Satin and Lace Lovers

I love all aspects of silky lingerie: the look, the feel, and of course the arousal it brings! I love seeing and touching it on my wife and the exquisite feel of the sensual fabric against my skin. Even just hearing the sound of words like “slip,” “panties,” and “stockings” can create a rise in my trousers!

I’ve had a silky fetish for over forty years and our love-making almost always includes something silky! My lovely wife keeps my nightstand drawer stocked with silken slips, satin panties, and shiny lace-trimmed chemises for my stroking pleasure during our love sessions – like this one…

She was sitting up in the bed reading her Kindle. Almost every night she spends some time unwinding with a romance novel, sitting up in bed with a pillow behind her back. As she reads, she wears a robe, but nothing underneath.

I placed my right hand softly on her thigh. With my left, I started lightly stroking my half-hard cock using some of her silkiest satin-and-lace panties that I had slipped into bed with me.

She glanced over her reader and smiled with a slight sly grin, noticing my obvious enjoyment of the pleasures of her panties. She can see the motion of my hand slowly stroking my now-hard cock with one of her delicious delicates under the covers.

Sometimes, if I’m stroking with a slip or chemise, I will intentionally let a little satin and lace peek out from under the sheets as the silky bodice lays across my naked chest. It’s extremely erotic for me to know she’s watching me endulge myself so!

After a few minutes of pleasuring myself, I turn on my side and grabbed some peppermint lip balm from a tube on my nightstand, applying it on my first and middle fingertips. Turning back towards her, I pressed my panty-covered erection up against her leg as my lubricated fingers found their way between her legs.

She parted them invitingly, giving me access to her eager pussy. Grinding my cock slowly against the satin and her thigh, I began pleasuring her, alternating between a two fingered “V” slowly sliding up and down on either side of her swollen wet clit and her favorite masturbation technique: my middle finger deep inside her and my first finger delicately flicking across on top of her clit.

The peppermint made her very swollen, sensitive, and wet! For the next several minutes, I continued pleasuring her with my fingers while I enjoyed the similar pleasure of silky panties caressing my cock. She tried valiantly to stay focused on her reading, but I could tell by the change in her breathing and increased wetness that she was quickly losing the battle. She wouldn’t be able to keep her rising arousal at bay much longer.

She closed her e-book and stood up, letting her robe slip slowly to the floor. Meanwhile, I re-applied the peppermint lip balm and opened my nightable. Hmmmm…What do I feel like cumming on tonight?

I selected a shimmering black satin Erika Taylor half slip with a generous lacy hem. Laying the slip over my erect penis, I relishing the smooth cool satin as it slid up my cock and how the lacy hem tantalized my testicles. I stroked myself a couple of times, leaving the half slip positioned with the waistband grazing my nipples and the lace hem across my upper thighs as my wife crawled back into bed and spread her legs. I slid over to her, nibbling her nipples and kissing her neck. She reached her hand down and began to stroke me with the black slip as I reinsert my fingers into her throbbing wet pussy, rubbing the peppermint lip balm over her protruding clit. I whispered a sexy memory in her ear of a night we spent in a hotel many years ago, vividly recounting the story in much detail – a story that ends with her wearing only a black half-slip, bent over the desk with me wildly banging her from behind.

As my story reaches its climax, so does she! She shudders with one, two, then three orgasms. Then after another few minutes of pleasuring her as she came down from her ecstacy, it was her turn to pleasure me.

She rolled over and slid her hand under the lacy slip, tracing delicate figure 8’s on my balls with her manicured nails. Then she started stroking my hard shaft with silky lingerie, indulging me with an expert slippery satin handjob. She started cheering me on, asking me how I liked fucking her panties earlier and urging me to shoot a hot sticky semen mess on the sexy slip.

I can take it no more! Ejaculating cum like an erupting volcano, I spurt my creamy wet load all over the silky ebony satin.

Mmmm, so good!

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8 replies
  1. The Rose says:

    Wow Satin King, I have some limited understanding of what you are saying. At the moment I am walking around with one of Mrs R's panties in my trouser pocket. I just love having it with me. I often 'steal' one from her after she had been wearing it. The intimate aromas of her body is so intoxicating. One of my sexiest masturbation sessions was wearing one of her panties. It was a once-off happening, but it was so very special. I just took my penis out at the leg opening and had a fantastic orgasm enjoying the sensuality of the moment.

  2. Ben G. says:

    I feel ya Satin King,
    My wife Gina often wears lacey and satin thongs. Occasionally if I notice a pair of her freshly used one laying around. I will pick it up and sniff them. I love the smell of her and it definitely arouses me. I often like to take in her aroma while I masturbate. I like to wrap them around my hard cock and jack myself with them.
    God bless brother!

  3. Mr.Lover says:

    I love lacey lingere/ stocking as well.

    I find it really sexy when I see a lady with pantyhose or stockings (my favourite along with a nice pair of heels).

  4. Satin King says:

    Sarah k. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement! I love to hear about other couples who enjoy silky lingerie play in their sexual play sessions, together or solo!
    My favorite way to cum is whenever I am watching my wife masturbate and she is watching me! (Much like the above story) But when I’m enjoying a solo session this is my favorite …
    Lying naked on the bed, I will start by reading some MH stories until I’m fully hard then I will select a very silky satin and lace-trimmed chemise and slowly drag it upwards across my erect cock again and again – letting the lace at the hem tickle my balls. Then after several minutes of that kind of intense cock teasing, I lay the silky lingerie on me covering both my cock and my nipples with the cool satin. I lightly caress my nipples through the luxurious fabric with one hand while stroking my rock hard member with the other hand, stopping when I get close to the edge. During those breaks I read more MH stories and type comments … then when I can take it no longer, I explode – pumping creamy white cum all over the sexy lingerie! So good!

  5. Satin King says:

    On most mornings, I get up before my wife, but on rare occasions, she has an early appointment or activity and gets up first. We both sleep in the nude and always have since we were married. So whenever she rises …so do I! (Of course most days I already have “morning wood!”) but I get a sleepy-eyed glimpse of her nakedness walking across the bedroom towards the shower and my cock wakes up even more. This morning she surprised me. She was already running a little late so she couldn’t take time for play, but on her way to the shower she stopped for a moment, opened the lingerie drawer in her dresser, and took out a sexy white satin chemise with a beautiful lace hem that she knows I love. As she walked around on my side of the bed towards the shower, she tossed it at me and said, “Here you go! I know you like to lay in the bed and watch me when I’m in the shower.” (Her shower has textured frosted glass doors that allow you to see shapes and pretty well make out what’s going on inside!) “You might as well enjoy yourself and start your day with a bang!” Well, needless to say, I did enjoy myself! I jacked off with abandon, stroking my hard cock with the slippery satin and shooting a big load of cum all over it while watching her sexy shower show! I know she enjoyed it too!

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