Once in a While

There are times when my hubby wants to be fondled, leaving himself open to my exploration. I love this! It gives me an opportunity to try out techniques that I may have not tried on him before. There are times that he does the same to me and I love those too! We seem to enjoy one another’s “single sessions.”

Today, it’s my turn to give. As always, I start off with some deep kissing. I love exploring every angle of his mouth as our tongues tangle in slippery saliva. Not letting lovely moments like this go, I lick his face. Gradually, I move down towards his chest area. If there’s one thing that drives him crazy, it’s me licking his nipples and sucking them. He finds the right nipple especially sensitive and erotic. I suck and lick his nipple until he blurts out, “My cock head!”

Going all the way down, I firmly lock my lips over the head area just above where his shaft starts. I then start fondling his nipples with his cock gripped firmly in my mouth. He loves this; it drives him wild. The whole time, his precum flows into my mouth. I dare not release him as I lie between his legs. We know soon it will burst!

Often he asks that the intensity on his nipples be increased. So I pinch and rub them harder and faster until the inevitable happens. He grips my head firmly and tells me not to move but to grip his cock hard. As the swelling in his cock head increases, I know the time has arrived.

With a loud “Urgggh!” his cock bursts load after load of semen into my mouth. When it’s over, I raise my head and show him my mouthful before I swallow some. Then we share a deep kiss as our mouths are doused in sperm. What a way to enjoy one another!

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    I was surprised when I discovered my husband enjoyed his nipples played with, licked and sucked. Sometimes even pinched hard and pulled. My first husband never requested it.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    The third paragraph above may be one of the best ever! I have enjoyed that scenario many times and it is a usual occurrence in our love-making. Sounds as if bjlove is a true professional at giving her man a bj! Awesome!

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