🔊 Love in the Elevator

A few weeks back, my wife Michelle and I had traveled to Ohio to attend a three-day conference together. We had the opportunity to have a romantic dinner date that Saturday evening. In our hotel room, I had the pleasure of watching my beautiful wife of 20 years prepare for our night out. Already dressed in slacks and a sport coat, I lounged around until she got ready.

I watched her get her stockings out of her suitcase. Slowly, she put them on one by one. I sat quietly and watched her beautiful body. All she wore were her bra and panties. She grinned at me as she knew that I love to see her in stockings. Much to my amazement, she reached for a pair of skimpy black lace thong panties and slid them on as well.

I had recently bought her a very sexy short green dress which she brought along to wear on our date too. Between her dress, the stockings, the black thong panties, and her black high heels, I could feel my dick getting hard. I wanted to touch her body right then, but I was trying to restrain myself for the time being. She looked terrific in that dress, and I reassured her that it wasn’t too short. We had a wonderful dinner date at the restaurant and ended up taking an Uber back to our hotel.

Things got interesting then! As we were walking around the hotel, talking and exploring, we came upon some restrooms that we both decide to use. I had been turned on all night by how amazing she looked. When I was in the toilet, I realized that I had pre-cum leaking from my dick.

I went outside the men’s room and stood by the ladies’ waiting for her to come out. Something came over me when she opened the door. I stepped inside the ladies restroom and slid my hand up her dress to feel her pussy. I was shocked when I felt her bare pussy under her dress! Apparently, she had taken her black lacy thong off earlier in the evening. She was now completely naked under her dress. I could have cum in my dress slacks when I felt her warm, smooth vagina. Scared of getting caught in the women’s restroom, we stepped out and continued to walk around the hotel.

Recently, I had gotten Michelle one of those powerful We-Vibe Tango vibrators. As we walked around, she felt something in my coat pocket and asked me what that was. I told her she didn’t want to know yet. As we walked around more, I continued to search for places where I could slide my hand back under her dress. I wanted to feel that smooth pussy once again. We came to a staircase where I turned to face her. Our mouths locked together, and we kissed passionately.

She hadn’t seen me take the vibrator from my coat pocket. As we kissed, I reached under her dress and touched her pussy with it. I heard her moan and could feel her press her pussy into the vibrator. She was slick from her juices. It didn’t take long for her to have her first orgasm of the evening, right there in that staircase. I continued to hold her for a few minutes after her orgasm subsided. Then I put the vibrator back into my coat pocket, and we went down to the next level of the hotel to find a place to sit.

We found a couple of chairs over in the corner where we could continue to talk. We sat down, and Michelle turned and put her legs in my lap. I gave her a foot rub for a while. I couldn’t help but gaze down at her very wet and excited pussy. She was very relaxed now and was laying there in her chair with her eyes closed.

I didn’t know if she was falling asleep or just resting. So, after a few minutes, I started rubbing her legs higher and higher up. She was acting like she didn’t know what I was doing. I lightly touched the outside of her vagina, but I didn’t get a reaction then, either. So after a few minutes of rubbing the outside of her pussy, I slowly slid two fingers into its warm wetness; she was still soaked with her cum from the recent orgasm. I continued to finger fuck my wife for probably 15 minutes right out in the open of the 2nd-floor lobby of the hotel!

At this point, I didn’t care who saw us. I had already made her cum once, and she had my dick so hard. My pants were wet from the large amount of pre-cum that had been leaking all evening. Michelle continued to lay there and watch my fingers go in and out of her pussy.

We decided to head up to our room. I stopped fingering my very aroused wife. When I slid my fingers out of her pussy, her juices had coated my fingers. I slowly brought my hand up to my face and inhaled the sweet aroma of her delicious pussy. Not only did I smell her wetness, but I licked her juices from my fingers.

My dick was rock hard and dripping. I decided that when we got on the elevator, I was going to slip it into her. As soon as the doors closed, I started kissing her while pulling my dick from my pants. Finally, it was free. Now, it was time to feel my dick inside of her pussy. I pulled her dress up and exposed her pussy in the elevator. Then, slowly at first, I slid it home.

Just then the elevator stopped and the doors opened. This was our floor, but we weren’t done with our elevator loving. I pushed the buttons to take us to the top level of the hotel. Before the doors fully closed, I had my arms around my lovely wife. I was feeding her pussy my dick for the second time tonight. We fucked all the way to the top of the hotel and the doors opened again. No one was there, so I pressed the button for the lobby.

When the doors closed, Michelle knew that she was going to feel my dick deep inside her pussy once again. She had a mix of her pussy juices and my pre-cum dripping down her legs. I had her cum all over the front of my black dress pants, but I didn’t care. This was the first time that we had ever fucked in an elevator, and we didn’t have a care in the world. Michelle couldn’t get enough of my hard wet dick. I was determined to give her more of it deep inside her hot pussy. I think this was the hottest I had ever seen her in the 23 years that we have been together.

Finally our love session came to an end when more hotel guests got on the elevator. Michelle and I grinned at each other. We were wondering if they could smell the hot sex that we had been having on that elevator. We were the first ones off the elevator on our floor. I was trying to hide my hardness from the other hotel guests. My dick was still fully erect and was begging for more of my wife’s hot body. Knowing that my wife had already had one orgasm in the staircase and that she was wetter than I had ever seen her, I knew that she was longing for more of my dick. I wasn’t going to disappoint her.

I was going to give her as much as she could stand. Before the night was over, she would experience more orgasms. Her pussy would be wetter and hotter, her nipples begging for attention. I knew that she wanted to feel my dick go deep into her pussy. And I knew that I would fill her pussy full of my cum.

Michelle–thank you for being the extremely hot wife that you are! I hope your pussy remembers the feeling of having my dick deep inside. I hope you want that feeling over and over again.

Dr. CD

good day!

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