Sweet and Delightful

I dearly love my wife. She makes sacrifices for me and looks for things to do and pleases me in ways that always leave me speechless. I’m grateful that now she gets things started every once in a while, NOT because she feels like she has to, but because she wants it.

One night as I laid on the bed already in a deep sleep, I felt something that woke me up. There is something about her sexy feet and seductive toes touching me that send electric vibes all over my body, every single time. I immediately sense a ‘disturbance in the force.’ While I was still trying to confirm what was really going on, she ran her fingers along my erecting manhood then firmly gripped it. “I’m up!” Literally, I was up and ready to go. Without much prelude, we began French kissing very passionately. I moved down to her neck then continued going lower to spend some time with her perfectly proportioned breasts until her nipples got hard.

I then positioned my left hand on her electrified, wet pussy, and she took a deep breath as excitement continued to develop. I felt the urge to slide my cock between her lips and begin slowly thrusting right away. But I hadn’t tasted her juices in several days, and I know she loves it when I give her cunnilingus. I was so hungry for her! I placed my tongue deep inside her pussy, then ran my mouth from side to side, sucking on her and feeling her body quiver and shake as my hands grabbed hold of her ass. I finished on her clit, licking it until she couldn’t take it anymore.

I knew she was very horny when she asked if she could ride me, but I couldn’t wait. My cock was begging to fuck her drenched pussy. So before she could say anything else, I started going in very slowly. I had placed a ring on my dick that makes it thick. Without going deep yet, I let the head begin to peck at her pussy. Little by little, I increased penetration until I was going as deep as I could. Her breathing and moaning became so sensual and erotic that I knew I was gonna cum any moment if I didn’t stop.

To take a break, I went to get her new wand. She switched to doggy-style and backed her ass into my ready-to-blow cock while she moved the wand around her pussy. It didn’t take much longer before I heard her request to fuck her and fuck her harder.  Before we knew it, we both came. Our bodies spooned together, letting this special moment simmer down.

I don’t take these times for granted. I enjoy the times when I spend 30-45 minutes massaging her entire body. It gives me so much pleasure that, by the end, my cock is dripping; without effort, she makes me cum. And I love planning and executing a night of games and taking our time to seduce one another. But there’s always something very unique, special, sweet, and delightful when my wife takes the initiative and creates a moment that becomes passionate very quickly by simply touching me with her sexy toes.

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6 replies
  1. Pushbabypushhard says:

    I assume that you've been married since 83? That is awesome. Your story starts out with appreciation for her. Love this.
    The entire play-by-play sequence of this story had me grabbing my swollen shaft, but you know what? The sweetest most erotic, electric moment is you and she French kissing. I know that moment in the middle of the night. So romantic. Pardon me but I have to ask: Do you and she go deep with your tongues? Around the teeth, twisting yourselves into a deep seductive love knot? Caressingly over the gums? Have you ever tried French kissing with cum in your mouth? It's so smooth! Wow. I am horny now. Congratulations on your love!!

    • texasman76 says:

      Wow, french kissing with cum in your mouths. That got me so horny when I read that! I remember on my birthday a few years ago I was asleep on my side. My wife started caressing my ass hair from my cheeks into my crack. My cock got instantly hard. She then switched and was caressing my hairy chest/nipples that are wired directly to my manhood. It wasn't long before we were passionately making love and blew a nice thick load in her. Your comment makes me think I should have gone down and gotten some cream to share with her. So hot man.

  2. possibility says:

    This story was hot for me too and had my cock emitting pre cum over my pants.
    Pushbabypushhard, my wife and I deeply French kiss really pushing our tongues into each other's mouths and yes, after I have cum in her mouth we have also kissed – so so naughty and very hot!

    • Pushbabypushhard says:

      Possibility, aWesome. It's fun, French kissing! Don't know why. I think maybe it's because it plays with my mind about sex. We suck on our tongues too. Can u imagine? Slippery tongues..and cum? Continue to b naughty!!!

    • WifeOnHeat says:

      This made my pussy gush! My husband has A LOT of precum which he likes to drip and rub onto my clit right before he licks me. He often comes up for kisses and I love that he likes to taste himself on me and lets me taste our mixed juices.
      Better still, I love to suck him with my cream all over his shaft and then have his cum in my mouth. A number of times, we've deeply kissed while his cum was still hot. Each time, the sensation has made me orgasm without any other stimulation.

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    lovemywife83, this story was so beautiful! I love how the simple act of touching you with a favorite body part instantly arouses you for you wife. If all I ever had to do was touch my husband to turn him on, you can bet I'd keep my hands (or feet) on him all the time!

    So sweet that you don't mind taking the lead most of the time, too. Makes it all the more special when it's her idea.

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