Thin Walls!

Ben and I recently were invited over to our friends Max and Cheryl’s home for Cheryl’s birthday celebration.

Max and Cheryl are a very sweet, young couple who began going to our church last year. They have only been married five years and have no children as of yet.

They haven’t lived here long and really didn’t know anyone, so Ben and I introduced ourselves. We hit it off instantly and became fast friends. They remind Ben and me so much of how we were in the early years of our marriage.

Anyway, we gladly accepted the invitation to Cheryl’s birthday celebration. It was held at their home, and several members of the church were there, including our pastor Brother Mike.

They have a lovely, two bedroom home in a new subdivision just on the other side of town. Ben and I arrived a tad early, but that was totally fine with Max and Cheryl.

There were plenty of finger foods, and Max grilled some chicken and sausage. Friends in attendance brought loads of desserts and other goodies. And they served fruit punch, soft drinks, bottled water and adult beverages if you so desired (wine and a couple bottles of champagne). Of course, we had the birthday cake, too; a yellow one with milk chocolate icing. Delicious!

It was a great party, and you could tell Cheryl was touched by the love and fellowship of the day.

As the party began winding down and the crowd thinned, Ben and Max broke open a bottle of Crown that Max had in a cabinet. I generally do not drink champagne but was working on my third glass and beginning to feel the effects of the bubbly. Cheryl had started on the wine earlier, and you could tell she was feeling it as well.

Soon, it was only the four of us, and we sat out on their patio and talked until way after dark. I had quit drinking but still felt the effects and Ben had several drinks. So we decided we would call a cab to take us home. Max and Cheryl, who were a bit inebriated themselves, would have nothing of it and insisted we stay there for the night. It didn’t take much convincing for us to agree.

We talked until after 11pm. Cheryl decided she’d had enough and was going to bed. I agreed. Since they only had one bathroom, we took turns with the shower. Ladies first!

It dawned on me that I had nothing to sleep in, nor did Ben. This wouldn’t be a problem at home, as Ben and I had just started our nude lifestyle and both of us slept nude. But at our friends’ house, we had second thoughts.

I told Cheryl of our little predicament. “Oh, I see! I might have a pair of shorts and a T-shirt you can wear. Max and I sleep in the buff, so I don’t have much as far as sleepwear,” she said.

This caught me off guard, and I wasn’t sure I heard her right, but I couldn’t help but laugh. Talk about having things in common.

She looked at me with a puzzled look and smiled.

“Sorry, it’s just that Ben and I sleep nude at home as well. To be honest, we rarely wear anything around the house. I thought it was kind of funny,” I said.

She gave a brief giggle, then replied, “Wow! That is funny! Are you two naturist?”

“In a way, I guess, but only in the privacy of our home, ” I told her.

“That is awesome! You two are dear to us, so make yourself at home. But if you would still like something to sleep in, here ya go!” she said, handing me a pair of green shorts and a gray tee. “Don’t know if they will fit, but you’re welcome to them!”

“Thanks!” I said, then went and took my shower. The shorts were a little too short for my liking, but the T-shirt fit well. I headed to bed.

The bedroom was small but had beautiful decor. There was a twin bed which was less roomy than our bed at home, but it was fine.

It was about a half an hour later when Ben finally decided to come to bed. He had his jeans on, no shirt, and was barefoot. After shutting the door, he slipped off his jeans and climbed into bed nude.

“Damn! You got clothes on babe!” he whispered, putting his arm around me and grabbing my boob.

“Obviously. And I may be the only one. Now, behave yourself tonight, mister!” I said, removing his hand from my boob.

“What do you mean, ‘the only one’?” He asked, putting his hand back on my boob.

“I told Cheryl I had nothing to wear to bed tonight. She informed me that she and Max sleep nude as well, before loaning me these clothes,” I said.

“Really? Well, babe, other people besides us sleep nude, you know!” he replied, then kissed my cheek.

“I know, silly! Just found it amusing that we have so much in common with them. Now behave and go to sleep!” I said, kissing him goodnight.

I do not know the exact time, but it was early morning when Ben awakened me from a very peaceful sleep.

“Gina! Gina, baby! You hear that?” Ben said, gently shaking me.

“Hear what?” I said sleepily.

“You don’t hear that? I think they’re fucking!” Ben said.

I listened and could hear what seemed like a bed creaking and muffled voices. It definitely sounded like lovemaking was going on.

“Well, good for them,” I replied. “Couples do that occasionally, you know! We do, too, in case you forgot! Besides, it’s their home and none of our business.” I rolled over and attempted to go back to sleep.

I had just drifted off when Ben awakened me again, kissing my neck. His hard cock pressed against my bottom.

“Come on, baby, slip these shorts off for a moment!” he whispered as his fingers nudged into the waistband.

“Baby, I’m sleepy! Let me sleep a little longer, please!” I replied.

“Ok, babe. You sleep. The fabric of these shorts feels nice against my dick, anyway.” Ben began to hunch against my bottom. That woke me up.

“Oh, no, you don’t! These are not my shorts! How would I look her in the eye and explain that! ‘Oh, sorry Cheryl! My husband got horny this morning and used your shorts to jerk off with!’ No way, mister!” I rolled onto my back and slipped the shorts down. He laughed.

We kissed as his hand slipped under the shirt and cupped my breasts. His kiss and his touch were beginning to get to me.

“I love you, baby! Touch me! Finger my pussy!” I whispered. The thought of where we were left my mind. At that point, I just wanted my husband.

I let out a soft whimper as I felt his fingertip circle my clit then separate the folds of my pussy lips. He began to finger me, first with one finger, then two. My juices coated them as he brought me closer and closer to the brink of orgasm.

“Mmmmm, baby! Your gonna make me cum doing that! Your fingers feel so nice, but I want your cock! I want your dick inside me now!” I panted as I grabbed his erect member.

Ben got on top of me in that small bed, and I opened my legs for him, aching for his entry into my wet cunt. I gasped as he slid inside me, then my body clenched in orgasm.

“Oh, baby! I’m….” His lips and tongue silenced me before I could finish my sentence.

“Sssh, you don’t want them to hear us do you?” he whispered as his slow thrusting commenced. He filled me so perfectly that I didn’t care. But he did have a point.

“Shut up and fuck me!” I breathed.

He thrust into me in slow, deep, even strokes. The covers were kicked off the bed, and we were lost in our lovemaking. We kissed again as I orgasmed for a second time.

“Let me turn on my side so you can take me from behind!” I panted.

We maneuvered until I was on my side and he was behind me. I lifted my leg to give him access to my cunt, and he re-entered me with a little more force this time. His hand grasped my breast as he began thrusting. I put my hand between my legs and manipulated my clit while he fucked me.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum soon! You feel so good. Don’t think I’m gonna last much longer!” Ben’s soft groan in my ear thrilled me.

“Do It! Cum, baby! I want to feel you cum inside me! Do it!” I panted, on the verge of another orgasm myself.

Ben groaned, then pushed deep inside me as I felt his cock throb and release his warm cum into me. This sent me over the edge as well.

We lay there for several moments, basking in our pleasure before getting dressed.

“Good morning, you two! Hope you both slept well,” Cheryl said with a smile as we entered the kitchen. “Looks to be a pleasant morning!” Then she looked at me and gave a little wink.

Ever heard the expression, “If these walls could talk”? Well, I guess in some ways walls can talk. Lol

God bless y’all my MH family! And of course STAY HORNY!



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12 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi Gina, darling! How are you? How is Alicia? Hope you're well, the men too! Thank you for this really nice story, GG! Please write more 🙂 God bless you and your beautiful family!

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    GG! So well written! Your adventures thrill and inspire me. Though I don't think we'll be sleeping over at a friend's house anytime soon… still, an amazingly hot story!

  3. PatientPassion says:

    To echo CHL, this is such a well-written story, not to mention very hot as usual! I'd imagine it can be quite a turn on knowing that someone else knows what you're doing, especially when they have a positive and supportive attitude towards it. Just one more erotic experience to look forward to with my future wife!

  4. ArtRutherford says:

    Great story. We don't have thin walls or sleep in places that do. Me and my wife don't sleep nude. (Both of us would get cold). But, If someone heard us having sex, I would just say it is normal.

  5. ClimaXX says:

    My wife and I returned from Israel about two months ago. While we were there we shared a house with about 25 other guests and we decided to make love. We could hear the people talking in the room next to us and it was so sexy when my wife started to cum that I had to hold my hand over her mouth and prevent her from making very loud 'cum' noises. We both found it very erotic and sexy.

  6. Happy Husband says:

    As usual, a great story from HornyGG. Getting ready to spend tonight in a crowded house full of family and my wife has not cum hard in about a week. We are both going to need a good night's sleep, so I guess some quiet fucking is gonna happen and this story will inspire me!

  7. MeganMakesLove says:

    Wonderful story! My husband of 5 years and I had a similar experience a few months ago when we were sharing a cabin with my mentor (Who is 36 years older than me!) and her husband. We were at a week long church retreat and the rooms in the cabin were right next to each other and you could clearly hear each other through the walls. Every night around midnight I was awoken to the very clear and obvious sounds of a bed bumping against the wall and Bonnie (My beautiful friend and mentor) moaning! My husband….who could sleep throught a hurricane never heard anything. I wasn't offended or grossed out at all. I was actually very happy that they had such a great sex life even now in their 60's. [Edited. Great story material there, and well written. Please submit it!]

  8. AlwaysHorny says:

    There’s just something about the way that you write that makes me want to love my future wife the way you & Ben love each other.

    All of your stories make me highly aroused & stiff straight away. Respect & Honour to you both. I hope my next marriage has that freedom & eagerness for love & pleasure.

  9. possibility says:

    Lovely story. I love overhearing couples making love. I have heard this in Motels and Guest houses where the couples have obviously been engrossed in their enjoyment of one another in Gods heavenly gift of sex.
    My wife and I have stayed at her parents house on several occasions and we have heard them fucking ( they were in their 60s at the time ). Her mum said to me when we were alone together that we had been heard making love and thought it was lovely and so very natural. She jokingly said " keep doing it for when the bed stops rocking, divorce comes knocking".
    We all feel better physically and emotionally after a good lovemaking session!

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