*Knock Knock Knock*

I hear the mailman pounding on the door. I think aloud, “That’s strange.  I am not expecting any packages.”  I open the door and he hands me a large padded envelope. “Thank you,” I call after him as I wonder what is in the parcel. My name is written on the front.

Eagerly I tear into the package figuring it must be something my husband has ordered for me. “What in the world is this?” I laugh as I pull out this silly excuse for lingerie. A maid outfit with more skin exposed than covered. I giggle as I pull out each piece one by one, trying to figure out the puzzle of how to put this crazy thing on. The panties are black and white ruffles riding high up into my ass crack leaving my plump cheeks open. The “bra” piece is just blacked lined underwire for my round heavy breasts to perch on, fully exposed. Nuzzled between my soft tits is a black and white bow. Of course, there is a silky white apron to tie around my waist, and a teeny tiny feather duster, so that I can actually get some work done around the house. Cracking up, I feel a bit ridiculous in this provocative costume, but then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and thought, “Wow I am one sexy maid!”

Suddenly I hear the unexpected sound of keys at the front door. My instinct is to hide, but I quickly recognize the sound of my husband’s key ring. Nonchalantly I begin “dusting” the bookshelf that is in plain view when you walk in through the door.

The look of complete shock and pure lust when his eyes met my body was absolutely priceless. He was coming home on his lunch break to try and intercept the package before I did. Little did he know that the only package I was interested in at this point was the one growing ever harder between his legs.

The look in his eyes was more intense, more animalistic than I have ever seen. Without a word, perhaps only a guttural grunt, he leads me to our bedroom. He grabs me from behind pressing my back into his hard stomach. Cupping my open breasts, he aggressively kisses the back of my neck sending explosive excitement waves down to my clit. Our heavy breathing is matched now as his hands move expertly to my wet pussy. He feels my juices dripping and knows that I am ready to hold him inside of me. I can feel his heartbeat pounding all the way down to his throbbing dick. Lovingly with his strength, he pushes me forward bending me at the waist, my ass held high in the air. Without bothering to take his own clothes off he desperately seeks to free his pulsating member. He pushes my panties to one side and powerfully opens me up with the thick length of his large cock.

Slap, I feel him pound into me, our skin colliding as he does. The rhythm of his balls slapping against my clit as he rides me harder and harder sends my heart racing. I look over and see the perfect view in the mirror, him fully clothed other than his massive cock hanging out, and me in my sultry outfit taking it from behind. The sight and the sound of the slap, slap, slap was the point that sent me over the edge of ecstasy. I press my face down into the mattress to stifle my scream of pleasure and in the same moment, I feel his hot explosion filling me up.

He collapses on top of me breathing heavily while our combined juices drip down my thighs. I roll over so I can see him and he smiles a devilish smile as he buries his face into my engorged tits.

“So I see you got my present,” he sheepishly grins.

“Yes,” I seductively reply, “If you think this is good, just wait until you see what I ordered for you.”

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  1. LoveMyWife56 says:

    So sexy! You did it just right for your husband, being ready when he arrived and surprising him. I guess you know that, though. My problem is that when my wife dresses up like that, I cannot let her keep her sexy stuff on. I like her best naked. Oh well, GREAT either way! Thanks!!

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