Bad Colds, Dream Lovers (L)

Last month I caught a yucky cold that had me coughing and sniffling 24/7. To get some sleep, my husband Tom banished himself to our guest bedroom. I slept alone in our bed for almost a week.

Then Tom caught it, and I nursed both him and me for another week. It seemed like all we did was blow our noses,  work when we could, and sleep.

After two weeks of forced physical abstinence, we were craving some together time. The first day we felt human again was a Saturday. We flirted and teased each other all day, in anticipation of a welcome physical reunion.

But by the end of the day, the cold had again taken its toll. We retreated to separate bedrooms for some needed sleep.

That night, I had a very odd dream. I was back in college but had forgotten my dorm room. I found what looked like my room and climbed into my bed. Then I realized someone was asleep next to me. Instead of freaking out, I slowly pulled the covers back to reveal a much younger man. He was completely naked and sound asleep.

I remember thinking, “I’m in the wrong room!” But I was naked and couldn’t bring myself to leave. Instead, I wrapped up in the blanket and turned over and tried to go to sleep. Then he was kissing and nuzzling the back of my neck. His arm was over me, fondling my breasts. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass, and I felt myself return the rhythm of his motions. His cock entered me. He gently made love to me from behind but never actually woke up. (This happens to be one of my recurring fantasies – sleep sex!) I woke up feeling slightly guilty. I was yearning for my husband’s touch.

I brushed my teeth and washed the sleep out of my eyes. Then, I put on my robe and slippers and crept into Tom’s room. He was sound asleep.

I slid out of my robe and crawled into bed next to him. After a few minutes, I pressed my ass into him. Then I pulled his arm over me and put his hand on my boobs.

That did the trick. He woke up.

“Hey babe, how are you feeling?” he asked sleepily.

“Better. Tom, I had a very sexy dream.”

“That’s nice.”

“It wasn’t about you,” I confessed.

“Mmmm hmmm.”

“Are you mad?” I asked sheepishly.


“Why not?”

“Because I have sex dreams about other women all the time.”

“You do?”

“Mmmm hmmm…”

“What do they do?”

“They crawl in bed with me and wake me up.” He smiled, eyes still closed.

“What do you do?”

“I tell them to go back to sleep.”

“No, you don’t. You’re a man. You fuck her brains out.”

“Usually by the time I realize it, she has turned into Queen Elizabeth.”

This made me laugh.

“Tommy, I need you to fuck me for real, right now.”

“Your wish is my command, my Queen.”

I pulled my nightgown up and revealed my naked middle-aged ass to him.

“Does my ass still turn you on?”

“Mmmm hmmm.

“Prove it.”

He proceeded to prove it. Because of Tom’s size, sex from behind can be a little uncomfortable. But because I was still very turned on by the dream, he easily slid inside me.

He gently pushed me away so that the only parts of us that were touching were his lap and my ass, his cock and my pussy. I could feel every inch of it.

Tom kept stroking in and out. He put his hands on my shoulders and began giving me a massage while he was fucking me from behind. My hands were squeezing my boobs. Then I moved my fingers to my clit and the other hand to his hip. This way, I could urge him to pump me harder and faster.

Soon we were both cumming. I looked over my shoulder and into his face to watch him cum. His eyes were closed. The look of pleasure on his face was beautiful.

He finished strong, with a loud groan. Within a few minutes, I could feel his cum dribbling out of my pussy. I love lying very still after sex and feeling Tom’s cum dripping out of me.

We fell back asleep. When we woke again, we spent the rest of the morning in bed reading, drinking hot tea, and napping.

Sex is therapeutic. Better than chicken soup!

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39 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I actually liked this story! And neither you nor your husband should feel guilty because dreams are dreams, we are not responsible for what we do in our dreams. You also really needed some lovin' from your husband, and we usually dream what's in our subconscious. God bless you guys, and i hope you felt better soon! 🙂

  2. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I think everyone is afraid to talk about dreams, fantasies and communicate openly about this side of sex. You two found a great situation that climaxed well.

  3. JAM777 says:

    I have issues with my dreams sometimes too. I a single guy so I naturally crave a wife but door hasn't opened for me.
    Because I am in my late twenties and have never has sex, I crave it as well. I sometimes get erections that just don't want to go away for extended periods of time.

    I have found myself in compromising situations in my dreams. I have a thing for the "librarian" or "teacher" look. (Yes, I am a nerd and book worm! Haha)
    But anyway sometimes I with a young lady in a library. She has glasses on and she has long flowing hair. (I have a thing for girls in glasses with long hair)
    She is wearing a nice blouse and a knee length skirt that has one of those small splits at the bottom (no, it doesn't go up very far).
    She is wearing tall black high heels.

    Her and I geek out over some book and then suddenly the dream is with her bent over the table of books with her blouse wide open and glasses askew, she has a look of pleasure on her face. I am behind her, with one hand holding an arm and the other on the other shoulder, her skirt is pulled up to her waste and I am making love to her from behind rather vigorously (I don't know exactly how to describe that besides with this word.) Oh and she still has her high heels on since I am six foot two inches. Then suddenly the young lady's face will switch to a close friend of mine which is the major source of discomfort and disappointment I have in myself comes from. She is a close friend of mine that we will never be that close and I feel like I am betraying her trust!

    The other time is with another female friend were I was at her house sitting on her couch and then suddenly she is in my lap facing me while we are having sex…

    I have found that feel even more guilt at how much pleasure these dreams cause and that I don't hate them with everything that I am!!!
    This is something I continue to pray about, hoping to not have one again… 🙁

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Hi, son. Remember I told you already, there is NOTHING to feel guilty about! The ability to have those lovely dreams and feelings are actually a GIFT from God to be enjoyed. Sex is reserved for marriage, but our sexuality is something different. Why pray not to have something you were created to enjoy? You're a man, it's natural. So please stop feeling so guilty, because it's NOTHING to be ashamed of. Now if you derive pleasure from an unnatural dream (like homosexuality for example) then you should be worried. But this is a WOMAN, so not guilt! There's NO sin in that

      To suggest you're "betraying her trust" is absolutely insanity because you're not hurting her!You're not hurting anyone you're simply enjoying what GOD HIMSELF gave you the ability to enjoy. I hope this helps. If you have more questions, I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my abilities. Until then, NO MORE SELF SHAMING! You are not a monk!

    • JAM777 says:

      Oh, yes ma'am! I remember. Was mainly sharing it to point out that Mrs. Naughtywife and her husband were not alone.

      I do feel guilt from time to time but that's kind of just me and I don't really consider it a bad thing anymore for two reasons.
      Like you said, I'm a guy, a single one who hasn't had sex, so those dreams are going to happen, especially when I don't masturbate for a day or so! Two, it shows I don't condone sex outside of marriage because I remember seeing a wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand (the arm I am holding) and it stands out in my mind almost more than anything else.

      I apologize for not putting this in more of a past-tense fashion! However, the point you made about the praying part is a good one! And the same thing with the whole trust thing as well!

      And yes ma'am, it does help! Thank you!

      I do have questions about the topic concerning age, but I went ahead and submitted a story to put the question in a more detailed fashion!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Hey son, how are you? I couldn't help myself. I'm trying my best to at least somewhat "eradicate" what I consider prudery. I'm very passionate about this, as you know. I saw your response, I'm sorry I didn't have time to respond, but thank you! I'll reply now.

    • JAM777 says:

      Did not notice that, thank you Marriage Heat!!
      I think I did it correctly this time…?
      Can you see it now?

  4. A Better Pastime says:

    We love this story…so much going on with this dream, and the communication exchange of the dream with your spouse: very erotic! We are so glad that you took the time and courage to write a story that covers this human factor. We do something very similar in our relationship regarding "erotic" dreams. While we both experience erotic dreams that do not involve our spouse; in fact any of the erotic dreams that either of have never involved our spouse…we do wonder about that and have discussed it at length. We have both agreed that when either one of us does have an erotic dream not involving our spouse, these erotic dreams are indeed rare, and even less frequent the longer we go into our marriage, that we MUST share it with the other and that all details of the dream are up for discussion including the feelings had for the non-spouse dream "image", as well as the decision making process to go forward in the dream with the non-spouse "image". Also, all details regarding visuals and specific acts are discussed. Over the years, we have found that neither of us have ever had an erotic dream where we have given oral to the non-spouse "image". I have found it interesting that I have never cum in any one of my erotic dreams, but my husband usually does. In the erotic dreams that he has had, he always sees himself cumming on the pussy of the non-spouse "image". The discussions that we have regarding these dreams have lead to some of the intense and arousing love making/fucking we've ever had…hands down. So much so, that we've turned it into somewhat of a game where we have to admit it to the other spouse first thing after we wake up but cannot discuss it until late(r) evening and after dinner. All that to say, that we love erotic dreams and are so thankful for this story. Hopefully this story will spark a lot of comments and really good dialog here on MH.

    • JAM777 says:

      Oh wow, thank you for sharing this! I like how open you both are about it!
      It gives me some things to think about down the road.

    • JAM777 says:

      It definitely does! Thank you for sharing it!
      Oh and the story was both beautiful and erotic with how you went to your husband about it. And that you still came together and made love at the end! 🙂

  5. JAM777 says:

    Two things in this story brought a couple questions I have to mind..

    1. Ladies – do you all actually like your husband touching your breasts? And not just during sex but other times too….?

    2. Also, what are you all's thoughts on "sleep sex?"
    I saw one other story that mentioned this sometime before. The wife was too tired to stay awake but they wanted a baby badly so she told him to go ahead but to try to keep it down while he makes love to her. What are you all's thoughts?

    Also: I apologize if I am blowing up your post too much Mrs. Naughtywife!!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      1. I most certainly do! It's one of my favorite things! I could go on about how it turns me on!

      2. Personally, I prefer to be awake so I can enjoy it to the fullest. I like to know when I'm having a good time 🙂

    • JAM777 says:

      Thank you for your response Mrs. Thornton!
      Can you explain why you do? Is it because of the physical touch, an emotional reason, or is it physiological?
      Also, ironically, I do the "Proverb a day" devotional and the verse about your wife's breast satisfing you is in proverbs 5, haha!!!

      And that definitely makes sense!

      Thank you A better Pastime! I'll look for it!

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      You know I'm not that sure, son. It could be all 3 of them. Breasts are sensitive to touch, and I think that's why it feels good. It doesn't turn all women on, but i think it does many if not most 🙂 Our nipples are sensitive especially, and I can't help but think God made it like that because men love breasts and it brings us pleasure when they touch them, so it all "fits" together 🙂 God always knows what he's doing

    • JAM777 says:

      I hear you Mrs. Thornton, it is quite wondrous! I know I have weakness for them and have to be careful of my eyes and where they go!!
      I appreciate you sharing this!! 🙂
      And it does seem to fit together but knowing our God and what He shares with us in His word, everthing always fits according to His divine wisdom!!! 🙂

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      No need to be careful, it's natural for a man's eyes to go down to a woman's chest. Now it is rude to stare and gawk but if you want to catch a glimpse of cleavage, go for it! There's nothing wrong with it! You're welcome, and yes God created everything the way it is for a reason! God bless, son

    • Sea696Fox says:

      I have always enjoyed my breasts being fondled. I can often achieve an orgasm by my hubby sucking and tweaking my extremely sensitive nipples.

      As far as “sleep sex,” when we were newlyweds I often woke up from a deep sleep with my hubby on top of me, cradled between my outstretched thighs, and thrusting like a wild man into me. What a beautiful way to wake up. I loved repaying his favor the next morning by sucking his cock into a wonderful erection.

    • JAM777 says:

      Wait, so it's not wrong to look?
      I've always heard as such, that to look and allow yourself to be turned on by it is to be wrong…?
      That you ladies deserve better than to have men look at your cleavage or legs or butts. Especially ladies in swimsuits like bikinis when it is almost impossible not to see othe body parts….

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Of course it's not wrong to look! You are a victim of sexual repression, because of a HORRIBLE MISUSE of Matthew 5:28. And you are NOT hurting us if you're turned by us, it's a NATURAL thing, son. We are sexual beings, and God didn't give us our sexuality for us to suppress it. The Song of Solomon talks about the body. This false notion that God wants men (and women for that matter) to have this “off and on” switch is unbiblical, to say the least. If you're talking about what you think lust is, most Christians today don’t have a clue what real lust is. Stop allowing MAN to repress you, son. What you said is what MAN says, not God. If you'd like to discuss this more, i'll be happy to, but why don't we do it on one of my posts, so we don't blow up this one? In the meantime, quit condemning yourself, feel free to look. Now that's not to say gawk or stare, as that's a rude thing to do, but look without shame! 🙂

    • PatientPassion says:

      Here's how I think of the issue, JAM. From my point of view, Mrs. Thornton's idea that "there's nothing wrong with it" is sometimes true, but not always. (I mean no disrespect Mrs. Thornton, I think at a basic level, you're right.)

      To summarize, I don't think it's wrong just to look, but your attitude and intentions can sometimes make it wrong. In addition, something that's not clearly wrong can still have more negative effects than positive ones.

      In my humble non-expert opinion, the potential pros of openly gazing at someone you're attracted to are considerably outweighed by the potential cons, which makes it an unreasonable risk to take and a mostly wasteful distraction to engage with.

      Mrs. Thornton is right that "God didn't give us our sexuality for us to suppress it," but because of our fallen nature, we do still need to be careful how it manifests in us. Even things that start innocently have the possibility (NOT certainty, but possibility) of causing infectious thoughts that do become more dangerous.

      It may be natural to look and see, but letting your gaze linger comes with potential downsides because of our fallen nature. It's up to you: think deeply, pray honestly, and see what's right in your life. And as Mrs. Thornton said, if you do end up looking, just make sure you're not rude! 🙂

      (I wrote far more explaining why this is my position, but I'm going to submit it as a separate post where it can be more carefully discussed, as this isn't a black-and-white issue.)

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      PatientPassion, We are talking about a man being turned on by a woman, and there is NOTHING wrong that. This is not a result of our sinful nature. Where we should mention our sinful nature is if he were turned on by illicit sexual thoughts (like homosexuality as one example) but all we talked about here was a man being turned on by a woman, and that's how God made us at the end of the day.

      Your comment: Even things that start innocently have the possibility (NOT certainty, but possibility) of causing infectious thoughts that do become more dangerous.
      My response: Not if we don't allow them to. We set up boundaries so that covetous thoughts don't ferment.

      Thank you for trying to be respectful. I encourage you to be freer, too. Otherwise we'll agree to disagree.

    • PatientPassion says:

      Mrs. Thornton, thanks for the response! I want to be clear that I agree with your main statement. I don't believe there is anything wrong with a man simply being turned on by a woman. That would be biological human nature, not sinful human nature. My contention was that, because of sinful nature, there are dangerous things lurking in that area that we have to be careful about.

      As you just said, "We set up boundaries so that covetous thoughts don't ferment." I strongly agree with you here! Maybe something I didn't express clearly enough is that those boundaries aren't the same for every person. Everyone is affected differently, so the point where things become dangerous or wrong will be different as well.

      This is something I haven't thought about in great detail until now, so I might be trying to walk like a newborn fawn here, haha! I look forward to discussing this more in a separate, dedicated post. I'll try to get that in for publishing soon, and maybe expand further into related topics!

    • christianwoman98 says:

      I have something that I’d like to add to Mrs. Thornton and PatientPassion’s points, while again adding that I DON'T want to offend anyone who thinks differently. I am a twenty year old virgin who has only ever been attracted to one man, so my point of view is not everyone’s. And especially in Mrs. Thornton’s case, she has much more real-world experience than I do, as she is actually a wife and mother. However, I think I may have something that would contribute nicely to the conversation.

      I think that the idea of sexual arousal is a very good thing as a concept. I think that in an ideal world, you’re attracted to the person that God has for you. I also think that looking at that person can lead to instances where you may be tempted by your natural needs, but context is important. Looking at the person you love and believe you’re meant to be with is ultimately going to happen, you just have to have boundaries to keep yourself safe. For example, I may want to see the man that I love naked, but I won’t ask for pictures of him naked or anything because I want to save that for later. Despite the fact that I am going to cherish his nude form to bits when we are eventually together as husband and wife, and look at him clothed with desire all of the time. Seeing random people who happen to be able to be considered attractive – which, remember, is really everyone because God made everyone beautiful in their own way – and having sexual thoughts about them is, in my opinion, not okay. The whole idea that we would sexually desire people who aren’t our person and be “looking” at random people is in my opinion something that derives from Satan and is not meant to happen in Gods design. There is no condemnation in Christ, but I believe that being turned on by random people is from the devil and should be rebuked. The conditions that would provide for that to happen only came about after the Fall. However, being turned on by someone that you love deeply and know God has for you, is normal! A marrriage ceremony isn’t a magic potion. You should, providing that you didn’t have a one day engagement, have a good understanding of your feelings for your spouse ahead of time. That’s how humans were designed. If being turned on by the person you’re attracted to was wrong before marriage, I think that God would have some sort of protective measure in place for that. I believe that He wants us to wait for sex, and that’s why He instated the idea of legal marriages after the Fall. Remember, Adam and Eve were told to join as one and were made for each other; things would have changed perhaps a bit once more people were around, but the process would have been perfect, and different from our world. But being turned on by the sight of the person you love is not wrong, in my opinion.

  6. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    @JAM777: The biochemical response to the opposite sex is very real and we should not be ashamed of it. This is especially true in the realm of dreams (as in the original post) where we have little to no control over what is happening. No better resolution for a married couple than to use the physical response to such a dream to bless each other, imho. For the single person, don't beat yourself up about dreams. The more you stress over them, the more they will take up of your thoughts and attention. Lay it at Jesus' feet and seek to understand His will for you in this area of your life.

    Is this a person you could pursue a forever relationship with? Great! Develop all the parts of your relationship with her: friend, spiritual influence, romantic partner (within limits until husband). If not, better (I think) to thank God for the release of sexual energy and refocus your attention on something positive. Replaying the dream to castigate yourself about it just keeps it in the forefront of your mind, hogging your thoughts, and that seems to make you unhappy. If it's sin *to you* then whether anyone else agrees or disagrees, you won't feel good about wallowing in it. Follow the Spirit.

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Christianwoman98 having normal sexual thoughts are of the devil? What Bible verse indicates that? I don't believe that is what Jesus meant in Matthew 5:28.

    I agree that 100% of any sexual touching or talking (oral sex, sexual kissing, manual sex and intercourse, phone sex, web cam sex) is to be only with a woman that we are married to. But we as sexual beings are no more disallowed from enjoying the view, and being aroused by the sight other beautiful women or men than we are of enjoying the sight of food or the smell of food that sits on another man’s plate. As long as we don’t try to sneak a bite of his food, or plot how to take it when he is not looking, we have not sinned.

    To me, it IS actually of God when people think these beautiful thoughts; it's a GIFT from God.

  8. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    And in MY opinion, being aroused by someone is something we can't control.

    As the Bible defines it, being sexually aroused is no more lust than it is to become hungry at the site of a food commercial on TV. Sexual arousal is not a curse, but a gift from God. Too many Christians and Churches throughout the centuries have treated sexual arousal as burden of the flesh to be overcome when it is not.

    Only obsession and covetousness are sin. Sin happens when we let sexual arousal, lead to covetousness. If we allow ourselves to go from finding a woman (or man) sexually desirable (which is not sin) to actually allowing ourselves to desire to possess her then we have committed the sin of covetousness. If we start to think of how we can entice that single girl into bed (without being married to her first), or that married woman into bed (or get her to leave her husband) then we have sinned.

    The only way sexual arousal can become sin, apart from actually coveting another human being, is if we become obsessed with it. If it affects our job, or our marriage or us living a normal life then it is a problem. If we spend all our time thinking about sex and living for sexual arousal and neglect other areas of our life that need attention, then it becomes sin.

    The same for single women like you, christianwoman98. There is nothing wrong with you experiencing the joy of sexual arousal while you are single, nothing at all, the Bible never forbids that. The physical act of sexual intercourse (and oral sex) is reserved for marriage. Sexual arousal is NOT reserved only for marriage, but is something single people can enjoy long before marriage. We just need to recognize the boundaries God has given us. We cannot allow our sexual arousal or the joy we receive from sexual release to lead us to covetousness.

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      P.S. I know I was referring to women and girls, when I said this, because it's usually boys and young men who are shamed into thinking that it's wrong but that's not to say that women don't think about men that way, we do and there's no sin in that either. I highly encourage Christian women and Christian men to truly reconsider their views on sexuality and lust.

      So many in our culture today would have us believe that it is wrong for a man to ever have such a thought about a woman unless he is married to the woman. The problem with such thinking is that is utterly unbiblical. So let us not shame others (or ourselves) for noticing attractive beauty.

  9. NaughtyWife58 says:

    I give thanks to God for helping me understand that sexual desire is a gift of life. I am not worried that I can find other men (and some women) attractive. I sometimes fantasize about other people and I’m sure my husband does too. But we act on it with each other. We share our thoughts and find it quite erotic. But love comes from committing to each other. That’s what works for us.

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