Battery-Operated Boyfriend

My wife and I both have a fairly high sex drive but my work schedule doesn’t always cooperate and though spontaneity (as they say) is the spice of life, if you’re not together at the time there are other solutions to sudden sexual impulses…hence the “boyfriend.”

I was barely out of my teens when we married and after 30 years together, each time I see her sexy body as she’s stepping out of the shower, I feel like a kid all over again. I’m still surprised at how quickly I can become erect and though we don’t always act on the “situation,” I can’t complain about the quantity or quality of our sex life.

A few years ago, when the economy took a serious hit and I was laid off from my job as an architect, I ended up taking a new career path which included working an insane schedule. I don’t work nearly as many hours as my previous occupation, but the hours I do put in rotate between day and night shifts This means that some days we only see each other briefly when I get home in the morning and then again as she’s coming in from her work day and I’m heading back out for another night shift. At first, it was more exhausting than anything but after about a year of both of us adjusting to my new, ever-changing schedule, it became obvious that the worst part about my new job was kissing an obviously horny wife goodbye and goodnight in the driveway.

It started with her joking about finding a boyfriend for those nights I had to be away. She would text me telling me how badly she wanted to feel my body next to hers or how she had been fantasizing about the two of us all day and now had to suffer alone. Admittedly, she has never been one to masturbate with the reason given that “it just doesn’t feel as good when I touch it.” However, I always suggested it as a useful alternative for her when I couldn’t be there. I could certainly empathize with her wanting/needing to have her man with her and though I knew I could always count on her to be faithful to me, I felt bad for her and even played along with her “boyfriend” fantasies.

Every so often, she would send me a text telling me how horny she was and if I didn’t come home right away, she would have no choice to call her boyfriend up for a little relief. I would go along with the fantasy and suggest that he do certain things to and for her while he was there. There was never anyone really there, but the thought of my words coming to life as she read them on her phone was usually enough to satisfy her urges, most of the time ending with her thanking me for talking her through it. I was certain that she was indeed touching herself and maybe even bringing herself to orgasm, but when I finally asked one night, her reply was a quick, “no…”  This was followed by her telling me that she didn’t always have to be touched to have a “happy ending.” I suppose that’s where the difference lies between men and women. I, myself, have never had a “virtual” orgasm, but apparently some women can just think themselves into one?

At any rate, I decided that though she may not enjoy touching herself very much, she might enjoy holding a toy that would do the actual touching. A late night internet search led me to purchase their “most popular” toy and have it shipped to our address. I suppose I should add that part of her boyfriend fantasy was that he was almost always a little larger than me. She told me that she didn’t NEED anything larger but because it was just a fantasy, she might as well dream big.

I was at home by myself the day it arrived and upon opening the unmarked package, I laughed to myself and thought, “Well, she wanted big!” The second thought that crossed my mind was that because she didn’t know I had made the purchase, would she be upset with me buying her a battery-operated boyfriend? I decided to save the surprise until the next time I was working the night shift. Partly so that she would know how much her happiness means to me…and partly to avoid her wrath should she be offended. (Haha…only joking…mostly)

A few days later, knowing that I had to leave for work about the same time she would be getting home, I removed the big toy from its packaging, inserted the two batteries and slipped it underneath my pillow.  She sent me a text on her lunch break that she was sad that I had to work that night because she was horny and already missing me. I replied that I was pretty sure she’d survive one night without me and that we would be together the next night.

Sure enough, around 8pm, my phone vibrated and I had a text. It read, “Totally wet and craving something…” I replied, “Maybe you should play with your boyfriend?”  At first she denied being interested in anything but having me at home with her, but after about a half an hour, she admitted that she really needed to be filled and the fuller the better. I suggested that she go upstairs and get into bed and that I would chat with her until she fell asleep. She agreed and a few minutes later, she sent me a message saying, “Laying in bed naked and wet and my boyfriend never showed up! :(” I replied that he was indeed there and was hiding under my pillow. “WOW!!!” was the next thing to pop up on my screen.

I asked her if she liked it and she said it was a little intimidating. She said she was holding it in her hands and it felt incredibly lifelike…and incredibly big! I told her that it was the most popular “boyfriend” on the market and that maybe she should get to know him before passing judgment. She giggled and confessed that she might have to do just that. I was hoping for a blow-by-blow (pardon the pun) account of what would follow, but instead, she told me that she was going to need some privacy and didn’t think she would be able to fully appreciate it if she was distracted by having to text with me. I told her to have fun and that I wanted to hear all about it the next day when she got home from work.

To make a long story shorter than it could be, it turns out that she is really happy that I bought her a new boyfriend and that even though she prefers me, he helps get her through those long nights when I can’t be there. Plus, when I do get the chance to be with her, the passion seems to be even stronger than when she was having to go without! Yay, me!!

Maybe next time I write, I will tell you how we have moved from her needing privacy to her asking me to direct the activities remotely and how incredibly turned on it makes us both.

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  1. cowboybiker
    cowboybiker says:

    As a relative newby, I was reluctant to expand on the topic, not knowing for sure what was taboo and what was acceptable. After it sitting for nearly a month, I have come to the realization that what I wrote was quite tame and actually…a little boring by MH standards. lol I'll get better.

  2. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    Nice that you two found a way to keep cravings at bay. That was the same reason I too bought my wife a dildo. I thought the first time she used it that it was going to take my place but much to my surprise it only makes her want to be in my arms more.

  3. hornyGG
    hornyGG says:

    I loved this! I think it is so sweet of you to do this for your wife. You obviously love her very much. My husband Ben purchased my first vibrator as a gift for the exact same reason ( always used my fingers before). I now have 3 "boyfriends " to help me on lonely nights, mornings, afternoons ect… Thanks for posting and stay horny! God bless.

  4. Juicy
    Juicy says:

    I agree with your wife – the "boyfriend" is a good fix but nothing beats the real thing. Years ago, I never would have even considered a vibrator but when work schedules and drives differed, I began to explore the idea and with my husband, bought one. It has been great! I don't need it often, but when I am really in need of intimacy and can't have it, it is there. It plays into our sex together too and added an element of fun.

  5. cowboybiker
    cowboybiker says:

    Thanks GG and Juicy! Is it wrong that I often check the positioning of the toy in the drawer so that I will know when she uses it without telling me? Haha It really turns me on that I know she is playing with it because she is so shy about sharing with me something that used to be thought of as "taboo". I never call her out on it but I can tell if it has moved and I know that's a signal that she is primed and ready for some fun with me…even if she doesn't say so in her own words.

  6. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I know it's late, but thankyou for sharing. I send this message to your wife: Enjoy the toy, and have fun! 🙂

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