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This is my first, and maybe only, story. So I hope you enjoy it. My husband and I have been married almost 17 years. About ten years ago I discovered why people say that “Christians do it best”!

My husband and I often talk about how we wish we could tell the whole world how great our sex/love is. But it isn’t something you post on social media. Since finding this website, I’ve thought about sharing. This story is one recent encounter with my husband that I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you will get a sense of how great sex in marriage can be from my story.

One day while I was home alone I was thinking about my husband a lot. I decided to send him a photo of me to make him think of me. I stripped down and sent him a naked picture of myself with a note that read, “I’ve got big plans for us tonight.” As you can imagine, he was pleasantly surprised! He told me later that he couldn’t think of anything else for the rest of the day.

After the kids were in bed I made my way back to the bedroom where my husband met me at the door completely naked. I shut the door and we started passionately kissing. I ran my hands down his body. His warm skin felt so good on my fingers!

He lifted my gown up over my head. I pressed my naked body up against him, feeling his member harden against my body. I could feel my juices starting to flow and chills covered my entire body. One hand fell to his manhood; it was so strong and erect! My other hand massaged his balls as my excitement grew stronger.

I dropped to my knees and licked the top of his “manly” head. He let out a quiet moan. It tasted soooo good! It’s one of my favorite things to do. My lips gently covered the top as my tongue swirled around the head. With delight, I worked my way down his shaft. My lips tightened more as I took him all the way into my mouth. As I came up my tongue pressed hard against his shaft and he pleasantly moaned. I joyfully continued to suck him!

I wanted to enjoy him inside of me! When I could tell he was getting close I stood up and he led me to the bed. He laid me on the bed and stood beside me just staring at my entire body. He smiled at me as if he was so delighted with what he saw. Wow, how that made me feel!

He got on the bed at my feet. Then he put his hands on my inner thighs and spread my legs out as far as he could. He then proceeded to stare at my wet pussy and then look at my face and smile. He was teasing me because he knows it drives me crazy!

His eyes gazed between my legs as if he was a scientist analyzing something special. He kissed me on my right inner thigh and then proceeded to the other. He didn’t touch my pussy at all.

I wanted him so bad! My desire for him was so strong I was throbbing inside. I waited, anxious for him to touch me. I was dripping at this point but he still made me wait longer. He put his head down and I could feel his breath so close, but still not touching. After a few seconds, I felt his tongue lick up the juices that had escaped my body. I was so ready for him, but he continued to lap up all the juices that he could with long intense licks. After a few times, his licks stopped at the top. He licked my clit fiercely. Faster and faster.

My body ached, longing to have him. I told him I needed him inside of me! He grabbed my clit with his mouth and sucked it hard one last time. He was ready too.

He climbed on top of me, stopping at my breasts and licking them as he positioned himself. His lips moved up to meet mine. We passionately kissed as my body took him in. The feeling was so complete as he made a slow, hard deep thrust. It penetrated my spot perfectly. A surge of complete joy shot throughout my entire body. We continued to kiss as our bodies moved as one flesh.

I was overjoyed with how wonderful a person could feel at this moment! I began to pray and praise God for such an awesome gift. I praised Him for how He created our bodies in such a way that they fit so perfectly together. I praised Him for how our arms embraced each other and our mouths met in passion. How amazing that the Lord Jesus can bring so much pleasure by just being obedient in the act of marriage!

I was overwhelmed by how much pleasure I was receiving. I began to pray that God would help me to make my husband feel the same pleasure. Lord, help me to move and respond to him in such a way that he feels the same pleasure as I. I really feel like God answers that prayer and others during our intimate times. When we pray, our climax is always higher.

I prayed and enjoyed my husband moving inside of me and our bodies soaring together. I could feel the pleasurable surges intensify with every thrust. He continued to thrust in my exact spot. I grabbed his backside and pulled him harder to keep him moving. His manhood never left my spot and the pleasure was so great! I began to climax and so did he!!

It was so intense that my voice moaned deep moans and then gradually got higher. He was moaning in ecstasy as well. Our climax was so amazing that I can’t even put into words how wonderful it was. The oneness with my husband and God; the closeness, the love, the joy, the excitement….it was so overwhelming! We finally collapsed with exhaustion, holding each other with overwhelming delight. Both of us were completely drained. It was one of the most amazing nights!

The Bible says to pray without ceasing and intimacy with your spouse is no different. I hope you will try this and experience the joy that intimacy in marriage can bring. When you include the Holy Spirit, He will bless you!

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  1. ELM2003 says:

    Thank you so much for this story! I appreciate how you brought God unto it. A beautiful, romantic, yet hot story, without any offensive language. Please keep writing!

  2. Lovegrace says:

    Thank you for the comments. I know my story isn’t as exciting as most of the others, and my other stories wouldn’t be much different bc praying during intimacy is what makes it so great! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always pray during sex and it’s still good. I just wanted to share this in hopes that somebody who has never tried praying during intimacy with their spouse could have the same experience.

    • lttlb says:

      Please forgive me for saying so… but I disagree. 🙂 Your story is plenty exciting, and was a delightful read! I especially appreciate the stories written by ladies on here, as it gives me insight as to how women think, and how I can better love my own wife as a result. Thanks also for sharing your prayers even during the very enjoyment of intimacy — this was very unique. There have been many times I've prayed before intimacy, usually with the request that whatever is done be especially good for her… but I don't know that I've ever prayed 'during' intimacy. I'll need to give that a try!

      In the story you said, "…About ten years ago I discovered why people say that 'Christians do it best'! My husband and I often talk about how we wish we could tell the whole world how great our sex/love is…"

      I agree with you in this sentiment, and true, it's not something that can be talked about on social media… but even if we could, I have a feeling there would be some challenges in being heard. Unfortunately, the statistics I've seen suggest that Christian marriages are no better than the world when it comes to things like divorce. Not all Christians, of course, but for the church at large, this is the unfortunate reality. If the world could see a difference in us, perhaps they would listen when we testify to them that 'Christians do it best.'

    • Lovegrace says:

      Dear lttlb, I appreciate your comment. I agree that divorce is in the church as much as the world and it's sad but we wrestle against the powers of darkness and they are real. I've had men notice me, like I can tell they're attracted to me and for some reason I start to think about them. Not sexually just flattered, but then I can't get them out of my mind. It's crazy! I have to pray and ask God to take them out of my mind. I don't like them but I just keep thinking about them. It's scary. I feel like it's the powers of darkness trying to pull me away from my husband. Anyways, I didn't mean to get into all of that but the temptations are real.

      I must have heard, Christians do it best, from some Christian speaker. I felt like it was true but never thought much about it until I started praying during intimacy. It sort of sounds weird but speaking to God during that time brings me closer to my husband and Christ! It makes sense, since God created intimacy and marriage.

      One last thing, back to the stories and differences in some of them, it's funny how different women and men are in intimacy. What men like women do not always like. For example, my husband had no idea how turned on I got with him just looking at me in general, especially naked. Women want to be looked at….you can tell by the way they dress. They don't admit it but just try it with your wife. Lay her down and look at her like she is a work of art and she'll love it! I mean every inch! Hold off on touching her main areas…start off rubbing everywhere else…it will drive her crazy!

  3. hornyGG says:

    God bless you dear! Wonderful story! Though I can't say that I have ever actually prayed while screwing my husband. I will say that I thank our good Lord for my loving husband daily.
    God bless and stay horny always.

  4. Old Lover says:

    Often, in the sweet afterglow embrace of our climatic, ecstatic mutual orgasm, I’ll whisper a grateful and thankful prayer for our fulfilling intimacy. It adds a worshipful bond to our love.

  5. Rcthom55 says:

    Beautiful story of your physical sexual love as a couple as blessed by God who established it all.

    Like lttlb related it is exciting to read as you share in each other’s love for each other and our creator.

    I too have prayed while buried deep in my wife enjoying and praising him for becoming one with my wife.

    Please write and share more with us of your beautiful relationship that God has established.

  6. 1blessedman says:

    @Lovegrace…Awesome story. The way you expressed the lovemaking was genuinely as satisfying as the many "raw" and much more "explicitly" characterized trysts posted here! I heartily agree with you concerning comment about Christians doing it best. Real disciples of Christ enjoy profoundly deeper love, joy, peace and sexual fulfillment precisely because we are in union with Him and with our covenant mate. All others are just 'playing sex' and are missing the depth and breadth that one can only experience by being blessed by our Creator. As for the divorce rates, etc.: Most problems in contemporary churches can be explained by the fact that members have not yet decided to follow Christ. And such, they too are missing what you are relishing in. Awesome story! Awesome presentation! Bless us again with your literary talents?

  7. PT says:


    Really enjoyed your story of sexual intimacy and Christian marriage as as God intended it to be – truly being one with your husband and enjoying all the sexual pleasures he has made for man and wife.

    Please write of another experience with Mr. LoveGrace. You write so well.

    I’m sure other MH readers would like to read more from you.

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