No one knows! Only me!!

I am the only person in the world who knows many things about you, my dear wife. Others may look at you but have no idea what a sensual woman you are. You are always well dressed. You are never revealing in public. You are quiet, reserved and respectful in every situation. First and foremost you stand out as a Woman of God and you reach out and love those around you. But… under all that gentleness is a private but extremely sensual lover who pleases me in every possible way.

I know that under your clothes is a body made for my pleasure. And it was also made for me to have the joy of giving pleasure to. You are so responsive to my touch and can become excited to the point you give away control and will moan in orgasmic ecstasy. At times you will even allow words like, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, I am coming!” or “I want you in me now,” to escape from your lips. I am set aflame when you talk dirty and sexy, especially when you ask me to do something to you that will give you sexual pleasure.

Only I know your true beauty. You have an arse with the most exotic shape. You know that I always stop and stare at you when you walk. Your arse excites me so much that I start dripping pre-cum when you use it sensually to stimulate me. Taking sexy photos of you in some skimpy panties drives me nuts and gets me hard and throbbing. I love touching your bum. It makes me feel like a king. I want to caress you there at every possible opportunity.

Only I have the pleasure of playing with your boobs. You have the most beautiful and sexy titties. They are the perfect size and shape to satisfy me. Soft and lovely with exquisite, pointed nipples. Those nipples are quick to respond to my touch, and I believe that you love it when I suck them and focus on them. As they become hard, they enlarge and become even more sensitive. When you want to excite me, you will play with them and will watch my face to see my response. At these times, you have a naughtiness in your eyes that inflames me even more. You sometimes use your fingers to make little circles around your nipples and even lick them, then get them harder by blowing on them while they are wet. No one but me knows that when you cum you squeeze your boobs very hard and that it excites you if I twist your nipples while you are cumming.

Only I know how large your clit becomes when you get excited. (I have called you “Super C” at times, referring to the size of your pleasure button.) When I suck your pussy and get your clit in my mouth, your body responds beautifully. Your stomach muscles contract and your thighs start shaking. No one knows that you love it when I stick my tongue into your pussy and tongue-fuck you. Your breathing changes and soft moans escape from your mouth. If you put your hand behind my head and push my face into your wet pussy, it nearly drives me wild. One of your favorite things is for me to start licking as far back as possible and slowly move through your pussy lips to your clit and then go back down again. Over and over and over. It eventually pushes you over the edge into massive orgasms. Your clit also responds to soft bites, but that response is very different; you usually cum quickly and powerfully.

No one knows that when I ask you to, you will sit upright, spread your legs and open your pussy then finger yourself to many orgasms just for me to watch and enjoy. Only I know that you love it when I watch you play with yourself and that it makes you hot and wet. You enjoy it when I instruct you and tell you what to do, even the agony when you are close to cumming, and I say to hold back until I give you permission to cum.

No one would ever guess that you love it when I finger your little butthole. But first, you want me to lick it and get the tip of my tongue in there. You want lots of coconut oil to make it smooth and slick, then you moan and shake as you enjoy my finger going in and out while you play with your pussy and rub your clit. I delight in taking lots of time to pleasure you, making love to that little hole until it is super responsive. It is extra naughty and sexy. I adore anal play with you.

No one knows that you can have ten or fifteen orgasms in one lovemaking session with me and that sometimes you will ride a wave through five or six Big Ones without stopping. Only I know your facial expressions when you lose control and do not care about anything but the fire between your legs and the ecstasy of your clit.

No one knows that I love pushing my face into your pussy to get your juices all over my face. You know how I love the smell and taste of your passion and that I love it when you lick around my mouth to taste yourself on my face. The scent of your arousal is intoxicating for me. I want to drink from that fountain.

Only you and I know some of our sex words. One of them being “The Blue Train.” When you say yes to my suggestion to ride “The Blue Train,” I use my lips to push back the little hood and expose the tip of your clit, then attack it with intense sucking and tongue movements directly on the tip of your most sensitive part. Only you know the extreme sensations as you are rushed up the Orgasm Mountain without any control and how your brain wants to explode as your clit starts burning. You try first to push your clit deeper into my mouth and then, suddenly overwhelmed, you try to escape from my animalistic attack. I love grabbing your arms and pulling your pussy deeper into my mouth to prevent you from wriggling away. Nobody knows what I know.

Only I know about the photos hidden on my computer. Photos of you naked on the beach. Of you playing with yourself with the sea in the background. Close-ups of your engorged clit. You sucking my cock. Your naked body in the shower with your dildo in your wet pussy. Pictures of you in our Love Swing doing all kinds of sexy things. And of you dancing for me and using the knobs on the bedpost to pleasure yourself.

Only I know and have seen your pleasure as you play with your favorite Purple Swan vibrator. No one else will ever watch that toy disappear into you and hear the sound of the little tongue vibrating against your clit. Only I observe the coconut oil shining on your skin, combining with your wet pussy juices and running down your crack. No one but me knows how it excites me when you ask me to play with myself while you are making love to your wet pussy. Only I recognize the look in your eyes as you watch my hand around my cock, your encouragement and enjoyment as I push my purple head through my fingers. I hear the gasps and see your face as you lose all control, your skin going red as you stop breathing and you cum and cum and cum…..

Only I know and will ever experience your expertise in taking me in your mouth. How well you suck and lick my head. How extremely slow your movements when I am ready to explode, keeping me on the brink before you release me into your mouth and swallow my seed.

I alone know that you love good old missionary sex. That you want me deep inside you, grabbing my arse and controlling the speed as I ram myself into you. Only I know the sounds you make and the facial expression that you have when I freeze deep inside you,  grunt, and spill my seed in your pussy as we cum together.

No one knows! Only me!!
Only I know my Isha.  אִשָּׁה

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23 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi climaxx. I was really hoping you could educate me about some things. I don't know if I'm allowed, but I was wondering if I could ask you some questions.

  2. ClimaXX says:

    I did not allow my wife to read this before I posted it. What I am going to do is to make myself comfortable between her thighs and then, while I make love to her pussy and suck her clit, she will have to read it out loud.
    I want to enjoy hearing her struggeling to read while she is having multiple orgasms.
    I might report on that later.

  3. CMLove says:

    I Love this post, ClimaXX! It's so romantic and "HORNifying" lol.
    What a gift God gives that we are able to share such closeness with another human being. I so enjoy your writing and your comments and I'm excited to read what your wife thinks of your post 😜 may God bless you both as you continue to follow Him!

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    ClimaXX thank you. I'll try not to be as "blunt" as my cousin tried to be, I'll do my best to be as gentle as I can regarding my questions. One of your posts, namely part 2 of your "fantasy in love" series, I didn't quite understand it. Truth be told, I was disturbed. I am hoping you can educate me about what happened "behind the scenes" so to speak. First, your wife did consent to all that, right? Also, in my generation (i'm 57), this wasn't as "widespread" as it is now. That's one reason why I was disturbed, because I don't understand the "thrill", or how it's "loving" to deny her, her orgasm. So please, educate me if you can, so I can understand better. I had been previously asking folks who were into BDSM, to help me understand it better as well. God bless.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Well done, Mrs. Harper! Honest question, thoughtfully and respectfully asked. I’m looking forward to ClimaXX’ response, too. Sure to be eye opening. Then maybe I can share my perspective as well.

  5. ClimaXX says:

    Harper, tx for your question about refusing my wife to orgasm. Firstly it is important to understand that is not refusing but only delaying. Part of the game is that she is cumming FOR MY PLEASURE. This creates great excitement for us both. When I ask her to wait it is only for a few seconds while she is on the edge. It increases the intensity greatly. Sometimes I will tell her to stop completely….. and then restart again. Oh, she also does the same to me.
    It is part of a game. We are not into BDSM at all. I do tie my wife from time to time but that is just to heighten our senses.

  6. ClimaXX says:

    Just another comment about telling my wife not to cum without my permission….. She is not into talking dirty. I sometimes tell her to tell me how desperate she is to orgasm and she has to be explicit. Then you must hear that little mouth! I love it when she talks "dirty" in the bedroom.
    Please also note that this is not a game that we play all the time.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Mrs. Thornton, it's kind of like edging, but with the twist that we are voluntarily giving control over our bodies to our spouse. I can't speak for Mrs. ClimaXX, but knowing that everything I do (at that time) is for my husband's pleasure *is* my pleasure. The longing to come, being so close and having to wait a few more minutes, makes it that much more explosive when he finally says, "Now." I'll be the first to tell you, it wouldn't be fun if it was *every* or even most of the time. But when I'm in that kind of mood (and he can tell when that is by my submissive behavior), it is a great turn on to hear, "not yet." Truth be told, I usually have such a hard time getting there clitorally that some kind of kinky edge to sex is almost *de rigueur* for me to do so. Happily, other types of orgasms -and even sex without orgasm, if it just doesn't happen – are just as pleasurable for me. Probably has mostly to do with the love behind it and knowing that, God willing, there's more to come later or tomorrow or… Sorry, I digressed. Yeah, it's just fun!

  7. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    P.S., in defense of ClimaXX, he had already given his wife multiple orgasms in the story before he made her wait for that one. And in reality, I don't think he could keep her from coming while she masturbated, he could only say the words. She had to control it, and when she couldn't hold back any longer, he said, "Now." It's really voluntary on her part and all in the timing on his part to maintain the illusion that he's in charge. *smiley*. I'm curious which parts of that part fact/part fantasy are which but I don't want it spoiled for me!

  8. ClimaXX says:

    CrazyHappyLoved you clearly understand and know the situation. It is EDGING! It is TOTAL control from the husband's side and YET at the same time there is really NO control. It is all in the game and if my wife is in that type of mood, the more we play and hold back the greater the fun. She really cums with extreme pleasure in these times. I can tell her that she may not cum yet, but if she decides to break through there is nothing that I can do but to encourage her to cum with total abandon.
    I must just tell you that she is Super-Multi-Orgasmic. I am scared to give the numbers, but we spent a few days in Cape Town South Africa where we set out THREE days to see how many orgasms she could have. What can I say……. NO ONE will believe me if I ever reveal those numbers!

  9. ClimaXX says:

    Harper Shelby Thornton, just to give you peace of mind. Yes, my wife loves it. I really never control her. We are very gentle (but wild) in our lovemaking. I will never do anything to hurt her or give her discomfort. However we sometimes push certain boundaries. Due to the fact that she can cum over and over and over, I sometimes grab her arms and pull her into my mouth and will keep on sucking her clit even though she is over sensitive, because I know that her sensitivity goes away in 4 or 5 seconds and then she starts cumming again. She has very clear signals when I have to "get the hell out of there!"

  10. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    CrazyHappyLoved I understand about the multiple Os but still i felt… i dunno. I've never tried edging but it's not something for me.

    Climaxx thank you lots for your answers, I personally feel much better now 🙂 What do you mean by "get out of there"?

    God bless you!

  11. ClimaXX says:

    Harper Shelby Thornton if I am eating my wife's pussy and the sensations get to much for her, a time comes where she forces me to stop. I think if I had to continue then she might just beat me.😉

  12. PacMan says:

    Thanks for giving this a bump. I feel like I read every post on MH, but I didn’t recall this one. I LOVED all the intimate stuff you shared, ClimaXX! Honestly it got me really hard! So, we never got the update about you sharing this post while screwing your wife. Did it throw her over the edge?

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