Backdoor Man, Part 1 (I hope)

My wife and I have been married over 20 years. We had no sexual contact before our wedding night, not even second base, but we were great friends and still are.

Starting out slow has given us years of ‘newness’ in our sex life. Jen had very little sexual experience. One time years before we were married was all. She didn’t know anything about pleasing herself. It took years to bring her to climax. It also took years to get her comfortable with giving blow jobs. She loves having me eat her pussy, though! And she’s been happy to experiment with positions.

We like to shower together. I enjoy washing her body. She’s a gorgeous woman, 5’9″ and 135. She has gorgeous tits with huge nipples. She has a shapely ass with lovely legs. I love to lather up her body. I wash her hair and back. Her arms and legs.

One day I had a ton of suds and washed her bum. I focused for a moment on her anus — circling it and lightly rubbing it. As an afterthought, I slipped a finger in. Her body jumped a little and tensed up, then relaxed. I finished rinsing the lather from her butt and moved to her tight little pussy. I found it dripping wet, and not just from the shower. I began to think she liked anal.

Jen loves me to use my hands to make her cum. I have big strong hands, and she loves me to stroke her pussy. I start by stroking her curlies and pulling her labia apart. Her swollen and wet lips are now exposed. I rub her clit for a moment, then move to her opening in small circles. At times I dip my finger into her hot wetness. I go back to her clit to the point she’s starting to cum. Then I move back to her opening. Back and forth until she’s building to an explosion.

Later, I started to put my middle finger deep into her muff and rub her g-spot. This gets her revved up. Once I learned she liked her rectum explored I began anal play too. While fingering her g-spot with my middle finger, I use my ring finger to put pressure on her anus. This would get her hips thrusting, and she humped her body to put pressure on her anus. As she came, her whole pussy started to pulsate in contractions. Her rectum did the same thing as she had a humongous orgasm. She said it was embarrassing to lose control like that. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I hope to get her there many more times!

I know she gets off on anal. I tell her I want to cum in her bum. She laughs it off. I should explain that I have a quite large cock. It’s not really long, but it’s very thick. Jen can barely get much more than the head in her mouth when she sucks it. On our wedding night I could barely get it into her tight near-virgin pussy. I asked her what she thought of my cock (we call him Moby) that first night. She said she thought she was in trouble. So she’s scared of having Moby slide into her ass.

A couple of times I’ve been giving her a backrub, Jen’s laying on her stomach. I rub up her crack to the small of her back. I dribble lube down her butt crack, so it runs to her pussy lips. I slide my left hand down her slippery crotch and rub her clit. When she starts humping and getting close to cumming, I move to her opening and rub her g-spot. After a few minutes she’s getting very horny, grinding on my fingers. I start to put pressure on her anus as I’m fingering her clit and g-spot. Her rectum is opening and closing, she’s trying to work my thumb inside.

I slowly start to slip it in. As I do her breathing increases and her hips start to grind like crazy. I push my thumb in all the way and gently pump it in and out. That creates some suction. She’s really wet and cums with a shiver. Groaning, her legs twist as I firmly stroke her clitoris.

Another time I brought her to a huge orgasm finger banging her g-spot and clit. She came and was feeling it inside. I shifted my position and accidentally pushed the head of Moby into her. It was rubbing and partially penetrating her ass. Her breath caught and she squealed.

I later asked if she’d cum twice. She responded, “yes I did.” I asked her, and she was embarrassed. But she admitted that she came a second time when Moby contacted her bum.

Lately, she’s really been into anal play. As I rubbed her anus during sex I asked if it’s ok. “I love it!” was her response. We’ve been using some silicone lube and it’s really slick.

Today her pussy was soaking wet, and her back crack and anus was silky slick and smooth. I spread her cheeks and let the tip of Moby move around on her ass hole. She moaned deep in her throat. My precum mixed with the silicone and her dripping pussy. That made it unnaturally slippery.

We’re at the point where it’s right there. I sent her a text saying it’s so hot having her slippery and open. I think how it must feel to slowly and gently slide in. I want to gently pump her ‘til I fill her bum with Moby cum. It’s going to happen soon. Any suggestions?

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  1. Victor0884 says:

    Have your wife get on her knees, face down on the mattress. Lube her and yourself up well, very well. Now since you are large and it is your first time, go very slow entering into her. Be gentle and push a little in at a time. You can’t just shove it in you need to go slow until you are all the way in and she is used to it. Then add more lube; this is key.

    • Hott4you says:

      True.. Victor. It could tear her insides. Do it. Gently listening to what she says.
      I have a Moby too. So go slow

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Especially early on, it was important for me to have total control of entry. One way to do this is "spooning" on your sides, with her hand guiding you into her and her pushing back at her own speed. Some people say push a little then wait until she relaxes again before going further. But for me, a tiny in-and-out motion during entry was better than holding stock still before progressing further. It kind of massaged me internally and helped me not focus on the initial discomfort. I am happy to report that, with time and practice, the need for that slow entry diminishes somewhat. Still have to be careful, of course. But adjustment and relaxation come quicker and quicker, and even more so with extremely hightened arousal. You are so blessed that you and your wife have discovered her responsiveness to anal stimulation!

  3. Tangosierra says:

    Best thing that helped us? Lube, and tons of it. We use coconut lube. Better than any silicone we've tried.
    Second best thing. As you're entering, have her push out like she's having a bowel movement. She should open right up and allow you to move in, SLOWLY! Respect her and go slow. She should get used to feeling full. Remember, she has the final say. The slower you go and let her have time to enjoy it, the better chance of having it happen again.

    • HappyHubby says:

      In my schoolyard days first base was holding hands, second base was kissing, third base was touching genitals and a home run was intecourse.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Probably differs in different areas. I heard it as:

      1st base kissing

      2nd feeling breast

      3rd touching genitals

      Home run intercourse

      Not much different. Now which base was ok according to parents varies even

  4. sensualcouple says:

    The order goes:


    I would just ask her. Say something like: “I can tell you’re enjoying it when I’m playing with your tight little butthole, and I’d really like to explore this some more.”

    She might just be scared to go from step 1 to step 4. A toy would be a great way to build up to taking your hard, thick cock.


    • Mark says:

      Yes! I love using my tongue on my wife. Especially in her butthole. She likes when i spread her butt and tongue her sexy butthole as deep as I can, in and out. It really gets her in the mood for anal.

  5. JJ says:

    1. Second the suggestion of coconut oil instead of the silicon based.
    2. Second the toys suggestion, with addition of start with a small butt plug, then once she is used to that size, go to a slightly larger one, repeat until she is used to one that is closer to the size of "Moby."
    3. Patience, step 2 above takes time.

  6. PatientPassion says:

    Thanks for the story, Thickish! What a blessing to have a wife who is interested in this kind of play. I can only hope and pray that my future wife is the same way!

    Because I have the same interest in anal play, I've done some considerable studying on it. I compiled a summary of the basics in a MarriageHeat article from earlier this year called "Anal Play in Christian Marriage" and I would encourage you to check that out.

    Here are my other suggestions:

    1. Lubricant
    Plenty of lube is obviously key when dealing with anal penetration of any kind. I support the other suggestions of using coconut oil, as I tend to believe natural is usually better than synthetic. If you prefer the silicon-based lube you're using, stick with what works, but I recommend at least trying the coconut oil.

    2. Relaxation and Arousal
    For her body to be most receptive to you, she should be as relaxed and aroused as possible. Maybe give her an erotic massage if she likes that. It will relieve as much tension as possible from her whole body, which will in turn help her anus to relax. Add some sexual play too (the "erotic" part of "erotic massage") to get her aroused, and maybe even bring her to an orgasm once, as long she can usually keep going after one orgasm. Also let her pick the position she is most comfortable in! You'll hear it over and over again, but only because it's so important: the more comfortable and relaxed she is, the better everything will work.

    3. Training and Stretching
    This could be one of the more difficult, but also one of the more fun parts. Since you're thicker than normal, it might take a while (multiple sessions) for her anus to open up to you, even if she really enjoys it. Like many other parts of the body, the anus can gain flexibility over time.

    To facilitate this gradual stretching, I highly suggest getting a set of dildos or butt plugs of different sizes (especially width). This will help slowly get her accustomed to larger and larger things. Glass toys are my favorite as they're slick, simple and have an erotic-feeling weight to them. To begin my own anal play explorations, I got a set of 3 for myself, having widths of 1.15", 1.35" and 1.55". If I'm allowed to make specific recommendations, I would tell you to get this same set ("Prisms Dosha 3 Piece Glass Butt Plug Kit," only $20 on Amazon right now!). The nice thing about a 3-piece kit is that you can start wherever you need to in that range! If she's already loose enough from your previous play, she might be able to skip the first plug or two altogether! On the flip side, the biggest one might not get her loosened up as much as she needs to be to accommodate you. Once she can take the biggest one, graduate to other bigger toys! Move up slowly though, because as toys get bigger, even a quarter-inch difference in width is significant! Again, if I can make a recommendation, the "Prisms Erotic Glass – Double Anal Plug" (also on Amazon, $15) is a good mild step up at 1.75" wide. Its double-bulb shape can also make for a variety of fun. She can choose if she wants to be stretched wide, or both wide and deep!

    You can try toys made of other materials, but then you have to be careful to use the right kind of lubricant with it. Glass toys work perfectly fine with any kind of lube you want to use. However, I've read that "like dissolves like" so using silicon-based lube on silicon toys will degrade and damage them over time. And who knows if nasty chemicals from that degrading process can get into your system? Go with glass, or make sure your lube and toys are compatible!

    Once she can take something that's as wide, or almost as wide as you, go ahead and try yourself. Of course, be as slow and gentle as possible, and be in constant communication. She should frequently tell you EXACTLY what she's feeling. A very small amount of pain is okay, but that means "don't go any further yet." Anything more than minimal pain will either begin to risk injury, or at the very least make her less able to relax.

    To close, if you haven't studied this in-depth on your own, I would suggest again that you read my article on the basics of anal play and anal sex (here on MarriageHeat, "Anal Play in Christian Marriage"). It's by no means comprehensive, but it might help you both get an idea of the process you want to use. Of course, everyone's different and other things might work better for you, but I think there are some good general rules in there that will be useful to you!

  7. Mark says:

    Coconut oil it's GREAT! It also allows for oral play after lubing up. Mmmmm love coconut oil… Lol
    A lot of anal play with her might intensify her desire for your cock in her butthole. Lick her butthole and tongue it with sounds of enjoyment and some fingering – that is, if your fingers are soft and not rough…. Lol.

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