Welcome Home (L)

I’m 58 years old, and a happily-married homemaker. I have learned a lot over 30 years of marriage, kids, a “mid-life crisis,” and challenges that face every couple. One of those lessons is that keeping my husband interested in SEX is a gift I can give to both of us. I’ve tried to stay in reasonable shape. I do like it that men still find me attractive. I have nice breasts, fair skin (I stay out of the sun), strawberry blonde hair that I refuse to let go gray, and ample curves.

I have some advice to all married women. If you want your husband to adore you, then “divorce-proof” your marriage by making it more fun in the bedroom. Always be kind and affectionate to your husband. But in bed, be his full partner in learning how to turn both of you on.

Spend a little money on sexy lingerie, and most importantly, learn to masturbate! Find sex toys that will make you more orgasmic and in touch with what makes you feel good. It’s a wonderful way to make your sex life more passionate. Masturbation is not dirty! Well…if you do it right, it can be very dirty! That leads me to my story.

My husband Tom and I enjoy sharing our sexual fantasies with each other. We also occasionally act on them. Sometimes this extends to a little harmless role play. It helps keep our sex life fun and exciting.

A few weeks ago, he was coming home from a business trip to Chicago. He had been gone for almost a week, and I had a lot of alone time to masturbate and fantasize. By the time Friday arrived, I was very horny and ready for some hot sex.

His plane was getting in around dinner time. So I texted him to meet me in the bar at an elegant downtown hotel.

I reserved a room for us, packed some clean clothes for him, and checked in that afternoon. I took a luxurious bath. Then I put on my sexiest black lace panties. After that came my favorite front closure push-up bra. It has see-through lace cups that expose my nipples. I added a low-cut black dress, a pair of black stockings, and stiletto heels. I put on a little too much makeup and selected a new scent that would be unfamiliar to him. I was getting turned on just thinking about what I was going to do to him.

Around seven, I went down to the bar and ordered a martini. I knew I looked sexy because I was getting smiles from several of the single men sitting at the bar.

When my husband came in, I went into my “act” that I had planned for us.

“Tom, what a nice surprise!” I said, standing to kiss him warmly on the cheek. “Where is Ann? Are you guys here for a romantic dinner?”

He picked up on my lead. “Um, no, actually. She’s, ah, at home. I decided to stop in for a drink before heading that way. Where’s… Bill?”

“On a golf trip, where else?” I said. “I refuse to be stuck at home if he is going to ignore me. I’m meeting a friend for a drink. I don’t know where she could be. Why don’t you join me?”

I ordered him his favorite cocktail. “I bet you’re a bourbon man.”

“That’s right,” he said. “Are you sure I’m not intruding? Where’s your friend?” He flashed a knowing smile. “I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but are you sure your friend is a ‘she’? You look pretty dolled up for a drink with a girlfriend while your husband is away.”

I laughed and leaned forward. I displayed my cleavage and batted my false eyelashes at him. “Sometimes a girl likes to fix up a little.” I made sure the dress showed off my ass and the black stockings. Reaching my hand inside Tom’s jacket, I slid it down his side and pulled him a little closer.

“Can I tell you a little secret?” I asked. “I’m here to get fucked.” Tom looked shocked at my use of the F word. I may have said it a bit too loudly.

“Sometimes when Bill is out of town, I get a room and pretend that I’m a single lady out on the prowl for a younger man. I flirt a little, then head to my room to pamper myself with my little vibrating friend. Then it’s room service, a movie, and a good night’s sleep in a king-sized bed.”

I took another swallow of my martini and forged ahead. “I know I shouldn’t say this, but I have always had a huge crush on you, Tom. Ann is a lucky lady. You are so sexy. It’s not fair that men get more attractive as they get older. You’d be shocked to know how often I have had very naughty thoughts about you.”

“I’m flattered,” Tom said. “Too bad I’m a happily married man.” He shrugged. “And you and Ann are such friends.”

“Yes, very good friends. In fact…a lot more so than you might think.” I gave him a wink.

“What do you mean?” Tom asked, playing along. He was getting into my fantasy. I could see that his cock was growing long and hard.

I reached down and ran my fingernails over the growing bulge in his pants. “Girlfriends talk. Ann knows I think you’re sexy. She told me you have a wonderful cock and know how to use it. Here’s another little surprise. She’s not really at home. She’s the one who is meeting me. We have been planning this for some time. Do you think you can handle two horny housewives at once?”

I finished my drink and slipped a key card in his jacket pocket. “I’m going to slip into something a little more comfortable. Maybe, in a little while, you can too.”

I kissed him on the lips, tasting the bourbon and smelling the fragrance of his cologne. Hmm, spice and soap, so masculine. I gave his muscular ass a playful squeeze as I leaned in close to his ear. “Don’t rush,” I said. “Ann and I want to spend a little time getting warmed up for you.” I walked out of the bar, swaying my hips like a runway model.

When I got to the room, I took off my dress. Then I put on a short black silk robe that matched my lingerie. I turned on some soft jazz and lit the scented candles I had brought with me. I poured Tom another drink from the room bar, turned down the bed, and got out my favorite hot pink rabbit vibrator. My panties were already damp with anticipation. I pulled them off and stretched out on the crisp sheets. I held the rabbit to my swollen clit and let it go to work.

It wasn’t very long before Tom came through the door. There I was, legs spread, running the vibrator over my wet pussy.

“God, Ann,” he said. “You almost made me cum in my pants down there. Those guys must think I’m up here having a wild threesome.”

“Oh, I don’t think they could hear anything. Sit down, loosen your tie, and enjoy your drink. I want to show you what you’ve been missing while you were in Chicago.”

I squeezed and pinched my nipples, making them hard. I then turned over on my tummy and pushed my ass into the air, giving Tom a nice view of me from behind. I slid the vibrator into my pussy and began moving it in and out. I was putting on quite a show for him.

I could see him in the closet mirror, watching me pleasure myself. His cock was now out of his pants, and he was stroking it eagerly. He was huge and clearly about to explode.

“How do you like my hot little pussy?” I said. “Can you hear how wet it is?”

I pulled the vibrator out of my cunt and pretended I was giving it an enthusiastic blow job. I love the taste of my own pussy and I know Tom does too. So I walked over to him and put the vibrator to his lips.

“Taste me, baby. Taste what thinking about making love to you does to me.” As he hungrily tasted my pussy, I straddled him, rubbing my naked pussy against the bulge in his pants.

“Annie, you’re going to make me cum,” he gasped.

“Me too, lover,” I said. I got down on my knees and unzipped his pants. As I engulfed the head with my mouth, I made sure to keep eye contact with him. As I stroked the length of his shaft, he moaned with pleasure and desire.

He started moving his hips, helping me bring him to the edge of an orgasm. As soon as I tasted his pre-cum, I stopped sucking him. I squeezed the base of his cock to hold him off a little longer. I then straddled him and slid his cock deep inside me.

He began eagerly sucking my nipples through the lace bra. They became hard and protruded above the fabric. I unhooked the front clasp and let my boobs fall free. He started kissing them just the way I love.

I reached down and rubbed my clit a little more. Then I grasped his shoulders to steady myself and receive his thrusts. I could feel an orgasm begin to surge up from somewhere deep inside me. My sweet warm juices flowed out and covered his hard cock.

I stood up, lay back on the bed, and spread my legs for him. “Come here, baby. I need to get fucked, hard.”

Tom took off his clothes while he watched me finger my pussy. He knelt between my legs and took the head of his cock and rubbed it all over my slit. Then he slid it inside me.

That feeling was all I needed to push me over the edge. My legs began shaking as I came in wave after wave of intense pleasure. I could hear myself moaning and urging him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. Whoever was in the room next door, or even down the hall, knew precisely what we were up to.

It didn’t take long before Tom said he was about to cum.

“Let me see it, baby,” I said. “Cum on me. I want to watch you.”

Tom pulled his cock out and began stroking it much harder and faster than I could. His face was concentrating on his pleasure. Soon he groaned and shot several large spurts of thick hot cum all over my pussy, tummy, and tits. He then fell into my waiting arms. I wrapped my legs and arms tightly around him.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy. Feel better?” He buried his head in my shoulder and hair. He breathed in my scent deeply. We smelled like sex.

A few minutes later, we were lying naked between the cool sheets, wrapped in each other’s arms. I felt warm and protected.

Tom said, “Wow, that was some welcome home present. I need to go out of town more often. Or should I say, ‘Bill’ does!” We laughed over our little role-play scene in the bar. Tom rolled onto his back, eyes closed, smiling. His cock was soft and covered with my juices and his sperm.

Talking about it was turning me on again. “I hope you don’t think you’re finished,” I said to him.

I pulled back the sheets and kissed his chest, then began to lick and suck his cock back to attention.

“Now the ‘real Ann’ wants her turn. Are you ready for seconds?”

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13 replies
  1. Ben G. says:

    Let me start by saying your husband is a very lucky man. This story had me rock hard and hot for my sexy wife.
    Gina and I love role play and have played out similar role plays as the one in your story. Like you and your husband, we share our fantasies as well.
    I love to watch Gina play with herself. It really turns me on and her as well. Masturbation is a major form of our sex life and we thoroughly enjoy it.
    Thank you for sharing this and God bless you and your husband.

  2. Tangosierra says:

    Wow, naughtywife! That was one of the better stories I've read on here. You definitely have a gift for writing. I have a story ready to be published about a Chicago trip too. Stay tuned!

  3. Bill says:

    I totally get the attraction of this type of fantasy. I went down the path of swapping and cuckold fantasy. After a long time (years) I felt my heart shift to where it wasn't so taboo in real life anymore and hard sexual sin was no longer so sinful. (Real life swinging is extremely destructive)
    Lesson for me is that the devil is patient and there is a reason it's been said…as a man thinks in his heart so is he.

  4. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Wow. Hot story. Do you find yourselves ever tempted to reach for, in real life, those things you fantasize / roleplay about together? Do you find what you believe to be right challenged by what you find to be a turn on? Is it hard to walk by the Spirit in obedience while acknowledging, meeting, and fulfilling (in make-believe) the desires of the flesh? If so,how do you reconcile the conflict? (I'm asking not just the OP, but MH at large.)

    Rez and I had an open marriage and have been swingers in the past, and we agree with Bill that it is very destructive; almost losing our marriage put an end to that and brought him to, and me back to, the Lord.

    But having experienced those pleasures, it's nearly impossible *for us* not to still occassionally be turned on by thoughts and memories of those times. I assume the same may hold true for married couples who were once promiscuous singles, even with just each other. The memory of the pleasure doesn't necessarily go away with the conviction not to pursue, in real life, actions that are not pleasing to God.

    I had never applied the verse Bill quoted to our sexual fantasies, though. Instead we have seen marriage as our safe haven to consensually explore both unfulfilled fantasies and memories of past pleasures neither of us wants to ever re-live. That verse seemed to be saying its what's on the inside that counts, not how we make ourselves appear to the world. But I can see Bill's take on it, too: that constant focus on such thoughts could erode one's convictions about what's right and wrong.

  5. NaughtyWife58 says:

    Not at all. This story is fictional. The fantasies are fun but imagination is so much better than the real thing. We are a very tame and quite ordinary couple. We love each other. That’s everything and enough.

  6. PacMan says:

    This would have been a Boiling Hot “real” experience. It’s sexy through and through. But in some ways even sexier knowing it’s fiction. 🙂 There is something amazing about a wife who has unhindered sexual imagination!! This is like a window into someone’s sexy creative spirit… and it’s pretty dang amazing.

  7. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Your advice is spot on in terms of marriage and how to keep it good as the years roll on. Being married gives you the freedoms to play and make fantasies cum alive ….

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