Long time follower, first time poster. Looking for advise.

Recently, my wife and I purchased A Guide to Marriage Kink, the book written by Silver. Since buying it, our collection of toys and related items has grown substantially. Previously, we just kept all of our toys in a box in our nightstand, but the box is getting too full and stuff is getting hard to find.

We’re looking for advise on what other people use to store the toys if they have a fairly large amount. I was thinking about getting one of those plastic drawer units you can buy at Walmart, but not one that was see through, obviously!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Maybe your dresser? I don't know what yours looks like if you have one, but maybe under your clothes or something? I'm pretty sure that drawer units that aren't see through are easy to find. Have you tried IKEA, maybe? That's where my husband and I got a lot of stuff, and for a good price too. God bless, and I hope you find a good place to store your toys 🙂 I never had any toys, so I'm probably not the best to help for this, but storage can happen with anything so I hope I was of some help.

  2. Art R. says:

    We put ours in Zip Lock bags under the bed. (Batteries, Lubes, Toys, etc.) Do you have any kids that may find them?
    Ours did one time a long time ago. But, now they are both married and have children of their own. May the Lord bless your marriage and use of toys.

  3. Funny Christian says:

    My wife leaves her Dildos & Vibrators under our bed. However, we don't have to worry about kids finding them. Maybe you could put them in a container or box with a lock on it maybe?

  4. Leslie Mitchel says:

    We bought a toolbox that has small padlocks on it that we keep in our closet. Several small drawers–and combination locks to keep kids away!

  5. Happy Husband says:

    We have a velvet zipped pouch that holds our favorites and lube, and we keep that in a drawer in chest in our bathroom. We pull it out when we are in the mood!

  6. Benny says:

    We stored everything in a small briefcase with a combination lock controlled latch. Slid it under the bed and it didn't draw any attention from the kids. Briefcases are pretty inexpensive at Staples or on the internet.

  7. D&D says:

    We use nice decorative baskets One on her side and one on mine. You could separate by types of use. We put a nice towel over the baskets if we have company. My wife forgot about the basket this week when the guy who sprays for ants came by. When she came into our room after he left she noticed my Boudoir Book laying on the bed.

  8. HesIrish_ImLucky says:

    My husband and I usually use the top drawer of our nightstand to store toys. It's easy to see everything that we have: lubes, handcuffs and other things. It's also hidden in plain site which makes it extra exciting for me.

  9. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    We have a small, heavy duty tote with clip closures at the handle. It's black and grey, very manly and probably assumed to contain daddy's things. Inside are all our BDSM acoutrements, etc. Vibrators we keep in our bedside drawers. Our kids respect our privacy just as we respect theirs plus they are seldom without adult observation, so we don't worry about them rambling.

    That said, I put notes in each storage place simply asking that if anything is borrowed, it be washed thoroughly and put back in its place. I want them to know that exploring their sexual responses is not a dirty or shameful thing. If they ever do 'find' our stuff, I wouldn't want them to think I was hiding it or ashamed of it. If they went in the box, well, most of those are couple's toys! They can play with things like that when they have a wife or husband of their own.

  10. HisJenny says:

    I'm so glad you posted this years ago! My husband and I have always had a toy or two, but I just bought two more for Christmas 😉
    We've got a little one who can't help but pilfer my nightstand and asked where my "little buzzy thing" was the other day. Haha! But in all seriousness, we've got to find a better way to keep our things hidden but in close reach. I'm wondering if a magnetic child lock will do the trick!

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