Fifty Shades of Rez

I knelt by the closed door: hands open, palms up, on my slightly parted thighs; back straight but head tilted down; eyes focused on my knees. My lips couldn’t resist a slight curve when I heard the deep intake of breath as Rez turned and caught sight of me. But he resumed his preparations while I sat quietly and listened.

Soon my gaze shifted to his bare feet as he stood in front of me for a few moments. I kept still, waiting for his command.

Instead, I felt his touch. His fingers lifted my chin, and his lips met mine with passion. Then his kisses traveled down the side of my neck, which was exposed by a high French twist.

As he straightened again, I cast a hungry glance at his stiffness, wishing he would wrap his hand around the back of my head and pull my waiting lips to it.

I got my wish.

He guided his full length into my mouth. When the head reached the back of my throat, he held me there for a few moments. A ripple of pleasure shook him, making his glans rub where my tonsils once were. Then he pulled back a bit and let me suck the tip with as much suction as I could apply.

When he withdrew from me, I resumed my submissive posture. He stood looking at me a few minutes longer before he bent down and took my hands, helping me to my feet. Then he got down on his knees and took my small breasts half into his mouth, first one then the other, nursing as if they would feed him.

I tried to keep my hands by my sides; honest, I did. But soon they were caressing his short-cropped pate and tracing the edges of his ears. He rose again to take my mouth with his tongue, and my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders as I sucked it deep.

As we kissed, he reached up between my shoulder blades and unclasped my dark pink bralette. Then he eased my arms from his neck, letting the straps slide down and off them. Next, he released my mouth and bent down. His fingers slipped under the thin string of the matching sheer thong, bringing it over the ample curve of my hips to my knees and holding it there so that I could step out of it.

When I was naked except for my pink, lace-topped thigh-highs, Rez brought out a black eye-mask. A knowing smile lit my face as he fit it. Then he turned me to face the bed and bent me over. He paused to admire the view; then his full beard tickled my thighs as his lips and tongue found and explored my wetness.

I relaxed into the feeling, pushing back against him and squirming a bit as his tongue traveled upward over my maybe-not-so-tight rosebud. Ughn, it took all I had not to demand more attention to it when he stood up again. But I was quickly distracted from my longing.

Rez placed the head of his member against my slit. He held still for a moment, probably to see if I would wait patiently.

I was not a good girl. My body ached to be filled. When I rocked back to take him, he thrust forward, met me, and kept going. He gave me only three strokes; but when he pulled out, I squirted all over him and our poor carpet.

Rez returned his manly appendage to its favorite resting spot. A slow push-and-pull ensued, while I received my instructions.

“In just a few minutes, little girl, I’m going to need you to climb up on the bed and lay face down. Then I want you to reach your hands toward the top corners of the mattress and spread your legs apart. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes, sir.” I could barely stand the thought of stopping, though I looked forward to what I was sure was coming next. “But, please, could you make me squirt again first?”

Rez chuckled, then gave me a few more hard, deep thrusts before pulling out of me altogether. I spasmed and gushed again, then complied with his request.

Climbing onto the bed, I felt the fuzzy surface of our “love blanket” beneath my fingers. The faint scent of sex still clung to it, even after laundering, but I found it arousing. Arranging myself on my tummy as directed, I waited for his ministrations.

Rez grasped my ankles, tugging them apart roughly. He gave them a shake as he put them in place as if to say, ‘Stay there.’ Then the bed sank beside me, and a light metallic tinkle greeted my ears. The soft pile inside a leather cuff hugged my wrist as Rez secured it. Then the ankle on that side was buckled in before he moved to my other side and finished restraining me.

I breathed deeply, wondering what he would do to me first. The sound of him rambling through the toy box gave me a thrill, though nothing like the one that made me twitch when the slap of leather met his palm.

“I think you need a good spanking,” Rez informed me. “Don’t you think so, too?”

“Oh, yes, sir. I do. I need one very badly.” I was practically panting for it.

“We’ll use red and yellow, okay?”

“Hmmm?” My mind was on sex, not safe words.

“Yellow if you want me to slow down or go softer, red if you need me to stop. Understand?”

“Mm-hmm. I mean, yes, sir.” Oh, please, oh, please….

The first stroke fell. My left butt cheek took the stinging blow but was instantly comforted by the caress of the riding crop that delivered it. Even though I jumped in surprise, I did not cry out. It was a pleasure to me; I wanted more.

And I got it! After several smacks with the crop, I felt the delicious tickle of suede strips traveling across the back of my knees and along my inner thighs.

Rez trailed the flogger’s strands between my parted labia then upward. They caressed my lower back, then left my skin for a moment.

I tensed, but when the lash landed on my shoulder blade, I relaxed into the glorious sensation. The suede lightly polished away the burn, then came again. And again. Faster now, with no caresses between strikes. I was still, languid even.

If Rez was testing my limits, he hadn’t reached them yet. Though the occasional contact with my exposed womanhood made me twitch and moan a little, there was nothing about this experience that made me wish to call a halt.

The next sensation was a tickle of feathers gliding across my tush, up my side, and to my shoulder. From there it traveled across, up my neck to my ear, and back down my ribcage on the other side. But as it left my body, I felt teeth in its wake. They skimmed the freshly sensitized path, stopping periodically to sink in for a moment then pull away, scraping as my skin escaped from between them. Aaaah. More, please!

But it seemed that phase of the plan was finished. Oh. *sigh*

Wait, what was that sound? My side table drawer? Where I keep my…

The moment the bulb end of my favorite wand vibrator touched my inner labia, I was in heat. It entered me and began to hum, turning the relaxation of the preceding quarter hour on its head.

“Yes. Oh, yeah!” I wriggled in response to the thrusts Rez made. He knows exactly where my special spot is, halfway in and slightly to the right of center on the front of my love tunnel.

Many squirts later, the vibrations ended. “Wait! Oh, don’t stop,” I pleaded.

“I’m not stopping,” Rez assured me. “I just think you need this.”

Need what, I wondered. I heard him reach into the coconut oil jar again and knew he was lubing up something. Ooh, I wonder if it’s my butt plug? I hope it’s my butt plug!

But in the next moment, my wondering ceased. I was stretched and gradually filled with the larger of our two dildos. Shuddering as it reached my cul-de-sac, I humped a little to make it rub that sensitive ring of muscle way up there.

“Oh, oh, right there. You’re hitting my A-spot.”

Rez pulled it out a little and pushed it deep, again and again, letting the edge of the corona on the toy catch on my fornix. It was intense, like getting pounded but with a smaller movement. I didn’t want it to stop. (I never want anything to stop.)

But it did. He eventually switched to longer strokes. Rez loves to make me squirt, and he knows that the surefire way for that to happen is for him to hit my G-spot. So he brought the head of the dildo all the way to my opening before he pushed it back in.

Soon I gushed again, and Rez removed the dong. He let me come down while he unbuckled my restraints and took the mask from my eyes. Then he cuddled me from behind while we talked about what I had liked and what I hadn’t. There honestly wasn’t anything I hadn’t!

“Is there anything else you want?” he asked.

“Well, I’d like you inside me, for starters.” I smiled as I felt his woody give an involuntary pulse against me at the words.

“For starters?”

“Mmm-hmm. Then I think I’d like to put my strap-on to use. What do you say?”

“Oh, I am in full agreement with that suggestion.” Rez ground his hips against my buttocks.

But first things first,” I said as I extricated myself from his arms and rolled to a sitting position at the edge of the bed. “I need the potty.”

Rez followed me to the bathroom and washed the dildo and vibrator while I tinkled. When I approached the sink to wash my hands, he slipped behind me with a twinkle in his eye.

I knew what he had in mind. I pushed my still-wet-and-tingly vulva up against him, rubbing suggestively.

Rez wasted no time. He lifted my leg and placed my foot on the countertop. Then he plunged in to the hilt, pounding me to three orgasms. After the first, he put both my feet on the floor and pushed my upper body down to the cabinet, holding me there by my shoulders. Plowing me, he bounced my cheek into one of the toys he’d abandoned on the countertop.

Suddenly, I had a luscious idea! I grabbed the dildo and pushed it back between us, reaching for the hollow he was filling.

He sort of caught my drift. But he thought I wanted to replace the real thing with the fake. So he pulled out and began to work me over with the toy again.

“No, no. I want both,” I told him.

“Both? Okay.”

I felt his poker knocking at my back door. Mmmm, maybe… but not this time.

“No, baby. I want them both in the same hole, with you in front.” I figured the extra pressure would make the stroke of his shaft along my front wall exponentially more pleasurable for us both.

“The same…” Without another word, Rez pushed his way back inside me and went to town.

I wasn’t wrong about the effect. The feeling of having both the toy and my man inside me was indescribable. You’ll just have to try it.

As for Rez, it was just too much. Only a few minutes passed before his breathing and utterances made it clear what was coming: him! He pulled out at the last second to let the jism coat and run down my thigh.

After a quick clean up – we had quite the puddle on the floor – we adjourned back to the bedroom.

“Still want me to put on my harness?” I asked, knowing the answer already.

He paused, thought for a moment, then replied as expected. “Mmmm, nope.”

I had to admit that I was disappointed. “I thought you wanted me to,” I pouted.

“That was before you asked for two cocks inside you! There was no way I could last through that.”

“Well, at least you’re satisfied now.” I smiled and kissed him.

“Are you?” he asked.

“Am I ever?” I laughed. “But I’m fine. For now.”

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  1. TexasCouple says:

    CHL…that is one very sexy story. I bet being filled with two dildos in the same place, at once, had to be a pretty intense feeling.

    Maybe this comment would be good for a future post, but I love the fact that toys give us the ability to experience so many different things with each other, that it eliminates the need or desire to pursue them outside the marriage. I know others see that argument the exact opposite way. For example, some could make the argument that putting two penises (dildo + husband) inside you is expressing a desire for group sex and you shouldn't do it. I would argue, sexual feelings and desires are just like any other feeling…(sad/cry, angry/yell or fight, joy/smile or laugh…etc.), they move inside you, fill you up and need an outlet. Sexual feelings have orgasms as their outlet. In my opinion, masturbation is a great outlet for those feelings/emotions.

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