Vacation Heat II (L)

After our “show” for the landscapers, we joined friends on the beach. Then, after lunch, we snuck back to our room for a romp before returning to the beach. We followed that up by showering together. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to cum; I was numb. But since she worked so hard with her mouth to get me ready, I had to try.

“Oh, yesssss!” She sighed, reaching yet another orgasm. I rolled off and kissed her forehead. Then I went to sleep, leaving my own satisfaction for another day.

DAY TWO: The morning air met us with both its heat and humidity. That didn’t stop us from getting in a jog, though. It was surreal to run past the spot the workers were standing and watching, listening to us make love. They were basically on a hill above the path. It ran towards the rooms but half the way up to the second floor, almost like a theatre.

Coffee, breakfast and morning mimosas followed. After four interludes the day before, the sexual urge had subsided. We were happy just being together, in a beautiful space.

We weren’t always this close. Marriage, more of a life event at first, had now become a true friendship. We had so many shared experiences. Our sexual relationship was also more mature and based on both our needs.

Returning to the room after our morning meal, we sat for a while on the balcony. We wondered a little about the kids, but mainly talked before we met everyone at the beach. Our agenda had nothing on it but letting the sun soak us as we took in the day and dinner later. We were the third couple of our group to the seaside and set our chairs up at the end of the row.

“We’ve never been watched before, have we?” she asked about our audience and sexual history. She had all morning to ask and waited until now… I looked around. Gentry and Bruce were to our left and past them Jason and Angie.

“Not really,” I had already assessed the question in my mind several times that morning. “We shared a room with Randy and Lori at a softball tournament and I know we both were having sex at the same time. But I don’t think they watched.”

“Hmmmm, I guess that doesn’t count,” she said and laid back onto the lounge to bask in the sun. The other three couples lined their beach chairs up behind us and we were a group again.

After a little while Gentry came over. She’s my wife’s best friend, a sweet redhead whose husband was a little reluctant to come with our group on the trip. There was a total of 12 of us on the trip, six couples. Bruce and Gentry, though, were better friends with us than with the others. Gentry and my wife have always been close, closer than with the other girls.

Gentry sat at the foot of my wife Mel’s beach chair. Everyone was several drinks into the day. The two bikini-clad ladies started talking about this yearly event. This was Gentry and Bruce’s first trip.

“The place is amazing and kept up very well,” Mel said. “We even had some workers outside in the courtyard when we first got here.”

“When you were getting your first round of vacation sex in?” Gentry said. “Did they hear you?”

“Heard and saw,” Mel said.

“Sounds like a very welcoming committee,” Gentry said, then giggled. “Heavy on the cum. Tell me more.”

Gentry took my wife by the hand, smiling. They left for the water with their drinks. I turned to her husband who was just on the other side of Gentry during this. I wasn’t sure what he did and didn’t hear. He was into his phone, reading and listening to music. Phew, he must not have heard much of any of that exchange. I leaned back to nap.

I was awakened as three of the other couples invited me to play volleyball. Time passed quickly. After several games, I joined my wife and Gentry where they lay sunning themselves. Gentry’s husband was on our team and, after another game, he joined me in the chairs by our wives. We continued a nice conversation for the rest of the afternoon. We took turns getting drinks for each other and laughed about a whole lot of nothing. Then we retreated to our rooms to get ready for dinner.

Watching my wife, and all the other couples and people on the beach restored my drive for her. She’s always been beautiful, but life can cloud what’s important. This vacation helped clear my vision.

Again I followed Mel into the shower, rinsing off. I let her body meld with mine. Her face in the water, my hands reached around for her breasts and slid down between her legs. My cock rose up between her cheeks, resting there and touching the small of her back.

She turned around. Water blinded me as I picked her up above my hardness. I lowered her slowly, my head entering her wet tunnel. She took it all little by little, and we kissed. We let the water wash over us, enjoying being one body in the warmth of the spray. After some shower-soaked kisses and her burrowing down on my cock, I let her down. We carefully dried each other.

She spent a long time caring for me, drying under my cock and rubbing over my anus and back. I was smiling as my eyes closed in pleasure. I thought she was going to kneel and take me in her mouth. But she held on to me after drying, leading me to the bed by the balls. She sat me down on the edge of the bed and then took me between her lips.

I noticed the sunlight was diminishing over the horizon, as we had left the drapes open from this morning. The crew was not out there so I leaned back, enjoying her mouth. My hands were behind me, head back, eyes closed, as she took an eager approach.

She had positioned me so my balls hung over the edge of the bed. Her hands were cupping them as she slid her mouth up and down the side of my shaft. And for the first time ever that I remembered, she slid her mouth down and under, taking both my balls into her warmth. She lingered there for a minute or two. She took one, then the other, then both in her mouth. She repeated the pattern as one hand held my shaft.

My Apple watch chimed that it was 6 pm. In that moment she rose up, placed her hands on my shoulders to brace her weight, and straddled my hard cock. She wiggled her ass into position, almost pushing me down, but getting good leverage.

As my cock slid deeper, she whispered into my ear, “I told Bruce and Gentry where to stand.”

She locked eyes with me, rising up and lowering her wetness on my cock again before pushing me back on the bed. I slipped inside her again and again with little resistance. She thrust forward taking my mouth with hers.

“No way,” I said. Her only response was loud moans. Releasing my lips, she kicked her head back. All while burrowing with her hips to take another quarter-inch of me. I began to be convinced she was performing for our friends standing outside.

She cried out a loud “Fuuuck!” She lifted up and bounced down hard on me. It almost caused my ass to slip off the side of the bed. My legs pushed me back onto the mattress as she rose and slid down again and again.

“We’ve never done reverse cowboy,” she said, spinning around to present her hot ass. My legs dangled over the bed, my cock positioned out about 45 degrees. With one hand on her knee, she looked back and used the other to guide me inside. She slid me in deeper again and began more of a grind than an up-and-down.

It was like I was fucking her from behind. Her feet were still on the floor, my ass still sorta off the edge and her body bent forward. She faced away from me as she pushed back, for a long time just living for the grind. Her hands were now up playing with her breasts, her head back, then forward, her sighs and moans frequent. “Geez, they’re really out there. What must they be thinking?” raced through my head.

I sat up and took her waist with my hands. Then I slid her towards me onto the bed one leg at a time, folding her legs backward on the mattress. My hands moved to her breasts and my mouth to her neck. She cooed and turn her head to kiss my cheek.

I couldn’t tell if anyone was outside watching as people were moving about in the courtyard. Mel bounced on my cock harder and harder as I continued to fondle her breasts, looking out for the couple. But soon Mel pushed me back onto the bed and I let her do the work. The imagery of the two in my head, thinking of their eyes on us, started a rush. Mel pounded away on my cock, raising up now hard and fast.

I could hear her moving to climax and she exclaimed, “OH YES!” She came just before my urge cascaded over my body and I released into her. She cooed and sighed. Her hands were still on her breasts. She continued to slide slowly on my receding cock until its hardness was almost gone.

She stood up and walked to the doors, holding her arms up. Her body was totally exposed to the outside and she motioned for me to join her.

No one was out there.

“Gotcha!” she said and drew the shades. We fell on the bed and napped in each other’s arms.

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11 replies
  1. Sea696Fox says:

    Oh Mel your teasing your hubby was awesome, simply breathtaking for both of us.

    A long time ago, my hubby convinced me to wear a thin thong bikini to a remote (back then) beach near Navarra, FL. After my hubby had fixed several strong rum and cokes for me, he began teasing how several wives were sunbathing topless and how exciting that must be for their husbands. He continued to encourage me to remove my skimpy halter, telling me how sexy I would look laying beside him wearing only my tiny thong.

    Like Mel, I had slowly discovered my exhibitionist desires and between the rum and my own sexual excitement from wearing a thin thong for the first time in public, I finally untied my halter and allowed it to slid off fully exposing my breast.

    OMG! What a turn on seeing my hubby’s reaction, not to mention having several of the other husbands watching me. To say the least it was an awesome day for both of us.

    Before we left, we took a walk along the beach wearing only my thong. I couldn’t believe I could do such a thing, nor the excitement I felt being from being so exposed. That’s probably way too much information. That again for sharing with everyone.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Very sexy and thank you for sharing and I'm sure those that day were thankful as well. We haven't gone quite that far, but it's worth a thought!

  2. PacMan says:

    WOWE! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 That is HOTT!!! I loved it. The sexiest lingerie a wife could EVER wear is… *enthusiasm*. And your wife was uninhibited in her passion — which is awesome and inspiring. Even planting the idea that she was putting on a show was both mischievous and brilliant. You are a very lucky guy!

    • PatientPassion says:

      Totally agree there, PacMan! I think this is especially true for me because of the way I'm wired: having a wife who is not just willing, but eager to participate, and to even take the lead in inspiring white-hot intimacy, is one of the most beautiful things I can think of in the realm of sexuality!

      Thank you for the story, Fiftyfitfidelity, and for inspiring me to continue holding true to my name and patiently anticipating the this kind of passion with my future wife!

    • christianwoman98 says:

      In response to PatientPassion, husbands also please remember to be enthusiastic also, a lot of women will never exhibit the freedom of the wife in this story because a lot of husbands want enthusiastic
      wives but only as it pertains to their own fantasies. And it’s tragic.

    • PatientPassion says:

      @christianwoman98, that's a good point! Ever since I found MarriageHeat and saw how amazing sex within marriage can be, I've always been enthusiastic about sex! I guess I never thought of it in the way you mentioned because I never considered that I might have that problem at some point. It's a great reminder for us future husbands, so thank you!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It was an amazing thought that we were performing for our friends. Nervous, hesitant, but I was relieved that we weren't.

  3. MedSunset69 says:

    I loved this story series. Thank you for sharing it. It reminded us of an experience we had a few years ago in the Caribbean … thank you for giving us an excuse to revisit that memory and allow it to turn up the heat on a cold winter evening. 😊

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