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Hello All,

I wanted to reach out and seek advice from experienced couples. My wife and I love each other very much. Recently, my wife has started craving going down on me. As a result, I have tried to maintain myself down there. I keep my pubic hair, balls, and shaft well-groomed. I want to prevent hair getting in her mouth.

She doesn’t like the taste of my sperm very much, though. She does get a lot of pleasure by giving me her body and sucking me with her mouth.

Is there anything I can do to make my sperm taste better? Are there diet changes I can make?  Is there anything that will change the taste of my sperm?

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  1. TexasCouple says:

    Not really. There are so many factors that come into play regarding your sperm taste, from your diet, to the speed of your metabolism. I had someone tell me once that if it gives you bad breath immediately after you eat it, hours later it will do the same below.

    Because sperm eventually vacates through the same orifice as your pee, it will pick up some of the flavor of what you consumed.

    My wife has never been one who enjoys that, but we've both noticed that we tend to have less odorous fluids if we have sex after we've had morning bowel movements and showers.

  2. SamtheMan says:

    Glad you're asking this question but I would take it one step further. How do you even get your wife to want to give oral? I read so many of these stories and I'm almost envious especially when the wife is writing and she enjoys giving her husband a blow job. If any of you men have a wife like that do NOT take it for granted. Not all wives enjoy this or at least not mine. We've had a great marriage 30+ yrs and a good sex life with the usual challenge of finding time when raising kids. My wife gave me my first blow job while I was driving our first yr of marriage and swallowed. She has not swallowed again and I would guess maybe another 6-10 blow jobs in our marriage and only one was initiated by her without my requesting. She's a great woman and If I ask for oral she doesn't deny it however I don't ask out of respect because she doesn't care to give oral. She's probably only given me 3 hand jobs over our marriage as well and doesn't "touch" me when unless I ask. She's great at receiving and I love to give but would like her to be more assertive, aggressive and creative on her own without me requesting. I'm looking forward to hearing this from a woman's perspective.

  3. JJ says:

    I read an article that lays out about everything I've ever heard on the subject. Lots of opinions, no studies to prove one way or the other. Just google great sex guidance improve semen taste and click the one from Great Sex Guidance.

    Quote from the article: "As for improving semen’s taste, my extensive search of the medical literature and the Internet show no studies–but no shortage of opinions."

    IF there is a way to affect the taste, diet would have to be the most likely source, in my humble opinion.

  4. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    As others have said, diet. You may have to cut out certain food or drink (coffee, alcohol), and eat more of certain things (fruit), especially an hour or two before having oral.

  5. MegDaniels says:

    I believe I can help here. First, I feel the need to give a disclaimer…everyone is different and what I am going to share may not be for everyone. Here goes…For a number of years, I had the desire to taste my own semen. At first, I did not know what to make of those thoughts, but after some deep (and long) reflection, convincing myself nothing was wrong with me and eventually sharing my feelings with my wife (who openly supported me), I decided to start going down on my wife after we made love. After, I felt it was one of the most sensual and sexy things I had ever done and decided to do it often. That was a couple of years ago. Long story short, I soon realized I could taste really sweet and creamy one day, but a few days later, my semen would taste almost terrible, and even at times make my tongue feel like it was going numb. So…being the good scientist I am, I decided to study what affected the flavor, volume, and texture of my ejaculate. I started tracking everything I ate and drank. I even tracked my exercise. I did this for 5 months. Here is what I found. I put the number of servings per week in parenthesis after the items. The lists are also in order of higher effect to lower.

    Things that had a positive affect on flavor:
    water (60+ oz/day),
    pineapple (3-4),
    carrots (6-7),
    sweet potatoes (2-3),
    blueberries (4-5) bonus! Gives super strong and hard erections!,
    cucumbers (4-5),
    figs (2-3),
    broccoli (3-4),
    leafy greens(kale/spinach/arugula)(4-5),
    turmeric (2-3),
    cardio exercise (the more I sweat the better) (2-3),
    quinoa (2-3) bonus! Makes my cum really creamy!,
    beans (black,red,white) (1-2),
    raw ginger (2-3) bonus! Harder erections!,
    ejaculating (2-3 times per week to keep things fresh).

    Negative affect items:
    celery (drastic effect for me!! Very bitter and numbs my tongue),
    too much salt,
    raw onions (cooked seem ok),
    animal fat,
    not enough water,
    hot spicy foods,
    strong cheeses (blue, super sharp cheddar),
    alcohol (limit to 1-2 drinks 1-2 times per week).

    Neutral affect items:
    turkey (both unprocessed),
    brown rice,
    olive oil,
    dairy (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese),
    coffee (limit to 2 cups per day),
    sugary foods (in moderation of course).

    Bottom line is that I find the healthier I eat and drink, the better I taste. Bonus! The healthier I am, the the higher my libido! It's a win-win-win for everyone! God bless and keep on loving with all your hearts, bodies, and souls!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Wow you must have done a lot of experimenting. My first husband liked to lick his cum off my breasts after he came on them. Never discussed the taste.

      I understand avoiding asparagus is important.

      I am impressed how many of the wives on MH enjoy giving oral. It completely goes against statistics. Few women enjoy it, fewer married woman do it and even fewer Christian wives. So I’m sure husbands everywhere hope MH wives convince others to do more of it. I must admit i’m one of those who feel I have to do it sometimes for him.

    • A Better Pastime says:

      @SecondMarge not knowing, but just food for future thought… I stuff mine down into a glass of wine (very sweet wine) before my wife goes down. She enjoys it that way very much. There's a minor and momentary sting from the alcohol that disappears completely the moment she takes me in her mouth. That first moment is an incredible feeling for me and an incredibly tasting arousal for her.

  6. snagd says:

    Actually to reply to your question, my wife had similar feelings. However as time went on she just put everything else aside and rather than sucking it out, she opened her mouth wide and let me ejaculate down her throat . This way she had minimal taste and always had a gulp of water to clean her mouth.

  7. snagd says:

    If you are talking about actual taste, my wife says it differs. If sex is delayed for a while it's very salty. If we make love intensely and idea is to swallow than taste is no consequence. It's like having unsweetened condensed milk. If she has to do a casual swallow, the flavor of what I've had to eat comes up.

  8. Bjlove says:

    Hubby knows my past experience before marriage where I tasted sperm from various men. But now it’s only him and because of the heavy bond I formed with him. His taste though initially thick and salty. Gradually if you put her in your confidence and let her suck you off regularly she will become use to your sperm taste and start enjoying it as long as you make her well heated up initially.

  9. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    I have found that the more water I drink, the more volume I shoot and the "milder" it is for my wife. My wife has said that my cum is typically salty and sometimes slightly bitter but on average it's typically salty and–get this–she actually enjoys it. Yes, she enjoys the taste of my cum. I have a healthy diet and I do think lots of fruits, veggies and healthy grains, along with lots of water, helps.

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