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This happened during a summer holiday, just a few years after Brian and I were married. Four couples–including Sarah, my closest friend since the first grade, and her husband–arranged to rent a houseboat for the weekend. We packed up the car with food, beer and wine. Then we took the three hour drive to the lake to meet the others. As everyone arrived, we loaded the boat and headed onto the water. It was to be three days of swimming, lounging, and laughs.

I used one of the bedrooms to change into a bathing suit I had gotten for the occasion. It was a one-piece but with a rather high cut leg opening. I changed and used the mirror to see how I looked before heading out to be with the others. OMG! My earlier grooming efforts were certainly not good enough for this suit. And the others I brought weren’t cut any different.

I rummaged through Brian’s stuff and found his razor and shaving cream. Fortunately, he had additional blades. In the very tiny bathroom of the houseboat, I struggled to shave the offending areas. I had to be careful. I didn’t want razor burn. Thankfully, my efforts were successful, and I was able to wear the one-piece.

When I joined the others on the deck of the boat, Sarah asked what had taken so long. I whined to her about the problem I had and what I had to do. Sarah listened and then said, “Dez, isn’t it time you turn to a professional for that? Next week I’ll schedule an appointment for us.”

As promised, Sarah scheduled an appointment for me at a local spa that has an esthetician, Lisa, on staff. Sarah went with me for moral support.

I was anxious and a bit scared. But, I have to say that my first experience with getting a bikini wax wasn’t as bad as I feared. The place was really upscale and the people did everything to make me comfortable. And Sarah was with me the whole time. Since this first time was just “the bikini area,” I didn’t need to expose my most private parts much at all.

So that night, I shared the whole experience with Brian. Of course he wanted to see the details of what I had done. I have to say that I felt the touch of his fingers in a different way than I had before. I could even feel the texture of his tongue as he licked along the very smooth skin of my thighs and the now smooth edges of my lips. Brian suggested that I have this done regularly. And he said he wouldn’t mind if I had more hair removed next time if I wanted to.

Let me fast forward a few years. I now have a regularly scheduled “Spa Day” at that same spa. I get my hair done, plus a manicure and pedicure. Then I spend time in the private room with Lisa, the esthetician that first took care of me. I have followed Brian’s urging and progressed to getting a full Brazilian. I’m now totally smooth front and back. Occasionally I will return to a little triangular “landing strip,” but that’s pretty soft now.

Last Wednesday was a “Spa Day” for me! My morning was hectic as I tried to get eight hours of work done by noon so my afternoon would be free. At the strike of noon, I closed down my computer and got ready for the afternoon. After a very light lunch, I slipped out of my clothes and into a simple T-shirt dress and sandals. It’s always best to not wear panties on “Spa Day.”

I had a 1:00 appointment at the spa. As usual, I was greeted as I entered by Amanda, the owner. She led me to the hair salon where Jennifer did her usual magic. Then Ashley and Kimberly made my nails, both fingers and toes, beautiful again. I picked out a favorite shade of red I know Brian loves.

Then to a quiet room where Lisa sets up shop. The room is always so relaxing, with its minimalist furniture and artwork on the walls. Of course, there is a hint of flowers and the air is noticeably warmer than the rest of the spa. Even the lighting is perfectly designed for Lisa’s practice. There is a warm, soft light along the walls and most of the room. But still, Lisa can direct a brighter light onto the area she’s working.

Lisa greeted me warmly as always, handing me a towel as I entered. We’ve done this lots of times so no further instructions are needed. She closed the door to give me a minute of privacy. I stepped out of my sandals and slipped off my dress, hanging it on a hook on the wall. Getting comfortable on the sheet-covered table, I spread the towel over me. Then I adjusted the headrest to the perfect spot.

I called to Lisa and she entered the room. She always starts by asking about my health and if there have been any changes she should know about. She asked me if I still want to keep the landing strip and whether I want any other changes. I asked her to trim the hair there a little. I still wanted to keep it as is, though.

Lisa turned on some earth sounds on the speakers and adjusted the lighting so she could better see where she’ll be working. After a gentle massage of my legs — especially my thighs — to relax me even more, she folded the towel so that my lower half was exposed. For the next hour or so, Lisa meticulously used the tools of her trade to make every square centimeter of my most private areas silky smooth. When she finished, she rubbed a soothing lotion over the now bare flesh. That helped to calm the nerve endings and soften my skin even more.

She unfolded the towel to cover me then left the room to give me a couple of minutes of privacy. I enjoyed the smell and sounds for a moment longer and then got up. Slipping the soft T-shirt dress over my head, I stepped into my sandals. Lisa met me as I opened the door and handed me a small jar of the lotion she used. No instructions were necessary; I know to apply it again at bedtime.

It was after 5:30 when I pulled back into our drive. As the garage door opened, I saw that Brian had already arrived. Traffic must have been light; he doesn’t usually get home that early. He greeted me at the door with a tender kiss and a hug. Then, seeing my tranquil glow, he asked how I enjoyed my day at the spa.

“It was wonderful as always!” I replied. Then he stepped back and said, “OK, let me see how they took care of my bride!”

He spun me around and complimented the way my hair looked. Taking my hands in his, he said, “Nice! Beautiful color.” He looked down at my toes showing through my sandals and gave me another compliment.

Then he said, “OK, let me see how Lisa did!” With that, I let go of his hands to raise my dress to the top of my mound. He reached out to lightly touch the silky smoothness of my bare lips. I quivered just a bit at his soft touch. “Nice, Dez. Smooth and bare. I love Lisa’s work! I see you still have the landing strip! I like that too!”

But there is one really big downside to my wonderful “Spa Days.” As much as I’d love for Brian to give lots of attention to Lisa’s work, I need to avoid sex for 24 hours. Otherwise, things can get a bit irritated down there. Brian is very understanding. He agrees that if I’m not going to have sex, he won’t either. Mostly!

After dinner and a little relaxing with a Netflix movie, we headed to the bedroom. Brian got ready for bed a little faster than I did and pulled back the sheet to get in. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I pulled the T-shirt dress over my head and threw it into the laundry basket. Taking out the little jar of lotion Lisa had given me, I stood with one foot on the edge of the bathtub to apply it to all the bare areas.

Smoothing the lotion softly over my mound, my lips, and the area behind felt so very good. I used one hand to spread myself so I could reach every crevice with the soothing lotion. As I was enjoying the sensations of my fingers gliding over my silky skin, I noticed that Brian was laying naked on his side in bed. His eyes followed every move of my red fingertips. I applied more lotion, enjoying the sensations and, maybe even more, Brian’s stare. I always find the sight of Brian’s magnificent, thick cock against the firmness of his abdomen so amazing.

My glances switched between Brian’s eyes and his beautiful cock as I approached the bed. “It sure looks like you could use some attention too!” I said.

I knelt on the bed and glided my hand over his hip. My touch triggered a little jerk from his hardening shaft. “Would you like a massage?” I asked. My hand reached to feel his hardness.

“But Dez, we both know we shouldn’t have sex right after your Spa Day!” Brian said.

“I shouldn’t have sex.” I corrected him. “But I can make this for you!”

Not giving him a chance to respond, I lightly kissed that special spot where his shaft becomes his cockhead. “Now, how about that massage!”

I reached into our nightstand where we always keep a jar of coconut oil. Positioning myself between his legs and putting some oil in my hands, I started to spread it on his thighs and hips. I worked the oil into his skin with long strokes to relax the tension in his muscles and tendons. Gradually, I could see his hips open. His breathing slowed and deepened as my hands and the oil worked their magic. As my fingers stroked my wonderful husband’s body, I couldn’t help but tell him how amazing the long muscles of his thighs felt in my hands, the strength I could feel in his hips, and the beautiful sight of his magnificent cock.

I let my massaging fingers move to his inner thighs, then ever so softly, I spread a little oil over his balls. Holding these most precious orbs in my hands and feeling their weight is incredible! Gently and slowly I massaged each one, sometimes cupping and fondling them both in the palm of my hand. At times, I lightly glided my fingernails over the sensitive tissue that contains them.

Reaching for more oil, I continued massaging Brian’s thighs and hips. I stroked the muscles of his abdomen and the firmness of his pubic bone. Then I returned my attention to his balls and the hard ridge just behind them. As my fingernails roamed over these amazing organs, I could see Brian’s shaft stiffen still more. At times, it would even rise up in sharp jerks.

Wanting it as much as Brian, I moved my hands to that incredible rod. My fingertips explored every vein and ridge of this amazing gift. Wrapping my fingers around him, I slowly and lightly stroked along the slight curve of his shaft.

Soon, both hands were taking in the pleasure of gripping his wonderful cock. Lightly for several strokes, and then tighter for several more. Faster for more strokes and slower for still more. I could see Brian’s expression change as I varied the speed and firmness of my stroking hands. His face got especially intense when I alternated between long, slow strokes from the tip to the base of his shaft and shorter, faster strokes around his engorged cockhead.

When I glided the palm of my hand over the very tip of his cock, Brian exhaled a soft moan. It was incredible to see Brain respond to me this way, to know that I was giving him this pleasure.

I reached for a little more oil. Spreading it between my hands, I resumed this massage that had become so erotic. It was such an amazing way to explore my husband’s masculinity. I held his cock between my palms, my fingers pointing toward his cockhead. I stroked firmly, taking in his amazing thickness. I loved listening to his breathing as I explored different ways to stroke him. At times, I would twist my hands around his cock and tease him lightly with my fingernails.

Several times I heard his breathing quicken. His shaft would thicken and stiffen still more. His balls would draw tight to his body. Each time, I changed up what I was doing and told him, “Just breathe and enjoy, Brian! Your massage isn’t over yet!”

When I sensed that he had relaxed a bit, I gradually resumed massaging all the parts of his masculinity. The oil on my hands blended with the pre-cum that kept appearing at the tip. When I rubbed the hard spot behind his balls, his cock jerked almost violently. I so enjoyed witnessing these amazing reactions to my loving touch. At least four or five times, his body’s responses and guttural sounds signaled that he’d gotten very close to the release he craved.

Then it was time! I held the base of his shaft with my left hand. I gripped him with my right hand so that my thumb was rubbing his frenulum with each stroke. My long, slow strokes sped up and shortened. My fingers bounced over his swollen ridge, as my thumb glided from the very tip and over his frenulum. I caressed the sensitive furrows of the inverted V where his shaft and ridge meet.

The signs of Brian’s pending orgasm reappeared again. His breathing quickened, deep sounds with each exhalation. His very swollen cockhead engorged to the size and color of a large plum. The veins of his rock hard shaft were highly visible.

“I’m gonna cum, Dez!” He got out the words between short breaths.

The motion of my hands didn’t change. My fingers strummed over his ridge, my thumb stimulating the furrows of his frenulum. His stomach muscles tightened and his hips thrust upward as he again spoke in short bursts.

“I’m gonna cum, Dez! You’re making me cum! I’m cumming!” That was followed by the primal sounds and grunts that a wife so loves to hear from her husband.

His cock started to jerk from the base to the tip as the thick fluid began pulsing from deep inside. It ran up and through the length of his shaft. The first spurt of his creamy cum shot from his beautifully swollen cockhead and landed in his navel. The next one was more intense and forceful, leaving a white stream from his neck back to my hands. His core shuddered as spurt after spurt after spurt painted his chest and abdomen. What could be more intimate than feeling the pleasure my husband was experiencing in my hands? Seeing and hearing his moment of ecstasy?

The intense power of his orgasm lessened slightly. The body spasms became less rhythmic. I tightened the grip of my left hand and pressed on the underside of his magnificent cock. I stroked out the last of his cum, milking every drop he had produced. Brian let out a satisfying grunt with each of my strokes until his body had no more to give.

I could only smile softly. A countenance of peace and total satisfaction washed over Brian in the afterglow of his incredible orgasm. I was so blessed to be a part of this amazing experience. So blessed to be able to give this moment of pleasure to my wonderful husband.

Reaching for the hand towel we keep under the pillow, I used it to softly, ever so gently, absorb the wetness that had soaked my folds and was trickling down my thighs. Turning the towel, I tenderly began to clean Brian’s chest. My touches slowly eased Brian from his bliss. His mouth formed a smile of contentment. He pulled me to his lips.

After a long, appreciative kiss, he said simply, “We both had a wonderful Spa Day!!! Thanks, Dez! I love you!!!”

“I love you too, Brian!”

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  1. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Wow, I think any man reading this story can easily put himself in Brian's position, with his wife at the helm, simply because you wrote so descriptively. I got hard and began to ache just reading. Thanks.

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