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Last One Always Counts

As my first anniversary is coming up, I’ve had an urge to spice things up as you all know from my previous stories. I’m not a huge ‘kinky’ type of person, but I try to experiment. Yesterday Jake and I were talking about this website and how nice everyone is and how great all the […]

Feeling Like None Other

Last week my parents decided to take the kids for a small vacation just for them. Jake and I took that offer up in no time because we had to unpack since we just moved. Although we didn’t unpack right away we sure did something right away. I ordered some food because everything in our […]

Making Up

Marriage has rough times and Jake and I have our moments where we feel as though we moved a little too quick with our relationship. Around February, Jake and I hit a rough spot and it ended up with him sleeping in the guest room for three weeks. I felt as though we rushed things […]

Birthday Breakfast

June is my birthday month and my twenty-fourth birthday this year and it was most definitely the best so far. I generally wake up at 5:35 am to get food ready for the kids but today my alarm didn’t go off on my phone so I woke up four hours later because I was up […]

Our Love Is Fulfilled

Since my husband recently got a new job and joined the military around the time Theodore was born (for those of you who do not know, Theodore is our first child together and for Jake in general, but my third child) Jake and I haven’t had much one on one time together, not only no […]


I recently got an Instagram account and as I was strolling through I noticed pictures of couples that were captioned, “#couplegoals.” I told Jake about it and he gave me an amazing idea. “Why don’t I take some sexy pictures of you and keep them somewhere safe. I want to see my sexy wife pose […]

Love Me Harder

After the birth of my third child, my doctor gave me the O.K. to have sex again. Thank goodness I didn’t tear which is surprising because of how big he was. “He’s precious; we did great, Jessa,” Jake whispers into my ear as we look at our newborn sleep peacefully. “Yes, we did. He’s so […]

Arrival and Update

  Theodore Lowell Luis Decker arrived on March 25th at 2:34 am. He weighed 9lbs 13ounces at birth and was 23 inches in length. He was perfectly healthy when he arrived and thanks to my doctor, who gave me the OK, he was brought here early! I just couldn’t wait to meet him! I’ll be posting more […]

New Year’s Sex

I know I haven’t been on for a while now but with Vivi walking everywhere, Michael crawling, marriage, and a new baby on the way, life has been busy. To ring in the New Year, I want to update y’all and then give y’all a story. I’m currently five months along now so a little […]

Till Death Do Us Part (Part 2)

Jake laid me onto our bed and just looked at every inch of my body. Head to toe, in awe. “You’re so sexy! Especially with that stomach of yours.” Jake said untying his tie. “Undress me,” I demanded. He did as I ordered and began taking off my dress, leaving me with only lingerie. “Jess, […]

Till Death Do Us Part (Part 1)

I know that there may be some hate after reading this story. In the last three months my life has changed a lot. My second child was born, my late husband died, I moved to Nevada, became pregnant, and got engaged. But that isn’t all. Many may think, ‘well her husband died two months ago…she […]