M.Aster: Soapy & Sexy, pt. 2 (L)

Part One of this story can be found here.

Per your request here is part two, which will also serve as the explanation of the origin of my name. You see, a lot of this story takes place in my wife’s mind, as noted with *asterisks* . In fact, even I wasn’t aware this was occurring until recent months…enjoy.

… Then she said, “So, what do I get?”

“Get on the bed,” I said with a smile.

She shut the shower off, dried, and headed to the bedroom. I followed soon after and locked the door.

I crawled up toward her, kissing her legs as I made my way up to her face.  We kissed passionately, and our tongues stroked one another.  I captured her face and took her mouth in mine.  We exchanged warm, wet, passion which built up to an aggressive make-out session.  Our hands were all over each other. I grabbed her towel and uncovered her body. Then I pulled her arms up beside her head.

“Keep them there,” I demanded.  I pinned her biceps to the bed with my forearms. Then I gripped her face with one hand as I straddled her right leg and pushed my thigh toward her pussy.  I breathed my hot breath on her ear and rimmed it with my tongue.  My teeth teased her earlobe, and then I whispered, “Grind your pussy on my leg.”

She did as she was told and began moving her hips up and down.  I could feel her juices lubricating my thigh as she breathed heavy sighs. I nibbled on her ear again and licked inside it sending goosebumps the whole way down her body and between her legs. My kisses and tongue made their way down her neck to her collarbone sending another shiver down her back. She moaned. So I came back to her ear and said, “Stop. Not until I say so.”  Now she knew the game.

With my hands on her arms, I began kissing her neck slowly down to her chest. I released her arms, but she knew not to move them. I took both of her breasts and pushed them together. Then I sucked and licked on each of her nipples until they were rock hard and began to leak. My tongue traced the shape of each breast then I continued south. Down her stomach. Down to her thighs. She felt a rush as my mouth neared her flower. It was so close she could almost feel it. My hot breath passed right over her lips, but I kissed her thighs instead. I licked up both of them toward her opening, each time stopping before I touched her labia. I kissed around the top and beside until her pussy was hot with frustration.

And then she felt it!

*Oh, thank God! There it is.*

My wet tongue, fat and flat, slowly pushed against her lips and then-


-an upward lick toward her clit.

*Oh, God, he’s finally licking my pussy. Please, don’t stop, no more foreplay.*

Then I stopped. I repositioned myself so that I could reach under then over her leg and play with the top of her clit with one hand.

*Thank God he was only changing positions.*

She felt me begin small circles over the top of her clit, but my tongue also returned to her nub and began long, slow, wet strokes. More warmth flooded her pussy. She was now thoroughly aroused and drenched.

*Right there, yes, perfect. God, that feels so good. Mmmm, you treat me so well. Oh, shit, he’s going faster. Faster. More pressure. Faster.*

Full stop! My tongue and hand. Everything. Stopped. Just as she was cresting, everything just ceased. A rush of warmth coursed through her vagina and disappeared, leaving her aching.

My hand quickly pushed her knees together and her legs over to one side, then I smacked her ass hard.

*-No. You’re so dirty. Bad!-

I like that, Master. I’ll be good.*

The conversation played in her head but was interrupted…

I lifted a leg up to her chest to spread her pussy and leave her exposed, vulnerable. Then I gave her ass another hard smack.


Her legs came down and I began again. Slowly I renewed my circles, my fingers wet on her mound and my tongue hot on her clit.

*Thank you. Oh, God, that feels so good.  He’s so good to me. Please let me cum. He’s speeding up. Oh, my God, it’s perfect. Oh no. Master! I’m trying.*

I completely stopped again. She had to fight back another orgasm, and I gave her another smack on the ass. My handprint was becoming visible and waves of pain and pleasure shot through her buttocks and pussy. Smack!

*-No, you have to wait. You’re misbehaving.-

I’m sorry, Master. It’s just that I so badly want to cum for you.*

My face descended back into her pussy. I licked slowly, pausing on occasion to flick her clit. Then I licked her lips, and my hand made its way back to her mound. My circles began again. My tongue traced her lips and dipped between them. I could feel how wet she was on my tongue. By this time she was throbbing with pleasure. She wanted to explode. She wanted to push her juices straight into my mouth but I just would not let her yet.

*Please, Master, let me cum for you. I’m your good girl, let me give you my cum.

Oh, that feels so good. Ah, he’s doing it exactly right. It’s speeding up. Ugh, that feels so good. I want to push. Faster. He’s going faster. Oh, my God, yes! Oh, it’s happening.

Please, Master, can I?

Holy shit, he’s not stopping. He’s not stopping. Faster. Fuck, that feels so good. He’s not stopping. Am I allowed?

-You can cum baby. I want you to.-

Oh, my God! YES.  MASTER, YES!*

She bore down hard and screamed!

*Oh, Master! Holy shit!*

The orgasm exploded and her juices gushed into my mouth. I took them all with my tongue and continued rubbing her clit with my hand as she convulsed and wave after wave threw her body around. Her pussy was completely soaked and jolts of pleasure surprised her as she tried to come back down. She was almost disoriented.

She looked down and saw her man kissing and loving both of her legs and licking up all her juices. I absolutely loved the taste. I might be Master in her mind, but out here she is my queen and my tongue is for her pleasure. I cleaned her with my tongue, serving her and giving her what she deserves.  Then I looked up at her and smiled.

*My Master is awesome!*


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  1. CrazyHappyLoved
    CrazyHappyLoved says:

    When I read this, the first thing I thought – well, second – was how well it illustrates Ephesians 5:22-33 (in microcosm). She submits to you in trust, you care for her in love. Beautiful.

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