Rushing Home from Work – For Her Pleasure (L)

It was an overcast and rainy day — beautiful in its own way. I was at work thinking of my wife, as I always do. I have been married to her for 13 years and can say that we have a really good and active sex life.

We had not been intimate for several days. Two days before this date, we had only reached orgasms by manually pleasuring each other as well as ourselves. It was something new we were trying after so many years of marriage. We highly encourage it during those times that having normal intercourse isn’t possible.

So, fast forward to the current day. We began to exchange text messages with one another. My lovely wife had gone to see the doctor early that day and then went home, having taken the day off. Knowing that she was home alone, I asked if she wanted me there too. I texted her:

“Take a nap and maybe by the time you wake up, I’ll be next to you… naked, of course.”

To which she replied sweetly: “I love you. Are you really coming home?…”

Now, let me back up to tell you more about what happened two days before. Remember, we were trying something different that night. After putting the kids to bed, we began to talk transparently about how we were feeling. We talked about ways to help fulfill our sexual needs and desires when a good old-fashioned lovemaking session wasn’t possible. We both know that as long as we both agree to it and it’s safe, we will try new things to keep the flame going.

We had read about some of these options that involved self and mutual masturbation. Due to our strict Christian upbringing, we had always had reservations about that. Enough talking, though. It was time to give it a try.

We began kissing as we took our clothes off. Once our motors were running, we sat down. My wife moved her hands down and started touching herself in front of me. She was rubbing her clit, her lips, and pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy. Then she grabbed one of her nipples and her already glowing breast with the other hand. In all of her years, she had not gotten her fingers wet from her own cum. But then she read Song of Solomon 5:5, which describes precisely what the woman was doing.

At the same time, she was watching me grab onto my already super hard dick. We both started to breathe heavy and tell each other how badly we needed one another, how much we wanted to make love, how hard we wanted to fuck. As the moment got hotter and the sexual tension built up, my wife asked me if she could suck my cock.

She sensually grabbed onto my sack and licked me slowly on the head of my dick. I began to run one hand up and down the inside of her thigh. With the other, I was rubbing her pussy harder and harder. It pulsated as it opened and became engorged. My precum juices were flowing as she passionately sucked my hard dick.

I was approaching the point of no return. I moaned and screamed, “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming!” so she could let me go. Instead, she pulled on my ready-to-explode cock until I came in her mouth. She swallowed most of it and spat the rest. Neither of us could believe it, but we both agreed that it felt incredible!

At the same time as I was cumming, she had her own orgasm, making things even more hot and passionate. My fingers were dripping wet with her delicious fluids as my hand felt her pussy trembling.

That moment of releasing in her mouth was so hot and sexy. I had never done that and I didn’t even ask her to do it. She did it because she wanted to. It’s a memory I will always cherish. It didn’t stop there, though.

After cleaning up the little crime scene, we now started going solo while focusing on each other. Both of our feet were touching, and our eyes locked on each other. Our horny faces expressed how badly we wanted a good fuck. My wife would lick her lips, looking at my cock, and I stared at her pussy. Our heart rates accelerated as we both increased the intensity, me jerking my cock and her rubbing her pussy. We came at the same time with hard moans and screams. Again, we were in awe at what we had done. This was something so sensual and pleasurable that we could add as another tool in our belt.

Anyway, now you will understand what was about to come, as we both had the memories fresh in our minds. I simply couldn’t stop thinking about my bride and that special night of mutual pleasuring.

As we continued to exchange messages, I reminded her of our encounter two nights ago and sent her one of the stories from MarriageHeat that was very relatable.

At this point, it was close to 1:30 pm. After a few minutes, I got the response, “I’m really getting hot here. Were you going to make it? Do you mind me… fingering myself? I feel wet already. I would love to feel your hard dick in my wet pussy. I so need you, mi amour. I’m about to start that if you don’t get here soon. Maybe I will while you’re on the way…”

I canceled all meetings and stopped all my tasks immediately as I made my way to my car and texted her:

“Oh my!!! Start fingering yourself, and I’ll be there in about 25 minutes. Can I lick your juicy wet pussy when I get home? I hope so. I’ve wanted to taste you since the other night.”

My dick was so hard and pounding that I felt like I couldn’t keep it in my pants. I had to get home and take my wife! We continued the messages:

“Come home. I’m already nice and wet for you.”

And I responded: “I can’t wait to kiss and suck on your tits! Feel your chest against my mouth. Hear your heavy breathing as you moan while I feel your ass pressed against my dick, fucking me so hard.”

It was close to 2 pm as I walked through the door. I made my way to our master bedroom and there she was, lying on the bed with only her top and a really sexy thong. Stumbling around trying to take all my clothes off, I finally succeeded, and we began to kiss each other very passionately. We were both kneeling on top of our bed with our hands caressing one another.

I had been thinking about that moment all day, and it had finally come. I was no longer imagining. I was now grabbing her sexy ass and already feeling her pussy with my dick, just rubbing her clit. I was shaking. Everything was feeling so good, and this was barely the beginning.

After she lay down on the bed, I began to kiss her neck, slowly moving down to her irresistible breasts. I had to control myself there because I wanted to devour them with my lips. But I continued down to kiss between her thighs. She perked up as I sucked and licked her pussy, going from the bottom up and top down. She can’t resist that sensation and asked me to fuck her with my tongue. So, I did just that, and the moans got louder.

Then I climbed on top of her and slid my cock slowly in and out of her now extremely wet pussy. That moment is always so hot when her pussy’s Kegels bite and suck on my dick. It takes me to the point of no return fast!

Not wanting this moment to stop, I pulled out, and she started playing with her pussy using her fingers while I grabbed her favorite vibrator for her. She moved into a doggy-style position, and I slowly inserted my pulsating hard dick in her pussy. She added the vibrator, putting it right on her clit.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

Hearing those words fueled my already horny cock. Who was I to argue? So, I went ahead and did what she told me to.

“Oh, fuck harder! Fuck me hard… oh fuck, don’t stop, fuck and don’t stop…”

We both ended up cumming one after the other, almost at the same time. It was amazing feeling how wet she was. Dripping in sweat, I held her in my arms. We cuddled and spooned together until we fell asleep.

Oops! We completely forgot the kids needed to be picked up from school! Lol. They were okay, and we got out of the routine by trying something new. Playing hooky was one memorable experience!

I often think of our past and our very sensual sex moments. Those always propel us into an even more passionate lovemaking night.

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19 replies
    • possibility says:

      Lovely story which reminded me when I came home for lunch shortly after our first baby was born.
      After lunch and before going back to work and while our baby was asleep my wife and I would have a quickie on the settee. As I had just watched her breast feed with no top on (it was a warm summers day) I was naturally feeling horny. Once the baby was asleep in the pram, I cupped her engorged breasts and deeply french kissed her with her reciprocating. I popped a condom on as she was not yet back on th pill and we made slow, passionate love on the settee in the daylight with lots of heavy breathing and loving eye contact. My orgasm came easily and I went back to work as if walking on air.
      Perhaps I will turn this into a longer story – it was so hot for us on that day!

    • lovemywife83 says:

      Thank you Old Lover. We have had plenty of incredible sexual moments with my wife. I've been wanting share them just like plenty of you here have done it to encourage and inspire those who read.

  1. HappyHubby says:

    Great first story! I love how you describe discovering a new way to express your intimacy with one another. Such a hot scenario. Good to read many more.

    • lovemywife83 says:

      Thank you ArtRutherford. It was an opportunity I couldn't ignore and everything worked out for our pleasure at the end.

    • lovemywife83 says:

      Thank you texasman76. It used to not be this way for our first years of marriage, but thank God we have gained knowledge and understanding for our marital benefit.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    I’m very happy for the two of you. Getting over Uber strict religious thinking about sex is so difficult. I’m trying but it’s a difficult battle. My second husband has been so supportive. I would like words like ‘f’ me to come out of my mouth for him.

    I enjoyed your story and congratulations on your growth and escape from poor teaching.

    • Hott4you says:

      Secondmarge, I know how you feel. My wife taught me that in marriage, it's okay to swear, talk about the forbidden and role play.
      God created you the way you are and He rejoices in you and your husband. He is there with you. After hot sex my wife and I see God's approval. We sense it. Go wild sweetheart!!!

    • possibility says:

      So pleased your second husband is so supportive as you try to get away from poor teaching about sex.
      I do hope you find a way of being able to be more articulate with him during your lovemaking sessions and really let go. The lovely open stories on marriageheat should give you ideas.
      You could start by writing all the words / phrases down that you would like to say and then, when the house is empty, whisper them to yourself and get louder as you get more comfortable and confident with hearing them. Just think how your husband will feel when he hears you say at an appropriate time 'fuck me, oh please fuck me ……… ' (his name) and 'Oh ……. please put you big cock into my wet juicy cunt, I want you to fill me up' You might like to say towards the end 'Oh …….. please give me your spunk deep in my Pussy'
      Perhaps you could set the scene by having a nice warm room where you will share your love with dim lamps / candles. You could have a small amount of alcohol (if you drink) to help get you in the mood.
      Knowing now that there is no harm in using these words and phrases in the context of your sex life and having practised these terms on your own, I hope you find the confidence to voice what you want to say. Your husband will love it and I am sure he will want to keep up with his support and encouragement so you can have even more mutual ecstasy.
      My wife and I use these words and more when lovemaking and keep it unknown to others (except MarriageHeat contributors) but we don't like them outside of the context of lovemaking.
      I really hope this helps and you and your husband have a more fulfilling intimacy as a result.
      Please let us know how you get on.

    • lovemywife83 says:

      Thank you SecondMarge. The keys for us was open, honest, transparent, and vulnerable communication.
      Sometimes it can also be simply not knowing any better. Yes, wrong teachings had a lot to do with us, but we didn't pursue knowledge of these subjects until only these past few years. Be encouraged you can to get there and it's beautiful.

  3. hornyGG says:

    Wonderful story! Mutual and solo masturbation has always played a huge part in our marriage. Great as a teaser for a hot screw because it is such a turn on watching each other.
    Just the other morning I walked in to the bathroom and found my husband Ben enjoying a jack off session before he left for work. Made me so hot and horny, I jilled off twice that day. When he got home that evening we enjoyed a very satisfying lovemaking session. Thanks for posting and stay horny always!
    😘 GG

    • lovemywife83 says:

      Thank you hornyGG. You are an inspiration to many here, including us of course.
      We're staying horny alright!

  4. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    We've recently had the conversation about our issues about talking sex and finding new and better ways to pleasure each other. It's important to talk and own our upbringings and their effects on us now and how the Lord made us for each other to enjoy. This story was very enjoyable.

  5. Johny123 says:

    Mutual masturbation can create an intimacy almost as close as full sexual intercourse as you share secrets. I’m fortunate in having a wife who likes to help me masturbate. My favourite masturbation position is kneeling wide legged. That pulls my erect muscle taut and I like the way my scrotum swings. My wife kneels naked next to me, so close her pubic hair brushes my thigh and her breasts are against my arm. As I masturbate she tickles my genitals and inner thighs. I especially like it when she reaches under me between my legs from behind. She likes to masturbate with me next to her, on her back with her legs wide and clamped between mine. I kiss her breasts and stroke her inner thighs and that spot between her vagina and anus as she pleasures her clit. Often I take over in the final seconds. Her orgasm shriek and the way she squirms in her orgasm is extremely erotic. Afterwards I hold my hand cupped over her mound between her legs while she enjoys her afterglow. I guess not many couples engage in that, but we sincerely feel that within marriage we can freely enjoy every monogamous sexual pleasure.

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