Wilderness Sexy Time


My wife and I enjoy backpacking trips together. Being alone out in the wild is something of an erotic experience. Sex is always a highlight and every year we get a little more adventurous.

She wore a bikini for the first time at a sub-alpine lake beside a busy trail. We skinny dipped for the first time in a more secluded spot a few years ago. We've sat naked under the stars and pleasured each other. In fact, I'm not sure we've had sex inside the tent much at all. It's way more exciting out in the open.

As I said, we get a little more adventurous every year.

Last year, we had a campsite a hundred yards off the trail, under some trees, by a stream, on the edge of an alpine meadow full of wildflowers. We were in about 6 miles.

She was sitting in a chair, her back to the trail, with my cock in her mouth. It was a hot sunny day. We were still dressed and partially behind some small trees. Occasionally folks would walk down the trail, oblivious to the sex happening off to their left. If anyone had looked right in our direction, they wouldn't have seen any skin but they'd know what was up. Nobody looked, but the chance of getting caught always amps up the heat! I stood there just taking it all in while writhing with pleasure as she gave me the most exquisite blow job for a good 30 minutes.

But we didn't finish that way. After a while, we were both extremely horny and ready for some more action. We headed further in, away from the trail and found a more secluded meadow area. Even though absolutely nobody was around, we were a little nervous in the daylight so we didn't strip completely. We ended up in a 69 position. She was extremely aroused by all of this and came fast and hard. But we still weren't done yet.

I wanted to re-up the naughtiness level, so we went back to the campsite -- in view of the trail, but next to trees we could hide behind if needed. Then we stripped down completely and I took her from behind, bent over against a tree.

What sexy adventure will we try this year out in the wild? I don't know. But we're definitely looking forward to it!

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  1. Marie Lister says:

    Such a fun and ever so hot story. Love how brave and adventurous you two are.

    Congratulations on publishing your first story here! Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.

  2. ladygarden says:

    Oh I love this outstanding picture, thank you for posting it. Very hot and intimate. Reminds me of Kay and I on some of our past trips. Exquisite!
    Ladygarden (K)

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