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We planned a walk in the park. Sunday afternoon, having just finished lunch, we met upstairs in the bedroom. I like to dress attractively, especially if walking around with my hubby. So I quickly browsed through the cupboard and found exactly what I wanted. I took out a black skirt with wide straps up the front which exposed the cleft of my boobs. It reached down to just above my knees. My hubby looked at me and complimented me, then lovingly made a gesture to me.

“I will let you go pantiless if you suck my cock,” he promised. I didn’t hesitate for one minute — though whether I sucked him or not, I was still going pantiless.

Loosening his belt, I got down on my haunches and slid his pants down to expose his already-hard cock. I imagined that in that position, he had a beautiful view of my bare pussy, which I had just shaven clean.

Taking the head of his penis between my pressed-together lips gave him a sensation of penetrating a tight pussy. I could see him almost topple over. I then opened my mouth wide, trying not to touch him on either side of his cock, and let him slide in deep until his head met my throat. Pulling back a little to take a deep breath, I let him repeat the process. I did that a few times so that he got to feel the warm gusts of my breath circulating around his shaft.

Then I stopped all movement and started sucking him in earnest, bobbing my head up and down and, on occasion, pushing my lips right down to his balls. I deep-throated him a few times before I released him and grabbed his shaft to give him a handjob, shaking it violently from side to side. I alternated between stroking and shaking him and taking him back into my mouth. It drove him wild, especially when I stopped to lick his perineum area before sucking hard on his cock head.

His precum was oozing all over, and then I felt his cock head begin to swell. Tightening my lips hard over his head just where his shaft starts, I felt stream after stream of hot semen ejaculate. I didn’t waste a drop as I held on for dear life with his cock firmly locked between my lips. Finally, as I felt him going soft, I opened my mouth to show him all the semen that had filled my mouth.

”I love you,” he said.

I swallowed but showed him some still coating my tongue. It didn’t bother me at all; I just straightened up. Once he’d pulled up his pants, we went out of the house and off to the park. A sexy feeling came over me as I walked without a pantie and with a mouth still tasting of semen; it made me feel like I had stolen the show.

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7 replies
  1. Hott4you says:

    Bjlove, you did steal the show. You actually went out for a walk without panties?
    Did the air feel good? Mmmm?
    Bad girl! Do you and your husband play'…outdoors too?
    If my wife had no panties in the park I'd be fingering her as we walked. Keeping an eye out. Of course!

  2. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Bravo! Your husband must feel very special to have a wife who is so eager and generous with oral loving, not to mention daring enough to go pantiless in public.

  3. hornyGG says:

    Mmmm, protein treat before a nice walk! 😉. I truly enjoy sucking off my husband because I know he enjoys it so. I often will save a little in my mouth, then feed it to him with a kiss. Ok, stop it Gina!🤗
    Great story as always Bjlove. Thanks for sharing and stay horny darlin!
    😘 GG

  4. Stevie says:

    Beloved, awesome story!!
    The way you took control and enjoyed every inch of his package, love it!!
    My husband loves when I just take over and deep throat too he always gives me a good drink.
    Going pantyless… awesome feeling.. and great for his imagination.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. coolassmick says:

    I loved the story. Your hot wife showing you your come before swallowing it — mine did this to me once and it just feels like she appreciates it as her own reward.

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