Friday Night Fellatio

The kids were in bed and my husband and I were lounging on the couch in the family room on a Friday night. He was flipping aimlessly through channels on TV. I had my laptop open and was surfing the web.

After a while, he glanced over and asked “When are you going to write another post for”

“I can’t think of what to write about next,” I told him.

He jokingly asked if I needed some inspiration as he tugged his waistband down below his balls. His flaccid penis flopped over to one side as if it were looking up at me longingly.

“Hmm...That might help,” I said as I leaned over and kissed the pink head of his penis tenderly. It stirred slightly at the touch of my moist lips. I asked him if that was what he had in mind. He nodded eagerly.

Without hesitation, I wrapped my lips around his soft penis and gently sucked it into my mouth like a thick udon noodle. I often enjoy beginning fellatio on his unaroused member. I look forward to feeling it start to swell in my mouth as I roll it around with my tongue.

Before long, it lengthened and hardened, filling my mouth. My lips stretched around his thickening shaft until he was fully engorged deep in my mouth.

I felt the moist heat rising between my own legs as I sucked him to arousal. I always get wet when I go down on my husband. It’s just an automatic response. Even though I know I’m not the only woman who experiences this, I’m pretty sure I have a very strong oral fixation.

I eventually let his wet erection slip slowly out of my mouth and admired the glistening fruit of my labor. His glans was now a smooth and shiny purple color. I told him that, while I was certainly enjoying the moment, I didn’t think I could make a post about Friday night fellatio all that interesting.

He scoffed at me. “There is nothing uninteresting about your blow jobs.”

“Keep up the flattery” I said, “and I’ll have to suck you dry!”

But he continued to explain that he considered every single time I went down on him as an extraordinary blessing. From the “‘Good Morning’ Head”, to the “Honey, I’m Home”, to the “Let’s Skip Dessert”, to the…

“Wait, do you have names for all of my blow jobs?”

“Not exactly,” he said. He was just trying to make a point that, no matter the occasion or situation, my oral skills were beyond compare.

Curious, I asked him what other occasions or situations came to mind.

So he continued. The “Hotel Under the Covers Quickie”, the “Midnight Snack”, the “Hide in the Pantry from the Kids”. As I smiled, remembering each of the sessions he was describing, he added that there was also the monthly “I’m on My Period” suck.

I teased that he probably had a calendar reminder scheduled for my period just so he could get sucked off. To be honest, I actually don’t mind performing fellatio on him during my period. Sucking his penis when I am bloated or irritable somehow has a comforting or pacifying effect on me, similar to when I was pregnant.

At this point, I noticed a clear drop of precum forming at the tip of his penis. I leaned over again and captured the salty essence on my tongue. My vaginal juices were really flowing now and I could feel my clit swelling, but I went back to my story as he helped me remember.

“Oh, and what about the ‘Horny Soccer Mom’ one,” he asked.

“Hey,” I protested, “that was only one time!”

Okay, full disclosure. We were at an early Saturday morning soccer practice. It was cool and rainy. After a while, we retreated to the van to warm up while the kids kept practicing. The windows had fogged up so much that we couldn’t see out and no one could see in. He was sporting an early morning chubby in his sweatpants and I was feeling a little frisky. So yes, I was that “Horny Soccer Mom” who went down on her husband in our minivan at the field!

“There was also the ‘Superbowl Party’”, he reminded me. How could I forget?

Now, the backstory of this one was when we were at our neighbor’s house for the big game. The men were enjoying the game and the women were mostly hanging out in the kitchen. We served them snacks and beer, but my husband was the only one who even offered to lend a hand.

One of the other wives noticed him being helpful and asked how I had trained him so well. I’d had a few beers myself so I was a little tipsy when I blurted out that it was because I gave him frequent oral sex!

She gave me a disgusted look and walked out of the room. There was an awkward silence then one of the other women said something like boys will be boys. Everyone laughed it off, but I was really embarrassed by my faux pas.

A little later, I followed my husband down the hall during a commercial break. I slipped inside the guest bathroom with him and told him what I had said as he relieved himself. He was just amused and left his limp penis dangling out of his fly after he finished.

“Come here, he said with a big smile, “and let me kiss your dirty mouth.”

As he gave me a passionate kiss, my hand instinctively reached down to his quickly stiffening member. Without another thought I knelt down on my knees and took him into my eager mouth. He was fully erect in no time and I made haste to bring him to orgasm. I could just imagine Little Miss Prude listening to my noisy, salacious sucking sounds on the other side of the bathroom door.

My husband asked if I was finished writing because he was desperately aching for release. His straining erect penis throbbed with every beat of his heart. A strand of clear preseminal fluid drooped from the tip of his penis to his abdomen.

I wanted him back in my mouth, to taste him and pleasure him. He would soon be able to look back on this day, too, whenever he reminisced about our oral escapades. We added another to my ever-expanding repertoire: Friday Night Fellatio!

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  1. Man With a Plan says:

    “I could just imagine Little Miss Prude listening to my noisy, salacious sucking sounds on the other side of the bathroom door.“

    Such a hot line in an already hot story. Just went back and read some of your other work—very erotic and well-written. Love the fellatio theme you’ve got going too 👏🏻

  2. Alicia G. M. says:

    I loved this story! It was so hot and made me so wet. I love giving my husband Tre blowjobs and, like you, get very wet while doing it. I don't think he has names for them though. I thought that was so cute. God bless and keep writing girl.

  3. Rcthom55 says:


    Thanks for writing again! Have always enjoyed your BJ stories as they remind me of times when my wife takes care of me. There’s nothing greater for a hubby than a wife who craves the experience and taste of her husband’s cock and initiates it without his urging.

    Continue to bless him in this way. I’m sure he will satisfy you in return and keep writng about them!

  4. christmakesithot says:

    Loved your story, i liked how you have names for the special occasions I might think through mine with my wife.
    Question, on the marriage heat page, how do you find more stores from a specific author?

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      When you read a story you really like, and want to see any other stories posted by that same author, just click on their name in the byline. If you want to check for stories by a commenter or if you know the author's "name" but don't want to wade through until you find a story by them, type in the URL followed by the username.

    • Marriage Heat says:

      And soon we should have a more robust search function that will allow you to find stories by author or catagory or keyword right from the search bar.

  5. Love2pleasemyhubby says:

    I’m so glad to read from another woman with an oral fixation! I also find it comforting to suck on my hubby’s dick. I like when he rubs himself all over my face and lips as well. Even if i am not totally aroused at the moment, I really enjoy lying (or kneeling) there and giving him some good sucks while he holds my head and plays with my hair.

    • Rcthom55 says:


      Please share a story or two with MH readers about your craving and satisfaction from sucking your hubby. We’d like to read about it.

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