The Power of a Preview

A few years ago, I shared with my wife my desire to be completely open with one another about our sexual desires. Our love life was already very good. But in opening up our communication we took it to a new level.

Here’s the method I suggested. We would take turns writing out our desires for our next lovemaking session. The intent was to be very explicit and descriptive of every desired moment: details like what, where, when, how and how long. The writer/initiator is expected to email the other. They, in turn, would bring to life the visualization of the fantasies and wants.

This has advanced our ability to openly tell each other what we enjoy and want as far as physical intimacy. In the process, it allows us to follow God’s desire that we give our bodies fully to our spouse.

We don’t do this each time we make love. We do it a few times per month, though. Without question, those are our most intense and intimate interludes. They happen when we have told each other exactly what we want and how we want it. It’s amazing to read and imagine each other’s desires and then live them out for one another. It’s been extremely hot and has enhanced our marriage.

I have been a reader of Marriage Heat for a few years. This is my first post. I look forward to describing some of our previewed escapades. As a result, I hope that it may inspire other married couples to open up their communication and intimacy.

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7 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I have thought about suggesting this as a manner in which we get our fantasies and undiscussed things out there. She's read some of my stuff but I've never asked for hers. Doing a "game plan" I think would go a long way. Good idea!

    • BALove says:

      Stick with it on your end even if she is uncomfortable expressing herself. If she is receptive to knowing your fantasies she will likely come around.

  2. Loves2bthelover says:

    Glad you took the leap and submitted a post! It sounds like you are planning on submitting a story later, but I would love to hear about some of the fantasies you all have described. Sounds like it allows you to be more bold in what you need/want in the bedroom.

  3. LoveMySexyWife says:

    #Brilliant !!!
    My wife and I have a hard time talking about sex … praying this is the way to reveal truth and get to a new level in our intimacy and sex life. Thanks for sharing BALove!

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