🔊 Hilltop Sex (L)

As a child, I played with friends along the woods and trails of a large foothill in the Ohio River valley. It was a fun place to hike and camp. But it is usually not very populated with people. PERFECT for our “adult” intentions! No longer a child and married to a lovely woman, I decided to take her hiking there for some outdoor sex.

It was a hot summer day. We worked up a sweat, or a ‘glow’ in my wife’s case, as we climbed the now overgrown trails toward a spot I remembered. Arriving on top of the large hill, we walked toward a large flat boulder at the top of a cliff. We were well above the river and it was a stunning view.

Many initials of former hikers (including mine) were carved into this rock. My wife spread a blanket on the flat top of the boulder and stood there on top staring at me. Then, slowly she removed her shirt and unclasped her bra. Those wonderful perky breasts! Now the view was even more stunning! Next, she took off her hiking boots, socks, shorts, and panties. Then she laid down on the blanket.

I climbed up on the rock and stripped down as she watched me. Putting forth my hands for her to grab, I pulled her to her feet. Two naked bodies stood in a beautiful outdoor setting. We love the feel of being naked outdoors. Below, in the small town, the chimes from a church building played.

We began to kiss and fondle each other. I quickly gained an erection as my wife stroked my cock and I lightly rubbed her wet clit and vagina. My wife stands at 5’2″ and I at 6’2″, so she raised up on her toes and I bent over there atop the rock. I gripped her beautiful ass with one hand while her pussy occupied my other. She lifted one leg and wrapped it around me as I entered her soaking pussy with my hard cock. We held one another tightly as she balanced on the toes of one foot. My cock moved in and out of her welcoming vagina.

The breeze on top of the hill helped to cool our sweaty bodies as we stood there and fucked. Then we decided to move down to our knees on the blanket, and I entered her doggie style. I was grasping her hips and waist as I thrust in and out of her. I had such a stunning view of her round ass as I kept plunging deep inside of her.

Then…I heard something! A noise in the nearby woods. I stopped all movement and we both knelt there, looking for anyone who might be watching us. Seeing nothing, I climbed down off the rock to take a closer look around while my wife sat on the rock awaiting my return. She did not attempt to cover up her beautiful naked body.

Maybe it was a critter scurrying around. I found nothing, so I returned to my wife. Let’s see, where were we? She was on her back now, so I started fingering her vagina and rubbing her clit. Before long I lay on top of her, pumping my cock into her pussy again. The breeze rustled the trees, and our moans and cries went unnoticed by anyone (I think). We came while making love to our one-and-only loves. Then we lay on backs and looked up into the blue sky. What a wonderful place to be with the one you love. Outdoor sex is exciting!

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16 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    What a beautiful view. I was worried for you both having sex standing on a rock. I wonder if the “critters” enjoyed watching as much as you enjoyed knowing they were.

    • SecondMarge says:


      They say there are two kinds of people. Those that enjoy being watched. Those that enjoy watching. And those that enjoy both.lol

  2. Max says:

    Hot! Don't think I could ever be that brave, but you never know! Thanks for the story to begin my day with my wife. It's her birthday, and I think the next thing on our agenda is to go "play" for a while. 8)

    • LoveMyWife56 says:

      Love your stories! Your husband is very blessed to have you! I am sure it goes both ways. I have another story that has been waiting to be approved for about 10 days. Maybe it will be posted in the near future. I look forward to another one of your stories.

  3. Southernheat says:

    I’m sure it will be approved. I have a few pending as well. I guess that means they are getting lots of new stories! That makes me happy because it means there are lots of happy married couples having great sex!

    • SecondMarge says:


      I guess I have not been in either situation completely so I can’t be sure. From my limited experience, I have been aroused seeing others kiss and touch. I turned away from seeing more. Even being seen topless is uncomfortable. But I have stroked my husband with others around but who could not see. That was exciting. I think that makes me more of a watcher. Kind of a turn on thinking about it.

  4. Hott4you says:

    You should try it. I should too.
    Fucking outside?
    Allow your mind to wander.
    Cool breeze over two hot naked bodies.
    I must be braver too

    • SecondMarge says:

      Hot4 I think I am starting to adjust to the idea. My husband would love a warm breeze over my naked body as others enjoyed the view.
      But you are right we should stay open to new ideas.

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