Vacation Heat (L)

No kids. Sunny Skies. Great sex. Vacation.

No sooner did the door of our room at the resort swing open, but we were tugging at each other’s clothing. We landed on the bed, wrestling to get naked. Her mouth planted on mine as my hands roamed her body. I rubbed her breasts and her nipples hardened under my touch.

The drapes swayed against the walls as the open screen door looked out from our second-floor room. We were exposed just enough for passersby to get a glimpse if they tried. Her hand found my cock. My fingers were soon rubbing her clit, getting her wet and ready for me in any way.

I was surprised as she pivoted and presented her ass to my face. Still holding my erect cock, she slipped the head into her mouth. Moaning, I explored her with both hands. My fingers parted her clit and my mouth found her entrance. My tongue burrowed into her as far as possible.

She bobbed down over and over, taking as much as she could each time while my face went deeper and my hands pulled her flesh to me. The flavors and smells were erotically familiar but had become distant in the daily grind of kids and work. It took us back to a time without distractions. My nose and lips, tongue and mouth, pushed deeper.

We could hear workers outside, talking in Spanish. All the while she was stroking me, then quickly thrusting my cock into her open mouth and down her throat. Then she’d repeat the cycle.

I was getting ready to cum. But I wanted to be inside her and extend my time. I tapped her on the ass, a signal we use that I am getting ready to cum. We used to use it often. Like clockwork, she sprang up, sitting on my stomach.

Her body lit up in the warm tropical sun. She put it on display for me, arching her back, her breasts pointed high and visible to anyone walking by and glancing in our balcony door. Her eyes were closed as her hands found her nipples. She was pinching them slightly, playing a little as she gave my urge to cum time to recede. Then she glanced outside, looking like she was watching someone. Grinning, her hands moved down between her legs, playing there. She pushed against my hips, sliding down to find me for penetration.

Carefully she slipped me inside, one hand guiding the head and then her body did the rest. She had a magic grind that both elevated her pleasure and kept my need to blow inside of her at bay. She stayed low on my cock but shifted her hips back and forth from the crest of my waist to my hips and back. Her eyes closed. Her body rocked to her own rhythm and pleasure, while mine was there for her to experience.

I heard voices speaking Spanish outside with a little laughter. Her face was contorted with both pleasure and intensity as she quickened the pace.

“OHHH YES!” she exclaimed. The chatter outside increased.


She fell forward, a signal I knew she had cum. Her bare chest was on mine. The sound of her panting in my ear brought back the urge to finish.

I rolled us both over and now I was on top, just outside her warmth. My cock searched as we began to kiss, her breath quick and trying to recover from her flurry. I pushed hard into her.

“Mmmmm,” she said as my rhythm began, my needs taking center stage. I thrust with purpose and lifted my body up. My weight was now on my hands and my head high above hers. I pushed deep three or four times.

“OH, fuck me!” she exclaimed.

The laughter from outside drew my glance over to the screen door. Four landscapers eyes were glued to me as I continued thrusting. They were on a small hill outside and couldn’t see everything, but they clearly knew what was going on. I looked away and quickened my pace. My intensity climbed and my need to finish found me pushing in so hard the bed jumped and banged against the wall.

She exclaimed my name as my cock found its mark again, moving her to her second orgasm. I broke through and pushed deep one more time. My cum shot into her, built up from our playfulness. Multiple spurts pushed out. I collapsed on her, nuzzling her neck and delivering soft kisses. The voices outside exchanged comments.

To my surprise, she slid out from under me. She got up, naked and proud, and walked to the sliding glass door with my load running down her thigh. Reaching her arms high on each side of the door, she drew the drapes in an instant then spun around, smiling and blushing. She leaped towards me on the bed.

Outside we could hear, “Awww, Senorita!” They voiced their disappointment that the impromptu show was over.

But the vacation had just started.

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16 replies
  1. JAM777 says:

    Oh wow!! So intense!!!
    Did you guys talk about it afterwards, about the guys outside who obviously were watching you guys?
    You obviously didn't care in the "heat of the moment" but what about after?

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      I missed this comment. We did talk about it and can't believe it happened. It led to many jokes about public sex, and we have even told a few friends who some can't believe it due to our more "proper" personas. We've talked about how to recreate it but both agree we would have a hard time knowing someone was watching us.

  2. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    It was an interesting conversation. We didn't talk about it for a couple days, but then drinks and the beach happened and my wife told a friend and we basically told this story to our friends. A couple there, who we knew was a little more "open" was more attentive and I've submitted a follow-up story that I'm not sure will post.

    After the vacation, we did sit down and talk how outside the lines that was for us and how happy we weren't in a more "open" lifestyle as we've seen in many married couples. We agreed that the spontaneity of our encounter with the workers, and a lot of tequila, would be hard to duplicate and sober we both just couldn't imagine.

    It has brought us closer and we talk about a lot of things we hadn't before, more for arousal than action. I found this site and am going to introduce her to it sometime after our oldest leaves the house so she can read about our exploits in this forum and the comments they receive.

    • TexasCpl says:

      This was so hot. We have done some risky things on vacation (nude sunbathing and swimming in the San Marcos River, for one) but never been caught. We would love to hear the "follow up story"! Hoping that it posts.

    • TexasCpl says:

      My husband just pointed out that the second part of this story has already posted. Haha. That story made me even hotter. Wow.

  3. snagd says:

    The best time to have sex is when you first check in. Before anything, your wife opened up and you made a great session of it. As for those guys watching, I bet it made it more fun. The part of the story I like best is when she slid out from under you and walked with blobs of semen running down her legs. That’s sexy.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      I do need to provide more imagery in relating our times together. Thank you for pointing that out for me.

  4. Sea696Fox says:

    Great story! Having enjoyed a similar experience, I discovered my wife’s deeply suppressed, exhibtionist desires. Your story brought back our own amazing memories. We are looking to reading your next chapter before commenting further. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      I hope you enjoyed part II! It's hard to top what happened that vacation, it was so unplanned.

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