I just cannot imagine my life without my wife Megan. We have been married now for fifteen years and she is my pride and joy as well as my lover, friend, and source of sexual excitement. We were out shopping for her some new clothes to wear on our upcoming cruise. For some reason, women think they need new clothes to go on vacation. All of us guys just through our same old stuff in a suitcase and get going.

Anyway, we were out shopping and she was trying on clothes and then would step out of the dressing room and ask me what I thought of this or that outfit. She was in the dressing room changing again while I was looking through the racks at her request to see if something caught my eye.

Megan stepped out from her dressing room in a bikini. She looked fabulous in the suit. Her full breasts were swelling over the cups and her tight ass stretched the fabric to accentuate every curve.
She turned to look for me.
Megan motioned for me to come over to her.
I walked her direction.
“What do you think of this one?”
“You look great!”
“I look fat!”
“No, you look fabulous.
I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “In fact that suit has given me a hard on.”
“You are so funny.”
“Seriously, look.”
Megan looked at my crotch and said, “You are such a naughty boy.”

“Here, I found another suit for you to try on.”
She took it from me and looked at it.
“Are you serious?” She asked me with an incredulous look on her face.
I nodded my head in the affirmative. She turned and headed to the dressing room.

Soon the curtain opened again and Megan walked toward me.
“WOW!” I said.
Her face was red with embarrassment.
“I can’t believe I am wearing this in public.” She said as she stood in front of the mirror.
The top of the suit was just a thin strip of fabric that covered each hard nipple. The bottom was a thong that made her ass look super sexy.
“That is the one.”
“I can’t take this on a cruise. There will be hundreds of people on the ship.”
“And none of them will we know or will ever see again,” I replied.
“It is soooo naughty.” She said as she looked at herself in the mirror.
“Yep.” I replied with a grin.
“Ok, if that is what you want.”

She turned to go back to the dressing room and again and changed back into her clothes. She walked toward the cashier when she was done and paid for our purchases.  As we stepped out into the mall corridor she said, “I think we need to do a little more shopping. The mood of this vacation has kind of changed directions and I don’t think I have the clothes for a naughty vacation.”

Suddenly, I was all about shopping.

We walked down the mall hand in hand and suddenly she pulled me into a shop known for its lingerie and very sexy clothes for women. I had never been in a place with so much pink, red, leather and lace in my life. She went for the table of panties and began looking through them. She held up a pair of  sheer yellow g-string panties and grinned as she asked, “Do you like these?”
She held onto them. She then held up a pair of panties that were crotchless, “What about these?” She actually blushed.
“Love them!” I replied .
“Apparently you do,” she grinned nodding at my crotch.
I looked down and my hard cock was visible bulging in my jeans.
She kissed me on the cheek and tucked the crotch less panties in her hands.
“I need some party clothes, too.” She said as she headed to a rack of clothing.
She was sifting through them as I tried to stand close to the rack so my hard cock was not completely noticeable.
She pulled a little black dress from the rack and held it up, “What about this one?”
It was very short and was only ties at the top. It was very short and  would barely cover her crotch.
“You would wear it?” I asked.
“If that is what you want. I thought you wanted to make this a naughty vacation since nobody would be around that we knew.”
“I like the dress. You would look fantastic in it. I am still in amazement that you might actually wear it.”
“The idea excites me.  Knowing it excited you, excites me. So yes, I will wear it if that is what you want.”
“Try it on,” I said.

She headed to the back of the store and into the dressing rooms. I patiently waited for her return.
I only had to wait a few minutes and she came back out.
“Do you like it?” She asked looking at me in the mirror.
“I look like a whore.”
“You look fantastic.”
She turned to look at my cock again as it was straining even more now.
I saw her glance over my shoulder. I turned to look and there were two guys in there probably with their wives. They were trying not to be too obvious.
“I think you have some more admirers,” I said to her turning back around.
“Isn’t that what you want? Guys to check out your sexy wife?”
“Oh gawd, can I come in the dressing room with you right now?” I begged.
“You will have to save it until later.” She continued.

She then began walking around in the dress and the two guys were now having a hard time hiding their admiration. She walked right over to one and began looking through the rack of clothes where he was standing. He kept diverting his eyes to my wife and then quickly back to the rack of clothes. Megan pulled another couple of items off the rack and headed toward the dressing room. I stood by anxiously waiting to see what she had on next. I could not believe she was actually doing this. She had always been on the demure and shy side when it came to her body and exposing much of it.  She walked around the corner of the dressing room and my jaw hit the floor. She was wearing a bright red leather micro-mini dress and the shirt she had on was sheer with the exception of the pockets on it.

She saw the look on my face and grinned,
“Well?” She asked as she spun around.
She stopped facing me and again glanced at the guys looking at her.
“Damn. You look HOT!” I exclaimed. I did not turn around I just stared at Megan who looked wonderful and super sexy.
“A keeper?” She asked.
“Without a doubt.”

She then went back into the dressing room. I turned around then and the two guys quickly also turned to look the other direction.
I heard an “uh-hummmm” from behind me and turned to see Megan’s next outfit. This time she had on a pair of shorts that were verrrry short and a top that was unbuttoned and tied around her midriff.
“Like this one?” She asked.
“Very much.”
“Are you just saying you like all of them because you do, or is it your dick talking?”
“My dick is speaking loudly to me but I actually really like all of them also.”
“Ok, I will get this one, too.”
She left and headed to the dressing room. When she returned she had on another outfit and said, “I liked this one so much I just decided to wear it.” This one was slightly tamer but was very sexy. It was a black mini skirt with laces half way up each side to reveal her upper thighs. She had on a black and red silk top.  We headed to the cashier and paid for her purchases.

As we walked into the mall again she said, “I am starving and then I need to buy some new shoes.”
“Ok, let’s eat at the restaurant by the entrance and then we will go look for some shoes.” I responded.

The outfit was having the desired effect as we walked down the mall to the restaurant guys were sneaking peeks at her. It is funny to watch guys with their wives trying to look without being caught. I felt like the big man on the block with Megan on my arm. We walked into the restaurant that was busy. The hostess took our name and put us on the waiting list. While we were waiting, we decided to hit the bar for a couple of margaritas. We got to the bar and suddenly Megan realized that to get on the bar stool she was going to have to be very careful or she would show way more than she wanted to the patrons in the restaurant.
It is a good thing she is tall as she just slid onto the stool. I looked at her as her skirt was riding very high on her sexy legs.

“I have never really had to worry about carefully getting on a bar stool before,” she said with a sly grin.
“You did great . Did you see the guys watching you as we came in?”
“There was just one or two.”
“One or two hell. It was every guy in here,” I replied.
The bartender came over, smiled at Megan, “What are we having today?”
“I think we both want a margarita on the rocks, please.” She answered him.
“What kind of shoes are we looking for?” I asked
“I need something sexy to go with my new outfits. Sandals alone will not be enough. I want something with some spiked heels.”
Our drinks came and we downed them quickly.
The bartender asked, “Want another?”
“Yes please.” Megan replied.

“I am still not used to you wearing such a short skirt in public.”
“I know me neither. I get a little self conscious with it but it sure is fun watching you squirm with a hard-on in your pants.”
The hostess walked up behind us and startled us.
“Your table is ready.”
“I think we will eat at the bar if that is ok?” I replied.
“No problem,” she responded.
“Why did you decide to eat here?” Megan asked grinning.
“You know damn good and well why.”
She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Does my baby have a hard cock wanting to fuck my wet pussy?”
“Stop! You’re making it worse.”
She laughed as the bartender handed us our menus.

We finished eating and Megan carefully slipped off the stool. We headed back out to the mall under the watchful gaze of the guys in the restaurant. Once back in the mall corridor we walked toward the shoe store. We walked hand in hand and I kept a watch on the guys checking out my wife. I now noticed with a couple of margaritas in her she was strutting her stuff. She knew she was hot and she also knew the guys were watching her. We arrived at the shoe store and she immediately went in the direction of the stiletto heels.

She pulled down a red one and asked, “What do you think of this one?”
Just then, a salesman, I am guessing in his mid 20’s, came over and asked, “Can I help you?”
Megan replied, “I would like to try this one on in a size eight.”
He said, “Have a seat and I will be right back.”

We sat down on the chairs and he quickly came out of the backroom with a box.
He pulled up one of the little stools and said, “Put your foot here and I will put it on for you.”
Megan looked nervous because she knew there was no way she was going to get her foot on the stool without showing this guy her panties.
She tried to keep her legs together as she put her foot on the stool.  He was trying not to be obvious as he peered up at her legs. While holding her ankle he pulled a shoe from the box and slipped it on her foot.
He scooted the stool back and said, “Ok, give that one a try.”

The young man watched her intently as she began to stand up. I watched Megan’s legs and at the same time watched the young salesman. I knew exactly when he could see up her skirt because his eyes widened slightly. Megan was also watching him. She stood up and walked around on the one shoe.
“It is hard to tell with only one shoe on,” she stated.
“Come over here and we will put the other one on,” he said.

Megan hobbled back to the chair and sat down again without much success on keeping her legs together. He wrapped his hand around her other ankle and slipped her shoe off. He then slipped the other on and scooted the stool back. Megan must have decided at this point that he had already seen what was under her short skirt so she stopped trying to keep her knees pressed together and just stood up. She walked around in the shoes and she looked fabulous. High-heeled shoes just do something for a woman’s legs.

“Well, do you like these?”
“Very much so.”
“Ok, we will take these and I want to look for another pair. Do you also have something similar in black?” she asked.
“Yes I do. Wait here I think I know what your wanting,” he replied.
He stood up and went to the back room.

“You are driving that poor guy crazy.”
“What do you mean?” Megan replied with a sly grin.
“You know exactly what I mean. He is looking right up your skirt.”
“Is that turning you on?” She asked.
I looked up into her eyes and she reached to my lap and squeezed my hard cock.
“I guess it is.”

“I think this is the shoe you are wanting.” Our salesman said emerging from the back room. Megan stood back up and then sat back down in the chair next to me. She  knew this was terribly exciting to me. The salesman scooted his stool closer to her and Megan made no attempt to keep her knees together and I knew he  was looking right up her skirt unencumbered.  He grabbed her calf this time lifting her leg to the stool and never took his eyes off her crotch.
He slipped the other shoe off and pulled a shoe from the box.
“Oh, wow those are beautiful.”
“I thought you might like them.”

Our salesman then wrapped his hand around her other calf and lifted her leg to the stool again watching intently up her skirt. Megan took her sweet time lifting her leg higher than was really necessary and lowering her foot almost seductively into the second shoe. When she was done teasing both of us and placed her foot on the floor, the young salesman scooted the stool back as she again stood up. She was having fun now and knew that she was turning me on by teasing this poor guy. Megan stood up and sauntered to the mirror as I watched her sexy ass undulate with each step.

“Wow! I really like these. Honey, what do you think?”
I swallowed hard and replied, “They make your legs look even more fantastic than they already do.”
“I’ll take these also. Is it alright if I wear them?” she asked the salesman.
“No problem,” he took her old shoes and put them in the box.
“Would you like to try on some other shoes?” he asked.
“I think this we have all seen enough,” she said with a giggle.

The salesman carried the shoe boxes in front of his waist to the register, obviously to hide the tent in his pants.

He rang up Megan’s shoes and said, “I knocked fifty percent off for you.”
Megan replied, “Thank you.”
He then added, “If there is ever anything I can do for you two,  please call me.”
He handed Megan his card.
We left the store and I said, “I don’t think he meant shoes.”
Megan was just smiling.
She then leaned into me and kissed me, “Let’s go home. I need you fuck me. I am so fucking horny!”
“Where is the door?” I replied.

When we got to the car, I opened the door for Megan and when she got in, she got in and lifted one leg at a time rather than the typical modest way she gets into the car wearing a skirt. She gave me a really good and long look at the panties she had on. It was the pair of yellow sheer, almost see through panties  that she had bought earlier.  I now understood why the salesman could not tear his eyes away.
I walked around and got in the car. Megan already had her hand under her short skirt and was fingering her pussy.
“I just love shopping with you,” she said grinning at me.
I started the car and drove us home as quickly as I could!

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