Finding true love.

So this is my first time posting here. I read all the wonderful stories here and I can’t help but wonder why God hasn’t sent the right man my way, I mean you open your heart to love but most times it doesn’t happen. I feel I’m ready to start my little family with the right guy but that it’s proving tough. Is there something I’m not doing right? Are there no good guys out there?

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Sadly, in this day and age in particular, finding the right person is tough. But I believe you need to actively look, not just wait for God to send you someone. It can be hard, but what have you got to lose? I wish you the very best my dear, may God bless you

  2. Angelica
    Angelica says:

    The reason why you haven't met the right person yet is because you tell yourself it's tough, that there are no good guys out there, that maybe you won't meet him, etc! Your thoughts create your reality! Look up Nicole Moore dating coach in YouTube, she is incredible and has changed my life. I went from ZERO dates in 4 years to his Summer alone going on over 40 dates. It's all about your mindset. Ever heard of the law of attraction? What you think is literally what you manifest in your reality. Your guy will come when you align yourself and your thoughts to meet him.

  3. 1956packard
    1956packard says:

    I know this may sound cliche but be patient ! I did many things in my youth that I regretted and thought no one could love me. Even the woman I'm married too, made me wait for 9 1/2 years ! ( I asked her out in college but she said " no ". We met again 9 1/2 years later & the time was right ). So please wait ! Remember God's timing is not our timing.

  4. Natural Guy
    Natural Guy says:

    Maybe the guy is out there, he just doesn't know where you are either! I'm a single guy and meeting people is hard, especially Christians with a positive attitude towards marriage and intimacy like we discuss on this site.

  5. Dora95
    Dora95 says:

    Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate… I've been down with the flu, not a nice thing at all.. and I really hope Prince Charming locates me soon 😩

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