This is one of my favorite memories of the time I was pregnant with my fourth child. Pregnancy hormones definitely gets the best of me. Jake and I were putting the kids to bed. I entered our room and became very frisky.

Jake knew what I was thinking by the look on my face. I kissed him passionality and pushed him onto the bed. Sex at this point wasn’t very comfortable.

I began kissing his neck and unbuckled his pants. Before I knew it he was inside me. I rode him but I didn’t last long. I got off of him and went to the edge of the bed so he could still have sex without it being uncomfortable. I laid there playing with my nipples and heard a grunt. Before I knew it he came.


Fun fact: that sensual night actually induced my labor and we welcomed our daughter, Brooklyn the next morning! Can’t wait to share more stories!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi Jessa, my darling it's been a long time! How are you? That was a hot story, I sure hope you write more! God bless you and you family, my dear <3

    • JessaB says:

      It has been a while! We decided to take a longer break because we wanted to focus on our family.

      The family is good, I’m actually expecting my fourth child! And hopefully I’ll get into the grove of writing again!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Oh Jessa, sweetie congratulations I'm so happy! And it's great to focus on family. Kids grow up too quickly! My own girls grew up quickly too, & my granddaughter will be 13 VERY soon! God bless you <3

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