Oh, How He Loves Me!

It’s my first time writing here. My husband and I are regular readers of MarriageHeat. He introduced me to this site and I am so glad that he did.

My husband is the joy of my life, my everything. He makes each day beautiful by pouring so much love into my life. The way he touches me drives me wild and makes me desperate for him. The way he takes care of me makes me feel like the luckiest girl in this world! And I thank GOD each day for giving me such a loving husband who is always there for me. Our marriage is a gift of God.

There is complete transparency between us. And we both have always seen masturbation as a positive thing. It helps in expressing all our fantasies. We always get undressed and touch ourselves for each other.

I am glad that my husband has helped me become this sensual woman who is always ready to make love with him. My husband, with all his love, makes me wet all the time. I always am so horny for him. Oh, the way he touches all of me: my back, my hands, my thighs. I love the way he presses my breasts and how he holds them. The way he gently kisses there and how he licks my nipples with his tongue. It all makes me feel so loved and hungry for him.

But what I love the most is how he wraps his hands across my buttocks and squeezes them softly. As he does, he whispers in my ear how much he wants me. I become all wet, dripping with juices just for him. And then his gentle fingers find a way through my pants to my clit and pussy. I love how he runs his fingers across them, setting the perfect pace until I let out sweet moans for him. My body against his makes me feel so blessed.

But what satisfies me the most is when I am able to give him the same love he gives me. I love my horny husband so much. How hot it gets me to feel my baby’s boner. At times, I rub my pussy across his stiffness through our clothes. That feels divine. I get such a thrill when I take his penis in my hand and he smiles as a sign of affirmation. And I love taking it into my mouth and making it all wet with my saliva. I love to suck and lick it, French-kissing it with my tongue.

He keeps looking and smiling at me. And he lets out those sweet moans which give me the utmost joy. He gently caresses my hair, then takes me in his arms and kisses me. His sweet moans are all I want. I wish to make him feel loved the way he makes me feel. I love him so much.

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  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Great he has the effects God intended for him to have for you. It's important that we men get affirmation for our making women feel needed, wanted and hot!

  2. lttlb says:

    I admire how you speak of your husband's love for you and the delight it gives you… which in turn compels how you respond to him. When I first read your story, it was admittedly for a different purpose. But when I read it again, I see a love picture that reminds me of the Savior. If I may borrow a few of your words: "Christ is the joy of my life, my everything. He makes each day beautiful by pouring so much love into my life…"

    We love Him, because He first loved us. (I John 4:19)

    The title to your story made me think of a soothing chorus written by Kurt Kaiser, "Oh How He Loves You and Me." You can find it on YouTube.

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