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Closet Cleaning

One of my love languages is “acts of service.”  I really enjoy showing my wife how much I love her by doing jobs around the house that I know she wants done—like cleaning out and reorganizing her closet! Closet cleaning is a tedious job that we’ve tackled several times together over the years, but one […]

Shoe Shopping (L)

We had gone out for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. My lovely wife was wearing a jean skirt with a hemline that hit just above her knees. Her cute V-neck tee shirt accentuated her upstairs assets nicely. There was just a hint of white lace bra peeking out. During lunch, she mentioned she wanted […]

The White Camisole

When we first married, my wife and I lived in a very rural area and looked forward to those rare times when we could get away for a few days to the big city. We called those little trips our “Five S” weekends: sleeping, (hotels) shopping, (malls/outlets)  suppers, (nice restaurants) cinema, (I know it’s a […]

Satin and Lace Lovers

I love all aspects of silky lingerie: the look, the feel, and of course the arousal it brings! I love seeing and touching it on my wife and the exquisite feel of the sensual fabric against my skin. Even just hearing the sound of words like “slip,” “panties,” and “stockings” can create a rise in […]