it very fun and erotic. A definite change in my wife's risk-taking outside.

    One of my favorite memories – is finding my wife masturbating face down on our bed. My catching her does not happen very often – for she is very busy throughout the day anyway. But, I love watching her put on a show for me – dipping her finger(s) in her pussy – gyrating her ass – as she is getting herself off. I've sat in the chair and watched her finger-fuck herself and she watches me play with my cock – and sees me cum on my chest. We've cum at the same time like that many times. One of us starts cumming – and the other isn't far behind.

    That is fascinating about Kay fingering herself and cumming in her sleep. That must be amazing to behold. Nice use of "syntax" by the way – her gibberish at those moments. 🙂

    Yes, my wife likes to be neatly trimmed. I would eat her out no matter what – but, having my lips to her bare pussy lips is a regular dream cum true! It is like I'm making out with her pussy (I am!!!!). I make out with her ass too!

    I liked your sexual baseball terminology, too! I guess I must have a spitter! 🙂

    Like you two the other night – it is often the case when we have had a wild night of doing "everything" – including fucking long and hard – that the next night is almost for sure going to be a rest night. Though – I'm probably ready to go no matter what. I'll ask my wife if her pounded pussy is sore? She'll say, "she needs a break tonight". But, will still suck my cock or let me play with her tits while I masturbate up against her. But, sometimes that masturbation – turns into her telling me to put it in her!! So much for rest on those nights.

    Ken, I hope my interaction with your thoughts touched on the places where you alluded to. We are both men blessed by God with great wives. I am happy for you two. May we continue to share out joys – and even some difficulties in the times ahead for us to talk here. God bless you. LH

  62. Chloe says:

    I second Booty's query. I would love to know more. So cool to be so comfortable, uninhibited, open, and free with your sister like that! Have you gals masturbated to orgasm in front of each other? I would love it if my sisters were like you guys. I'm totally comfortable and uninhibited but my sisters aren't. For example I've always wondered if my sisters shave their pussies bald (I do) and if they masturbate at all and how often (I do it a lot!) etc. etc.

  63. me says:

    Very hot story. Would be awesome to experience such fun with my hot wife. I think some of the comments about the sister participating are warranted as a hedge or reminder to keep things in our lives pure according to God's standard. I do not think there is a violation of the marriage covenant here. My wife's sister took a "flasher" pic for me when I was overseas. Dress up and flashing the silky hose and ass. So, I get the whole idea. I believe most siblings would not participate in such matters as such can be TMI for most people. However, I too appreciate a sibling that would help me or my wife to make such a thing happen. Super hot! Thanks for sharing your sexy lives!

  64. Cuddles says:


    …and then there's the comments…

    not just hot and naughty but laugh out loud hilariously witty 🤣
    If that's not enough we have vulnerable and open discussion about initiating some spicy encounters and having the confidence to "try him out".
    Friendships developing along the way too. Delightful!

    The comments are a long read but sooo worth the time.

    Thank you Ladygarden (K n Kay), Gracie, LovingHusband et al 🤗🤗🤗

    Cuddles xxxx

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