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Slow Sex in the Secret Garden

Bruce Springsteen said it best in “Secret Garden” – “To a place where You can’t remember–And you can’t forget.”

Now, the relationship The Boss alludes to here is not one of a married couple. But I relate it to the experiences my wife and I enjoy. Think about entering your wife and how that feels exactly. The good Lord made it the most unique, amazing, and climactic experiences we can have on earth. It’s one we men spend a lot of our time thinking about and trying to get back to as often as possible. It both drives the continuation of humanity and enriches our lives and our souls. 

The two of us have reached an age where we’ve slowed a lot of things down in our lives. The frantic sex we used to have–bodies pounding, voices exclaiming, sweat running–has evolved. Now it is gentle entry, deep sighs, eyes meeting, lips painting with care on a canvas of skin. I have been trying to record in my mind the notes we hit as we join. I want to memorize the feel of her folds wrapping around me, skin on skin, gliding together inside and out. To remember every moment and feel it again later.

But I can’t feel that deep physical and emotional intimacy and connection unless I’m inside her. I can’t remember, can’t recreate the real ecstasy of those moments without my wife. Nor can I forget that joy to the point where I’m not longing for her to some degree. This glorious gift shared by two has so many levels of meaning. The deepest of these we have yet to experience in this life, I know.

Last night, for the second time in a row, I stemmed my rising excitement. That way, I could penetrate her sex slowly, stay more on the outside instead of pushing in deeper. My wife led the movement by pulsing and sliding me deeper by fractions at a time, over minutes not seconds. There was a pressure inside her that resisted me three-quarters of the way in. I felt my tip inching through the unseen layers.

My wife’s eyes were closed, her breath slow and deep, her hips moving infrequently but with purpose. Then a gasp. I felt another push and her warmth surround more of my skin. I leaned forward, embracing her head, kissing the side of her face and neck. Her hips were pulling me inside just a little more.

The urge to pump in and out of her was so strong, I couldn’t help but shift my weight back a little. Her walls sucked at me and her legs bent around me. Her arms wrapped around my sides as her hands pulled me back toward her. The suction then gave way as my cock penetrated more. My body shuddered as I sank in.

Her eyes still shut, she lay lost in desire. Her feet put pressure against the backs of my thighs as she pulled me closer. My cock surrounded by the folds of her inner skin, I nestled deep into her. I didn’t move, just enjoyed the closeness and intimacy. My length lay inside her, and we were one.

My wife’s eyes opened, and we kissed deeply, our tongues wrestling. A wiggle from my hips elicited an increased suction and pressure on my length. I pivoted my hips again, making a small thrust. Her breath filled my mouth as she exhaled in pleasure. My cock head dove further in and I felt less pressure around my shaft and more resistance at the tip. I had reached her apex. The surge in my groin definitely began.

I kept myself there, the holding back the pressure of my fluid. Everything in me was waiting for the next signal from the warm sensations her body was giving me. I held stock still, trying to stave off the inevitable. But she wanted hers now and began to push onto me. Pulling and pushing, getting all she could from what I had buried inside.

She exclaimed a few times. That, paired with her sighs, signaled to me she had orgasmed. Her push and pull relaxed. I pulled back, the suction again there. Then I plunged for the final time. My cock exploded as the rush of milky liquid shot out, providing even more warmth and sensation. We lay there for long minutes, enjoying the end.

This is a similar experience to the last time, a few days ago, which lasted longer. The discovery was amazing for me, yet I wonder what she was feeling. We don’t talk as much as we should about our own pleasure. We did discuss the length of time, though. It stretched out over 30 minutes, which was a record for us.

The good Lord has made us beautifully complex with an eternity of things to discover in seemingly routine acts. Too often we look at sex as a task or something to enjoy in quantity. There is so much more to it. I plan to talk more about what I’m physically feeling and then listen and contrast that to how my wife enjoys our lovemaking.

Back to Bruce’s lyric. As much as I can visualize and take myself back to last night, I can’t begin to reproduce those feelings with my mind. I can get aroused typing this out but can’t feel the warmth, the connection. “A place where You can’t remember–And you can’t forget.” That is what the Lord has given me in my wife.

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  1. Southernheat says:

    Wow what a great description of the beautiful act of truly making love. Sex is so different now that I’m older. I’ve learned to savour every part of it, every kiss, every thrust, every moment not just the orgasm but the entire experience. Sex isn’t so much goal oriented as I’ve truly learned after all these years to just let myself totally go into the moment and enjoy every second. What a hot description of how you feel inside your wife!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you! It was just a beautifully, slow, ordinary but extraordinary encounter we both enjoyed. The senses, all of them, made me think of that song and to play this up to it's meaning.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you, I do enjoying thinking about and then transcribing what I feel and think during lovemaking.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It does and it took me several years to figure out that she was satisfied without the big, loud, audible orgasm.

  2. ClimaXX says:

    I love writing erotica and this is why I am on MH – The freedom is great and I can try to show my writing skills…….

    BUT this story and style was so beautiful that I want to print it and frame it. Wow! What a blessing to read. I feel that we have no idea how much our dear Abba Father has put in our bodies to experience sexual ecstasy. He is such a wonderful Father. I truly believe that our orgasms are His way of sharing a minute glimpse of what heaven will be for His redeemed.

    This visual picture was so good that I could feel the pleasure. Thanks for sharing this with us. It was so intimate.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It took me forever to come to the realization that HE created this beauty and that the depths of it could only be found in a married union where over time you could experience things meant only for those committed to each other and to God.

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