Shoe Shopping (L)

We had gone out for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant. My lovely wife was wearing a jean skirt with a hemline that hit just above her knees. Her cute V-neck tee shirt accentuated her upstairs assets nicely. There was just a hint of white lace bra peeking out.

During lunch, she mentioned she wanted to stop on the way home and try on some shoes. She said she needed them for an upcoming event. I readily agreed, hoping that I might get to indulge in one of my favorite activities: private upskirt panty flashes! The store was a self-service kind of shoe place, so I eagerly assumed the role of shoe salesman. I soon found my tips would be amazing!

As she tried on several high-heeled pumps and strappy dress shoes, she slyly gave me a few nice views of her sheer white lacy panties. Some of the other female customers shot knowing looks at my wife. I could tell the male employee behind the counter jealously wished he had my vantage point!

My wife enjoys turning up the heat on me. In the words of an old song, “It’s mighty pleasing to be so teasing!” After purchasing a cute pair of navy suede pumps, we headed back home. I enjoyed two more flirty panty shots as I held the car door open for her; she flashed me outside the store and then getting out again at home.

Our bedroom is upstairs. As she carried the new shoe box up to our room, I hung back far enough to get one long, last upskirt view as she ascended. Her panties, now even more sheer from wetness, framed her ass nicely for me. As she reached our bedroom door, she crooked her finger, beckoning. I hungrily bounded up the stairs.

Once in the bedroom, she opened the shoebox, sat on the side of the bed, and put them on. My eyes were glued to the white satin panty triangle on display. She slowly reached up under her skirt and pulled her silky, wet panties down. Stepping out of them with one leg, she let them dangle around her other ankle just above the new blue shoe.

I’ve often told her that I fantasize about fucking her in a semi-public place with a skirt on. Since she was already on a fantasy-fulfilling mission, she smiled as she hiked her denim skirt up to her waist.

She then said something she’d never said before or since: “Fuck me like a whore! Don’t wait for me to get mine. I just want you to cum hard and fast!”

I unzipped my pants and let them drop below my ass. I mounted her and began thrusting my aching cock into her wet pussy. She wrapped her legs around me, her sexy new heels digging into my ass like a cowgirl spurring her stallion. I came almost instantly, pumping a gigantic hot sticky load into her yawning cunt.

She laughed at me as she cleaned up using the panties. Then she tossed them into the hamper. “Now get back to work while I enjoy a nice leisurely masturbation session – I’ll tell you all about it tonight!”

I paused at the bottom of the stairs and got one last up-skirt view – this time without panties! She stood seductively at the top, blowing me a kiss with one hand and fingering herself with the other. Then she turned on her heels and closed the bedroom door in my face with a giggle. Let me tell you it was hard going back to work!

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21 replies
  1. HappyHubby says:

    What a great story. So hot. I love when my wife gives me 'peeks', it's one of my all time favorite fantasies. Thanks for sharing such a hot adventure.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      What husband can resist some "dirty talk". I have always believed that a willingness to be openly sexual with each other can help a marriage be really fun.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Awesome! Being country folks here, I am thinking her polka-dot rubber boots and cow-girl hat in the middle of our garden…..sun tingling our naked bodies and sweat running down between her sweet cheeks. A hoe and a tool for plowing. Oh yeah, the fruits of one’s labor!

  3. Mr.Lover says:

    I love this story. As a heels and lingerie guy, I love all of you're stories.

    My favourite lines are the following:

    She stood seductively at the top, blowing me a kiss with one hand and fingering herself with the other.

    “Fuck me like a whore! Don’t wait for me to get mine. I just want you to cum hard and fast!”

    • Satin King says:

      Thanks Mr. Lover! I’m glad you enjoyed it …and my other stories too! It was a fun memory to retell as a MH story and even more fun to enjoy the afternoon delight experience in reality! It’s a memory that I often pull up out of my “best sexscapades” mental file and savor. I love to reflect on such tales – especially when enjoying a solo session of satin stroking! I have to admit it’s makes me even more aroused to think about some of you all here on MH reading them and getting rock hard or dripping wet, jacking and jilling as you imagine the scene! I’m contemplating doing another story soon based on another sweet memory involving a hotel stay, a long evening of naughty school girl and nasty teacher role playing, and of course some satin and lace lingerie!

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    This story and photo reminds me of some cute-looking ladies at the office that I used to work at that were all looking really sexy dressed up in their heels, dresses/ skirts, pantsuits, blouses and of course stockings and pantyhose. What a fun treat that was for a single guy! Hopefully, my future wife would enjoy getting dressed up for me!

  5. Loving Guy says:

    I have worked in an office before. All those cute ladies dressed up in heels, dress/ skirts, pantsuits, blouses and of course stockings and pantyhose. As a single guy, I most definately enjoyed it! I hope that my future wife will enjoy dressing up for me.

  6. sarah k says:

    “Now get back to work while I enjoy a nice leisurely masturbation session – I’ll tell you all about it tonight!”
    Cum on Satin King, tell us about her masturbation session?
    Wonderful to see a Christian woman open about her masturbation.

  7. Satin King says:

    Well …. We both had a masturbation session that night! She was wearing a leopard print satin chemise trimmed in black lace. She sat up in the bed with a couple of pillows behind her and back against the headboard and her legs spread wide apart while I laid across the bed sideways at her feet on my back. As she told me how she used her fingers to get herself off multiple times earlier at lunch time, she used her favorite vibe while she watched me jack off on some watermelon-colored silky panties. I lay on my back and slowly stroked for her making sure I gave her lots of views of my hard cock while she let me enjoy a silky up-skirt view of her pounding her pussy with the large dildo! We came together and I totally soaked those pretty little lace-trimmed panties!

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