Boat Ride to Remember

My wife Bella is an all-out hottie; to me, she has a banging body. She has long shapely legs and an ass that made me fall in love in high school which she highlights daily with great thongs. She has cute little boobs, dark hair, and lips made for sucking cock. Sex together is awesome, and we both always cum.

Being married for nine years with three kids makes it difficult to create sexy time. But tonight was going to be special and we both knew it. The sexual tension began to grow as we hit the road to the nearest lake. Then we got the boat in the water. We knew what was going to happen, but neither one of us seemed to know how to make the first move. We were like teens again.

She boarded the boat wearing a sexy bikini. As I grabbed her and kissed her, I got instantly hard. We went for a quick rip around the lake. I found a quiet spot in the middle of the lake to float. I was hoping now was the time as the sun began to set.

But Bella’s favorite move is to make me wait. She bent over, making sure I saw her tight ass as she grabbed a life jacket.

“I’m ready to go for a board ride,” she said.  I watched her get everything ready as I sat with my cock at attention.

Looks like you’re ready for a blowjob,” she teased.

“Yes! Yes, I am,” I said.

“Not right now.” Bella gets what she wants when she wants it.

I gave her a good ride on the wakeboard and helped her glistening body back into the boat. It disappointed me to see her wrap her frame in a towel to warm up. I love to see her naked sexy body. I drove the boat around a bit more to dry her off and let the tension continue to build.

Then I parked and got her to join me on the back of the boat to cuddle. I kissed her deeply and held her hand while leading it to my bulging shorts. She started to give me the attention I had been craving since we hit the road.

But then, an older man in a fishing boat decided to zip a little close for my dirty Bella. She made me wait again!

“Well, we can’t give him a show,” she said. “He will die of a heart attack!” Fine. I moved the boat quickly so we could get back to the action.

Back in the groove, she removed my shorts and took all of my hardness into her wet mouth. She worked my dick good, sucking it so it was as hard as possible. Wanting to hear me moan, she kept me deep as long as she could.

I could hardly keep from cumming. I reached in and stuck my fingers inside her bikini. As she was working my tip, I opened her soaking slit with my fingers and rubbed her. With one of my fingers working her slit and another her clit, she started humping my hand. She wanted and craved more.

She pulled off her bottoms and wasted no time. Turning her back to me she lowered herself onto my throbbing dick. I filled her completely as she slid down all the way to the base of my balls. The feeling of being enveloped by her body was intense. She moaned as she began to pump up and down. But she made sure she didn’t lose her tight grip of my girthy dick.

I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer. The view was incredible as she rode me reverse. Her pussy lips held me tight. Her asshole puckered in pleasure.

I couldn’t hold back from filling her, so I grabbed her hips to lift her up. I started to bang into her hard. A slight adjustment allowed me to penetrate her deeper and deeper. Each thrust of my hard cock was met with a long loud moan of satisfaction.

Bella looked back at me, a look I know well. “Right there, babe! I’m going to cum.” This fired me up and I held her tighter to finish the job.

She grabbed for the side of the boat. I pushed into her cunt as deep as I could. With one last thrust, I deployed a full load of thick cum into her swollen pussy. She moaned and pushed back into me as I finished pumping out my load. As I pulled out, the leftover mix of our juices dripped down my completely satisfied member.

While she got dressed, I sat back and enjoyed the view of the lake. I realized how lucky I am to have Bell in my life. Best wife ever.

If you enjoyed this story, I may share more adventures.

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