Payback Can Be So Sweet (L)

Part 1 – Blushing over a cup of coffee

I was sitting in a coffee bar waiting for an old friend that I had not seen for a number of years. The place was quite packed. I was seated in a corner with my notepad on the table and my earphones from my mobile-phone in my ears. Just as the young lady who was serving me put my Coffee down, my phone rang. It was my wife.

Me:- Hi Baby, how are you?

She: – Do you have your earphones plugged in?

Me:- (Strange question.) Yes, I do. Why do you ask?

She: – I am playing with my pussy and I don’t want to be alone, so I thought you would like to listen while I am busy.

Me:- Huh!? Say that again!

She: – I am playing with my pussy. The one you licked last night. Remember? I had such a sweet orgasm just as your phone started ringing. I need some company while I play. Would you like to listen?

Me:- (No words. Just looking around to see if anyone can read my mind.)

She: – Are you there my sweet, sexy Lover?

Me:- (cough) UH…yes.

She: – I did not get dressed when you left to meet Craig for coffee. I am still lying on our bed, completely naked. I have my legs pulled up and my knees are very wide apart. I put a chair at the foot of the bed and I’m pretending that you are sitting there and staring at my pussy. Can you see how wet I am? I would love to have your tongue here with me right now.

Me:- (I have been caught completely off guard. I whisper….) Baby, what I can see is a lot of people all around me and I am blushing like a schoolgirl. And I’m hoping that not one of them can see that I have become hard as an iron rod in less than ten seconds.

She: – Don’t talk. Just listen. I will guide you through this. Just be strong, my love. You’ll be OK!

Me:- (Silence as I sip my coffee. I burn my lip, but who cares. My cock is fighting for release. I move my hand under the table just to make myself more comfortable before the damn thing breaks its own neck trying to straighten itself.)

She: – I am all shiny. I put lots of coconut oil on my boobs and my tummy and my pussy and my little clit. The oil has covered my thighs and is running down into my asshole. Can you see how hard my nipples are? Oh, they are so sensitive. Just look how hard they have become as I turn them around and around between my fingers. See how long I can pull them. As I pull them I can feel it all the way down into my pussy. Wait, just let me slip my finger into my pussy. Mmmm, it is so wet. And if I lick my fingers I taste so sweet. Mmmmmm. Do you want to come and taste? (She makes it so clear that I can hear her licking her fingers) Do you want to hear more?

Me:- Please! (What else could I say? I am so uncomfortable with my hard cock bulging under the table. I have the feeling that everyone around me knows what is going on, but they all pretend to be drinking their coffee. They are chatting as if they have no idea that my wife is fucking herself and I am listening to a minute-by-minute live talk show!)

She: – I am sliding my hand over my boobs, slowly down over my tummy. Nowthey are going down, down, down to my wet pussy. My legs are as wide as I can get them so that you can see better. Oh I am so wet. Can you see how wet I am? My juices are running down through my crack. I am wet all the way to the back. I would like for you to sit nice and close so that you can see what I am doing. Now my finger is making little circles around my clit. Round and round and round. Slowly. Very slow. I want to feel every bit of movement. My clit is so sensitive. It feels as if I am burning. Can you see that the little hood has pulled back and my clit is standing out like a little cock? I can imagine your tongue there right now.

Me:- (I pretend to take a sip of coffee, but the cup is empty.)

She:- I am so close to cumming again. Oh Maxx…. My clit is on fire. It is pulsing…. I am going to cum. Oh it feels so good. Don’t look away. Look at my pussy. Can you see that I am dripping? Yes! Yes! Ohhhh fuuuuuccck I’m cummiiiiing! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Look at me Maxx.

Me:- (Silence. I take another sip from an empty coffee mug – and swallow loudly.)

She: – (Only breathing. Silence…..)

Me:- Are you OK? (Stupid question! Of course she is OK. But I am definitely NOT!)

(I hear a soft buzzing sound in the background. I force my earplugs in deeper to make sure of what I am hearing.)

The waitress walks past me, sees my empty mug and says, “I’m coming sir. I’m coming!” She has NO IDEA what she just said.

She: – I am going to play further with my little Purple Lelo Swan. Just some more oil and….. yes, nice and slow, pushing it in deeper, stretching me. Oh shit it feels so fucking good! A little deeper, some more, ahhhh yes! All the way in. Listen to the buzzing sound. I think my little clit is still sensitive because of the way you sucked me last night. I want you to stick your tongue into my pussy again. That was so good. You are such a great lover. Now my toy is doing it for me. It makes me feel so full and it is vibrating on my clit. Ohhhh this is sooooo nice. Can you hear my pussy juices? I am pushing it in and out so deep and… so ….. fast. My face is tingling and my body is shaking.

Me:- (Whispering with my hand in front of my mouth) Cum for me, Baby. Don’t stop.

The sound becomes much clearer as she moves her phone down to her pussy. I hear the squishing sounds as she plunges the toy into herself over and over and over.

She: – Is your–oohhhh–coffee OK? I hope you are enjoying–aahhhh–the special treat with your coffee. I am trying to hold back, but I am going to cum again. Listen to me. Can you smell my pussy? I am so swollen that my lips are folding around the toy. I can see myself in the mirror behind your chair. See how my Swan is going in and coming out. The ‘ears’ are making my clit so sensitive. Oh baby. Here I cum again. Ohhhh ohhhh ohhhhh AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa! I cannot stop. Ohhhh shit, shit! This is so fuckkking gooood! I am sti – st – still cum-cummm-cucucummmmiiiiiiiinng!!!

Me:- (I hear the phone dropping. I know my wife when she starts with a Multi Orgasm. She is now using both hands and she is plunging that toy into her pussy as fast as she can. She goes on a roll and does not stop. I can clearly hear her grunting like a little puppy. I hear the sound of the vibrator and all the juices making those very wet sounds.)

She:- (A long scream from her throat that seems to carry on and on!) Ohhhhh! Ohhhh fuuuuuck my pussy! Maxx! Oh Max!! I need you to come and fuck me NOW!

And there I am sitting with an empty cup and staring at my friend who has just joined me at the table.

Me:- Listen Precious, Craig has just walked in. Thanks for your call. We will finish our chat later. Bye. I love you.

She:- Come home and come and finish what I have started. Don’t you dare hang up on me while I am cumming.

I hang up and wonder if my blushing is visible to everyone in the coffee shop?

Craig:- Hi Maxx. Are you OK? You look as if you are coming down with a cold. You face is very red……..

Part 2 – Payback Time

I must be honest and say that I enjoyed the sweet torture of that morning. That evening we had a good laugh about what she did to me. I love my wife with a passion beyond anything else on this earth. It was so precious to see her joy in what she did to me. We chatted about it. We told one another about our personal experience during that morning’s happenings.

As we shared we got very hot and horny. She said that just the idea that I was in a public place listening to her having some powerful orgasms made it so much better. She told me that her pussy was so alive and just begged for more and more. After I hung up on her she continued playing for quite some time. She loved the naughtiness of it all. I shared the fact that I could not get up and walk out after meeting with Craig, because I had a massive wet spot on my light grey pants.

She said that just talking about it had her wet again and she needed to get fucked. She wanted me to put my tongue deep into her and tongue-fuck her. We had a great evening of making love. In the back of my mind I was planning to get back at her in some way for what she did to me. Payback time came four days later.

It was early evening and we just came out of the shower. She was laying down on the bed naked and was looking at some messages on her phone. I walked into the room just as her phone started ringing. She took the call. It was Cathy, an old friend who just loved to chat. This girl could talk. Every call from her was at least 30 minutes long.

This was not planned, but I suddenly saw the possibilities of getting her back for my “cumming call” a few days before. She was lying back against the pillows, not in any way thinking about sex. That was about to change very suddenly. What made it even better was the fact that I knew that the two girls often spoke about sex and the things that they enjoy with their husbands.

I stood at the bottom of the bed and as she looked at me I started fondling my cock. She frowned at me with a “What are you doing?” look on her face. I just carried on and did my best to look as sensual as possible. (A very difficult thing to do for guys, yet very easy for the ladies.)

My cock was becoming very hard and it was evident that she was responding to my actions. She was still talking to her friend, but without her being aware of it she slowly opened her legs ever so slightly. I knew that my plan was going to work. I started dripping some pre-cum from my cock and took some on my fingers and put my fingers in her mouth. She licked her lips in a very sensual manner and this just spurred me on.

My next move was to take the coconut oil from her bedside table and take my place next to her on the bed. My feet were towards her head and my head was next to her pussy. I was resting on my elbow. Again she gave me ‘that’ look and I just smiled at her. I took my time to open the bottle of oil and then started dripping some on her cleanly shaved, edible pussy. She was having trouble focusing on the conversation and I was having trouble with a very hard cockthat was craving attention.

I was slow and gentle to begin with. I started rubbing the oil on her lower tummy and around her pussy. Slowly, I came closer and closer to the area where her clit was suddenly showing resurrection life. There was a clear swelling taking place. My fingers started rubbing the oil directly on that exquisite little love-button. Her whole body was responding. She gave me a dirty look, because she was having trouble trying to concentrate on her conversation. I was very gentle in the slow and soft movements I was making around her clit. My fingers were dripping with oil and it was running down between her labia and down to her ass.

My focus was on her face. She begged me with her eyes to stop, but at the same time her legs moved slightly further apart again. This gave me better access to that sweet spot that I love so desperately.

She:- I can’t talk very long. Maxx needs my attention, so we will have to keep it short. We can have a nice long chat tomorrow.

Her precious friend had NO IDEA how to keep a conversation short. She was a T A L K E R and that was just what I wanted.

Me:- (Loud enough that her friend could hear) Don’t worry, Baby. Take your time. You can help me tomorrow afternoon after work. Enjoy your chat. I have something that I need to give my urgent attention to right now.

If “looks could kill” I would be dead right now.

I kept on doing tiny circles around her clit and slowly increased my speed as well as the pressure. She was dripping wet and started with slight tremors on her stomach. (There is something that increases the sensuality when there is even the slightest possibility that we can be seen or heard when we are making love. Maybe there is a little voyeur and a little exhibitionist in each one of us.) The fact that she was about to have a massive orgasm with her friend on the other side of the phone was having a beautiful impact on my wife. Her face started contorting, her back started arching and I knew that she was about to explode.

She:- Ohhh…. Tell me more Cathy. (Trying to get Cathy to do all the talking.) I am….ohhhh….listening!

She moved the phone away from her mouth and put it under her thigh to hide the sound, but she was not very successful. Biting on her hand to try and muffle the sound, she had a thundering climax.

I moved myself to a position between her legs. Before she could close the gap I attached my mouth to her very wet pussy. The phone was back against her ear and she was doing her best to sound normal. She started talking about random stuff that did not make sense at all. I was doing my magic and she was responding so beautifully to my mouth making love to her.

She hooked her legs over my shoulders that gave me full access to my prize. My tongue made small circles around her clit that was totally exposed to my tongue. The little hood had pulled back and her reactions showed just how sensitive she was. I started licking her from as far back towards her ass as I could reach and then moved up slowly over and around her clit and then down again all the way. It only took about a minute when all the signs of another orgasm became evident. I sucked her clit into my mouth and just held it there. I kept the sucking pressure constant and as strong as possible.

She:- (Pretending to cough) Cough, cough, cough! Ohhhh sorry Cathyyy. Aaaahhhh! I will have to call you later…. Maxx needs…..

Phone is dropped next to her as she grabs my head and forces my tongue into her pussy as she cums quite violently.

Cathy (The friend):- (Talking so loud that even I can hear her.) Lucy, are you OK? Lucy? That is a very strange cough that you have. You should see a Doctor. It sounded more like an orgasm than a cough! Lucy? Lucy? Are you still there? Am I hearing what I think I am hearing? Maxx, you are a dog!

I don’t stop. My wife is on a roll and is cumming over and over while her friend is still on the line. I reach the phone without stopping what I am doing to my wife and I disconnect the call. (Lucy can try to explain later.) Now all else is forgotten and we only focus on her pleasure. I think the neighbors know my name by this time. Our passion is over the top. My own has risen to the point that I am scared I might cum without even being touched.

I lift myself from my position and plunge into her while she is still busy cumming. I do not move at first, but just hold my cock inside her as deep as I can. Her body is shaking out of control. I pull back to the point just before slipping out and hold it there. Lucy sinks her nails into my buttocks and forces me back in. I repeat it again and again. In as deep as possible – hold it there – back to the point of slipping out – waiting for her to ram me back in – ram it in as deep as possible…….. Again. Again. Again. And then I explode inside my lover-wife while both of us scream “Ohhhhh Fuuuuck” as if we rehearsed it together.. The feeling of her orgasmic contractions around me is heaven.

I slide down slowly until my face is between her legs again. I have the final pleasure of tasting our mixed juices as I bring her to one final orgasm.

The phone is ringing and the caller ID says “Cathy.” The call is left unanswered.

Is it possible that payback can be so sweet?

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25 replies
  1. LoveMyWife56 says:


    Great story! As I read I happened to notice I was also very hard! Your wife sounds like she loves her sex! Your profile reads that you are retired. How old are you folks, if I may ask?

  2. Southernheat says:

    Wow!😱Another super hot story! I’ve teased my husband on the phone not when he’s surrounded by people! He’s never paid me back that way! You sure can tell a story Climaxx

    • ClimaXX says:

      I love telling my stories. I relive and enjoy each one. Sometimes I write with only one hand.🤪

  3. ArtRutherford says:

    Nice story. The phone can sometimes get in the way, but thank goodness for caller ID. We didn't have that growing up.
    But, enjoyed the story. Payback is always fun.

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    Max & Lucy – That was the perfect combination of erotic hotness and humor in a true story. You can't make that kind of stuff up. Your stories and fun and sexy – and laden with encouragement to be part of the fun in our own marriages. God bless you two. LH

  5. Slinger says:

    Wow Maxx! Another very hot hot story!! Perhaps I’ve heard too many horror stories of marriages between folks of your age, but I never would’ve guessed you all were over 40!!! Hubby and I are in our late 20s and I can only pray we are still that hot for each other when we reach that stage 😊

    • ClimaXX says:

      Slinger, may I tell you a big truth. My mother died at the age of 95 and my father died 33 days after her. He was the younger one and he died at 91…. BUT they were very proud of the fact that they were still making love and my dad would arrange naughty weekends away with my mom. My dad only wore G-strings even at that age and he bought my mother sexy underwear. The last book he read during the last six months of his life was a very sexy book. Well, I plan to surpass him.

    • Slinger says:

      ClimaXX, what a beautiful and wonderful testimony for your parents! And such an example to be followed! My husband and I did not grow up with very good examples but decided from the
      very beginning that we would be the example. While we have had our fair share of problems, we are both very proud to say that we gave our virginitys to one another and with the Lords help our relationship will continue flourish.

  6. The Rose says:

    This story was OVER THE TOP. Only got to read it now. Wow! This was wild and I love the idea of listening to my wife masturbating in such a set-up. Must try this sometime.

  7. Cuddles says:

    This is my No 1 favourite story.
    Climaxx you have just the right touch in your writing to grab me from the first sentence and captivate my imagination and wicked playful sense of humour.
    Whenever I think of this story, and that would be often, I start grinning and chuckling.
    You gave me so many belly laughs!
    Thank you.
    I dips me lid.

  8. Lovinghusband says:


    You will really enjoy my comment…

    I read the other phone story from recent days – then saw your comment and pressed the link to your story

    I read it and was amazed by it. I thoroughly enjoyed every word. So powerfully unique and fresh. Then, I started reading all of the comments on your story. Then to my utter surprise – I saw that I had commented on it already back when you wrote it. What is so funny? I have a good memory. But, as I read your story – it was like the first time. Your story blew me away twice. Not an easy feat. Thank you for linking us to this classic. I bet that Lisa still gives you an unforgettable look whenever you remind her of that moment. God bless you both. LH

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