The Way You Are

In 1987, we were back in Sweden. There was a Christmas dance party for all the family and friends, which was very exciting! We dressed in formal attire for the occasion. It had only been a few months since that wedding where we had the “time of our lives”.

“You are one hot man!” I told him as we were leaving for the venue. He responded by thanking me, and briefly grabbing one of my breasts! Cheeky!

We danced a lot, had lots of fun, but we weren’t tired when we came home. After freshening up, the moment my husband closed our bedroom door, he took me in his arms from behind me and kissed my neck, feeling my breasts before he pulled one of my dress straps down. My mind was in a whirlwind, and I was a little dizzy! Not to mention I got the tingles before I reached for his face as I turned around.

We started kissing passionately, and our clothes fell off rapidly. My husband made it down to my under-dress and took a brief look at me in it before he ripped it off as well.

“Oh baby, you’re so sexy! You are mine and I love you!” He said.

I immediately went to our bed with my legs spread, he rapidly pulled down his pants and underpants together and jumped into bed with me. He entered me immediately, and thrust passionately, clutching me.

“I need you… ahh… I need you so much!” I exclaimed,

“I’m here, baby. Oh…!” He grunted.

I orgasmed in shockwaves fairly quickly, and my husband wrapped his arms around me a little tighter while he thrust a little faster before he, too, climaxed strongly, jerking and moaning in orgasmic euphoria.

I rested my head on our pillow when I came down from my beautiful orgasm. My husband kissed my neck, multiple times before I kissed his forehead. He rested his head next to mine, still laying on me. We fell asleep in each other’s arms, and when we woke up, we nuzzled & kissed each other good morning, still afterglowing from our night of passion.

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  1. WeldersWife
    WeldersWife says:

    Mrs Harper perhaps that’s just they way my body reacts lol. But anytime I feel especially romantic, I get a butterflies feeling in my stomach.

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    WeldersWife I see. I never thought it could be that way, I thought butterflies were when ur nervous, but yes, now that u mention it, I have maybe heard it like that before too. God bless

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