Not Your Average Monday

It started as a normal Monday. I took our daughter to daycare then my wife and I each went to work. But it would soon turn out to be anything other than a normal Monday. In fact, it would be the sexiest day at work we have ever had.

After we had been at work about an hour, my wife texted me that she would probably be the only one in the office that day. Everyone was either out of town or sick and not coming in. I texted her back that I had some pretty dirty thoughts thinking of her there alone. She texted back, “Like what?”

So I suggested that she could pull her pants down at her desk and sit with her bare ass on the chair. (She didn't wear underwear that day so that made it even easier.) I suggested to her she could jill off at her desk. She could lift her shirt and take a picture of her boobs and send to me.

The next text I got was a picture of her sitting at her desk with her pants down. Shortly after that she sent another picture of her pants down and her shirt up with her bra undone. Wow! I was so hard right then and I told her so. Then she sent another picture of her shirt back down but her pants still down to her ankles and she had a vibrator in her pussy.

A few minutes later she sent a video of her cumming at her desk! Wow, was it HOT! She had her eyes closed and she was saying, “Fuck me, fuck me..” over and over. Then she came. Hard! It's a good thing she WAS the only one there because she moaned so loud when she came. Afterward she told me she was watching a video of me jacking off while she rubbed her pussy.

I responded to this by going into the bathroom and taking a picture of my hard cock and sending it to her. I told her, “See what you do to me? LOL."

Then I suggested we do something a little more daring. She said she was game.

I suggested that she first get completely naked and send me a picture. To my surprise she did it! She got completely naked and stood behind her desk and took a picture. Now keep in mind her desk is right near the front door so that makes this even hotter!

Then I suggested we call each other on Skype on our phones and she watches me jack off. So I called her and she was still naked. I was in the bathroom jacking off while she watched. She did get dressed while she was watching. But then I jacked off until I came. She said it was hot watching me!

But we weren't done yet...

A couple of hours later she sent me another picture of her boobs. Always nice!

Then someone finally came in around 3pm for a meeting. The meeting was over at 4pm and she was alone in the office again. I suggested to her that she take her clothes off again and leave them at her desk and walk to the back of the building and back and send me a video of it. (The office isn't that big, but still it would be walking maybe 10 yards away from her clothes.) She soon sent me two videos of her walking completely naked down the hall and back to her desk! WOW! Then she sent me a picture of her sitting in her boss's chair completely naked! I was speechless and very turned on by this point.

So I went into the bathroom (had to go in there because I wasn't alone at my job! LOL) and I got completely naked myself and sent her a picture. Then I videoed myself jacking off naked and sent it to her. She replied with, “Now that's HOT!”

I suggested to her that she try jilling off completely naked. So she started at her desk again with her pants pulled down. She sent me a picture of that. Then she sent me a picture of her sitting in her boss's chair again completely naked with the vibrator in her hand. A few minutes later she sent me a video of her cumming while completely naked and sitting in her boss's chair! SO HOT!

So we had a pretty exciting Monday. She jilled off twice. One time completely naked. And in her boss's chair. Got completely naked at work three times. Got partially naked twice. I jacked off twice and got naked once. That night we had a good, hard fuck. And both came a third time for the day!

What a way to start the week. We were both pretty excited and worked up from all this. Obviously, since we both had two orgasms during the day! And three total in one day.  Ordinarily she is a lot busier and there are more people there, but we are glad we took advantage of the fact that it was a slow day. Because we certainly had a lot of fun!

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  1. Adam Rose says:

    I remember being very young and feeling sad when I realized that one day I would be grown up and never play again because grown-up's never play.
    Little did I know 😂

  2. LoveHer says:

    Very hot! Thanks for sharing this story! I love jacking off for my wife and I love watching her rub and finger her pussy for me. Although she's just a bit more shy about it than I am, she's completely willing. I'm hoping that someday her appetite for jilling herself for me becomes as ravenous as mine is to jack myself for her. I recently told her that I would like to snap some pics or record short video vignettes of her sucking my cock or close-ups of my dick thrusting inside of her so that she can watch it while I fuck her from behind. She is excited about the idea but hesitant about someone being able to hack into or otherwise compromise the phone or device upon which we could store the images. Anyone have any advice?

  3. Lovinghusband says:


    This was so surprising

    How surprised were you? Did the progression of each one blow your mind? Or did you suspect she would do all of this?

    What look did she give you the moment your eyes met when she first got home that Night?

    You two are so fun! LH

  4. HornyHubby says:

    @LH: I was pretty sure she would do each thing I suggested since she was there alone. But I was still shocked when she actually did it. Especially when she sent the pictures and videos.

  5. HornyHubby says:

    @Harper: She is doing about the same. She went in yesterday for more blood work to check her hormone levels. She will find out the results next week. The progress was starting to get a little better at the end of last year and beginning of this year, but we've hit some kind of plateau. I'm hoping she can talk to the doc about it next week when they go over the blood work.

  6. Bootylicious says:

    WOW! That was really really hot!!! Like sizzlin' hot! Made me so hot and horny that I got totally naked and played with my very wet pussy! Thanks for the cum! Okay, okay, cum X 3 😉

  7. Anonymous says:

    Suggest you encrypt a flash drive to store such things using Diskcryptor. Use a long and complex password to secure it. From what I understand, if every PC on earth tried to brute force it, it would take about 100 years. Realistically, since nobody could devote all PCs on earth to anything, it would take thousands of years to crack it.

    Thereafter, every time you plug in the flash drive, it'll think it's an unformatted drive and won't be able to do anything on it until Disckcryptor software is run and the correct password is entered.

    But also don't forget to use something like FileShredder if you copy them to your PC first or the files exist somewhere other than the encrypted flash drive. This overwrites them first with ones, then with zeroes, then with random ones and zeroes, such that they can't be undeleted.

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