What’s Your Sex Life Like?

What’s your ordinary, day to day, sex life like? I know the more extraordinary and special sex sessions end up in the stories here, but what is your regular day-to-day sex like? How often? What do you do? Which position? Where?

Please, answer in the comments. Thank you!

We’ve been married for almost 20 years, have three kids between the ages of 9 and 15, a fairly regular sex life—we make love about 3-4 times a week. Mostly it’s in some variation of the missionary position, but sometimes in wife on top and occasionally rear-entry positions. It usually goes something like this:

Typically, we make love at bedtime but sometimes on weekends in the morning before we get up.

It all starts with some flirting, hugging and kissing during the afternoon and evening. I hug my wife from behind and kiss her neck while my hands lightly caress her tummy, chest, and breasts. Her breasts are so soft and pleasant to touch through her thin clothes. I usually get an erection, and I press it against her behind. She shivers and gets goosebumps, and her nipples harden and stand out.

If we sit on the couch, she puts her legs in my lap. She likes when I stroke her thighs, calves, and feet. She says it’s very relaxing and sometimes arousing when I do that.

When we go to bed, we are already naked. We lay down side by side, hug tightly, and kiss for a while. I feel her soft breasts against my chest, and her hips pressed against mine. My penis grows very hard and erect almost immediately, and she can feel it.

I lightly stroke her back and butt slowly. She’s so soft under my touch. She stroke my arm, hip, and upper thigh. We’re kissing with open mouths and our tongues stroke, caress and explore each other. She lightly traces her hand from my hip in between us to touch my balls then up along my hard shaft. We roll slightly apart to give each other more access.

My hand moves from her back to her soft breasts. I caress, squeeze, and massage them softly and feel her nipples becoming taut. She is beautiful!

She reaches for the coconut oil and pours some in her hands, then starts to slowly stroke my hard member up, down, and around the head. It feels fantastic, and it tingles in my whole groin. I can’t resist the urge to thrust, and my hips start rising to meet her strokes. I push in and out of her slippery hands and against her tummy and moan from the sensations.

She rolls away a little more onto her back and spreads her legs wide apart. My hand finds its way down her tummy, over her mound with its short-trimmed hair, and between her soft thighs. Her shaven outer labia are so soft and swollen to my touch while her inner labia are parted and slippery from the juices flowing from her open vagina. My fingers easily slide as I feel around her most intimate parts.

I start slow rhythmic stroking back and forth along her hard and engorged clitoris, and she lets out a soft moan of delight as my fingers find her spot. I lean over her and take one of her beautiful, large, and very hard nipples in my mouth. I LOVE to lick and suckle her breasts. She moans loud from the new sensations.

We kiss and stroke each other for some time as our arousal builds higher and higher. At some point, she pulls me on top of her, and I position myself between her widespread legs in the missionary position. I can clearly see her wide-open vulva glistening from her excitement. She lovingly takes my hard penis and guides it to her slippery opening as she puts her feet on my butt and presses my hips towards her to get me inside. I slowly push my hips forward and feel her vagina open up and enclose my thick member as I slide all the way into her warm, wet, and velvety softness.

We just lie still and kiss deeply for a few short moments enjoying the feeling of her vagina lovingly holding my penis in its soft grip. Then I start a slow grinding motion against her, and she meets my grinds to put pressure on her clitoris. I mix it up with one or two long, slow thrusts where I pull almost out of her before going in again. Every such move makes her moan in pleasure.

I have to be careful not to thrust too much, or I will cum, and I don’t want to do that yet. Mixing it up with the grinding helps me to hold off my orgasm until I’m ready to let go.

Her moans get louder and come with every breath, and she pushes her pelvis against mine with more intensity as she near her orgasm. I thrust more and more the closer she comes. I push in, grind once, pull out, push in, grind once, pull out…

Suddenly she pushes her hips hard forward against me and holds still. I continue my thrust-grind for only a few more turns, and then a loud groan emanates from her as she collapses and spasms beneath me in orgasm. I sometimes feel her vagina rhythmically grip my penis, and she always gets even more wet and slippery.

Then it’s my turn. I change my motions to only long in-and-out thrusts since that is the most pleasurable to me. She spreads her legs wide and raises them in the air to give me full access, and I slide in as deep as absolutely possible on each thrust. I feel her tighten her vaginal muscles every time I push in to provide me with more resistance and friction. It feels out of this world, like heaven on earth. I moan with every thrust and feel the frisson of a building orgasm. My penis tingles all over, and I can’t stop. I just have to thrust, thrust, thrust…

Aaahhhh! I push in hard one last time and hold still as I feel the contractions from my orgasm start at the very base of my penis and quickly spread up its whole length. My semen flows up inside my shaft and rhythmically spurts out of it deep into the love of my life. I absolutely love to orgasm and ejaculate deep inside her. It’s the best feeling ever!

I collapse on top of her, and we breathe heavily for a while. As we calm down, I roll off of her, and my softening penis slips out. We cuddle up and go to sleep.

This is very vanilla (compared to most stories here), I know. But it is VERY satisfying and pleasurable!

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29 replies
  1. SexyBeasty says:

    Married 11 year three kids 9,7,4.
    We probably average 3 times a week. Usually one in a weekday and twice on a weekend.
    Probably 60% of the time bed sex starting in missionary but ends in doggie or her riding reverse cowgirl.
    40% on the couch or shower. Couch reverse cow and shower bending my beauty over from behind! Always leaving my cum inside her!

  2. lonely guy says:

    Mine consists of seeing my wife in tight yoga pants or occasionally changing, then asking for sex later that night and ultimately ending up in the bathroom masturbating because my wife refuses to be intimate.

  3. Beezie19j says:

    Sex life is a tough topic. We are big believers in 1 Corinthians 5. That being said, our sex life is definitely a work in progress. We try our hardest to make love at least once a week. We have been dealing with some pretty tough health issues in the last couple years or so and this has made sex a bit more difficult than it was in the first few years of our marriage. Sex for us usually begins with one of us gauging the interest of the other early in the day. From there, if it’s a day where we’re spending time apart for one reason or another (work, life, etc) we try to engage in texting foreplay just to stay engaged for our time together later on. Sex will always involves oral play. We like cowgirl and missionary as our go to positions. We will do doggy style from time to time depending on how we’re both feeling. We are always both committed to making sure the other gets everything out of the experience.

  4. Roy Hobbs says:

    Ordinary for us is a shower, massage, oral for both, and a couple of different positions with me being inside my wife. Typically finish with wife on top or missionary. If I cum first, then I will finish by licking her pussy and either using a vibrator or fingers.

  5. ArtRutherford says:

    Nice story. We have sex only on the weekends. During the week she is too tired. Usually we do just missionary position, I masturbate to cum and just before I climax I put my penis in her vagina. We use lots of lube. She masturbates to orgasm before, during, or after me and we just collapse in each others arms when we are finished. Been married 40 years.

  6. Sultryheat says:

    My hubby and I just celebrated our 28th Anniversary….been together as a couple for 30! We actually still have sex at least 4 times a week, occasionally more. We have both always had such a strong physical attraction to each other and that doesn’t seem to be decreasing with age. Our sexy time is always either a early morning event (his fave), or a mid afternoon delight (my fave). My guy ALWAYS fingers and eats my pussy so I orgasm first…what a gentleman he is! We 69 a lot so I can please him as well. We just both LOVE oral. After I’ve cum, he loves to stroke his big hard cock for me and then slide it in slowly, usually in missionary (my fave) or occasionally he loves to fuck me doggie style (his fave). We both love sex anyway we can get it…whenever and wherever.

    • Horny_boy says:

      I'm 21 and you guys have been having "fun"long before I was born! I really look forward to performing oral on my future wife, even if she doesn't return the favor! I think going down on a girl is a must for men! Btw, what does your husband do to have such a high sex drive? I thought sex for men decreased at 40, but maybe it's a myth. When I'm 40 I'd like to have as much testosterone as your husband!

  7. LilaY69 says:

    @Sultryheat I must admit, your comment made my pussy wet.

    My hot rod and I fuck at least 6-9 times per week depending on how you count our sessions. It's not out of the ordinary for us to spend hours on a given day fucking and making each other cum for hours on end.

    Sometimes it's casual sex. At times I'll just casually suck his cock and balls, or even give him a rim job on the couch or in the car, for example. Or I'll casually be riding his big cock in bed while we watch Netflix.

    Other times it's impassioned lovemaking. To give just one example, I love watching him clapping my ass cheeks in the mirror. Especially doggy style. Just so much so as I also love clapping his ass cheeks doggy style with a strap-on fake cock.

    And more than often, we just need to take each other. I just need to be taken. On a dial, I really am at all times his sexy little slut and I love being told so. There are those times when I just need to be spread with feet in the air, pounded, and then creamed. I'm probably at my highest peak of sexual bliss when I'm completely spread apart and exposed, with my pussy squirting. The hottest thing ever is having my pussy squirting like a geyser as my glory holes are being licked, fingered, and filled.

    Lastly, there are also those times when I have or need alone time to myself. I (nearly) just as much enjoy pleasuring myself. Plenty of toys for that when hubby's away, and it's also a perfect time to fantasize with many different and new sexual fantasies.

    Wow! This was a lot longer than I anticipated, no pun intended! And my pussy is soooo wet!!!

    • Horny_boy says:

      @Lilay69 your comments always are the best❤️💦 It made my cock really hard and I can't help but stroke it while reading your comment multiple times! Your husband is a lucky man to have such a woman that is willing to please her husband! It seems that you two have a really active sex life and it would be great if you share some of your sexual experience or fantasies. You also mentioned that your husband is very good at eating pussy and he always makes you squirt.That's a man's dream, btw!. I would like to read some of his techniques, it would be really helpful for so many ppl here on MH. Most women only cum by cuninlingus, but the women on MH seems that they always orgasm during PIV, maybe there's a technique to stimulate the g-spot with the penis? Anyway, thank you, LilaY.

    • LilaY69 says:

      Thank you Horny_boy

      I have a hot story in the works of giving my husband an amazing blowjob.

      I would love to write out my different sexual fantasies. It's tough to decide on which erotic fantasy to write about first. I have many and they're are very hot to think about. Erotic fantasies are virtually endless as is my imagination.

      My husband is amazing at eating pussy[…] He knows exactly what a woman wants. Not only oral techniques but also using fingers or toys. I have also given him pointers here and there 😉

      I usually need intense stimulation in order to squirt, but not necessarily only his cock inside my pussy. I can squirt just by pleasuring myself with my wand.

      [Thanks, LilaY69 and Horny_boy, but we are gonna ask that the convo end here, to keep the comments focused on the OP.]

  8. LovingMan says:

    I’m happy to see this kind of request. People can point out some regular life sex. Still, you are correct that the exceptional love making sessions are probably what we put on MH. And all marriages need those hits out of the ballpark sex sessions sometimes.

    We are older and retired with both of us dealing together with major medical problems. My heart failure means sex in the morning is safest and really more doable.
    My wife is still so beautiful to me. She thinks I’m still handsome. Maybe seeing each other as still good looking is a spiritual gift to people who are deeply committed to each other and to God.
    Our regular sessions usually start with us both nude on the bed. (But sometimes she wears very sexy revealing lingerie). We kiss and usually take turns loving on each other’s nipples. I will stroke her ladyplace and add coconut oil and often flavored Aloe Vera lube. By the way, when she’s nibbling on my mini man-nipples, I masturbate and she’ll help sometimes. When I’m on her nipples, she uses a rechargeable bullet vibrator. Sometimes she comes in this type of foreplay. Often she does not.
    Next, she’ll ask me to go inside her and we usually do a kind of X position with our bodies perpendicular to each other's. This position works great with a vibrator. Sometimes she’ll come, and it will trigger my orgasm. Sometimes, I’ll come first then slide up beside her to love on her nipple and bring her to orgasm. Yes, I absolutely love her breasts and cute little raspberries.
    Then we’ll cuddle, and I will hold and gently stroke her lovely breasts. About 2/3 of the time, we do round two and do most of this again. Sometimes we’ll do doggy style or cowgirl. About once a month, I’ll give her oral and she does the same for me once a month. Don’t judge us. She is not into it more than that.
    Our lovemaking is usually scheduled as follows: Day 1, full session as just described. Day 2, she sucks my nipples as I masturbate to orgasm. Day 3, a quickie where I come but usually she does not go for orgasm (but sometimes she does). Day 4, same as 2. Day 5 same as 1. This was a negotiated schedule. My drive is usually higher than hers but not always.
    With our medical problems, like RA, we found that using a vibrator (and sometimes two) works best for my beautiful sexy wife to reach orgasm.
    We have marathon sessions too, sometimes, but I described our regular and wonderful sex life. Sometimes things don’t work because of our medical issues and we have learned to be patient with each other. We almost always both reach orgasm at least once in our full lovemaking sessions. We are very grateful to both still be alive and able to share this form of ultimate love.
    Sorry this is so long, but I’ve been meaning to post about normal sex.
    Thanks for the chance to talk about it, Westcoast.

  9. Closet Freaks says:

    We have a pretty active sex life. 3-4 times a week. Sometimes more. My wife has a great sex drive but time due to work and our kids is limited. Why, yesterday she had to use her vibrator without me due to work. Nevertheless, sex is awesome. When we can't get together, we sext, send pics, flirt, etc. When we do make it happen, we go all out. Positions, toys, roleplay, dirty talk, the works. I guess with us, sex is something that we are always working on, even when we aren't doing it. We make a point to put the extra effort in.

  10. New Wife says:

    We are both pretty high-drive and physically active. We have sex most days, sometimes twice a day if circumstances permit. I don't know that we have an "ordinary" session but most start out with oral and fingering till I cum the at least once. After that, it's usually a few positions of PIV. My DH prefers to finish in some rear entry position like doggie or reverse cowgirl.

    We have our home to ourselves so while we have sex in the bedroom most often, we do use the other rooms too.

  11. TPC says:

    Married 25 years and in the process of launching 2 of our 3 kids. Average 2-3 times a week. Sex is my primary love language. Hit a patch in the last year where I had issues performing that stemmed from chronic pain and the stress we both felt in helping our kids launch. We are in the process of reinventing ourselves in the bedroom. Recently we have started to pray together and invite the Lord to bless our intimacy as we begin the "dance". It's been cool. When all my joints are feeling good she loves it when I pick her up and we get after it. She gets this lustful gaze that is so freakin 🔥 hot. Also recently we had a mutual masturbation session that was amazing. Apperciate that she has been so generous with her body for all these years.

  12. LovingMan says:

    TPC, I loved what you posted here. We are now retired empty nesters. And we are older with many health concerns. . . and sometimes things like pain, asthma, heart failure, medication side effects, etc. get in the way during our love making sessions. But patience with each other and us both continuing to try has made for some very satisfying loving. Even in our regular sex sessions. Being retired has given us plenty of time to be intimate and keep trying when there are problems with one of our bodies during sex. For us, morning sex is best. My bad heart does better in the morning because it has been resting all night, doing less work as I sleep. We read that morning is the recommended time for sex when you have to deal with heart failure.

  13. LuvBug says:

    We have two kids under the age of 4 and I work long hours which together can make sex difficult, but we still manage to do it between 1 and 3 times a week. Any less and I think we would both go crazy lol. Usually, we have sex after the kids go to bed at night or when they go down for an afternoon nap. Typically we start by making out, I will finger her and she will start giving me a handjob or if I'm lucky, a blowjob. Once we are both aroused, we move onto the main event. Usually, we start in missionary or with her on top, but it usually doesn't end there. We will switch who is on top, or do one of our other favorites which include doggy style (both on our knees or standing), spoons or butterfly. Other times we change venue, like moving from the bed to the ottoman (which is the best sex prop ever designed) or standing. We usually go do two or three different positions during sex depending on how long we last.
    We both love sex, but we have found that it is a reflection not only of our relationship with each other, but also our relationship with Christ. The sex is best when all of those relationships are healthy.

    • New Wife says:

      Agree totally! A big cushioned chair and a "blanket bench" narrow enough to straddle are the best pieces of furniture in our bedroom other than the bed itself and the large mirror next to it.

  14. possibility says:

    I quite agree about good sex being a reflection of the relationship between a loving couple and also their relationship with Christ, who gave this wonderful gift to show love to each other.

  15. hornyGG says:

    Ben and I have a big cushioned chair in our bedroom that has turned into kind of our "sex chair", if you will. We have had a lot of fun in that chair.

    Not long ago we played a "Godfather" role play in which he plays a mafia kingpin. He will sit in that chair naked and say, "Gonna make you an offer you can't refuse" He then will have me suck his dick or ride him. Lots of fun!

    Stay horny!

  16. 1blessedman says:

    Married 36 years. Frequency varies with the most being 4 times per week and an average of 2 times per week. We enjoy everything from the romantic encounter complete with wooing one another and beginning with kissing/gentle touching, etc. to the straight-up physical moment where she jumps right into sucking cock or I just dive right into her pouty pinks lips of luv-st. Locations: hotel rooms, bedroom, ottoman (oh yeah, Southernheat–a fav of ours!), on our deck, in our car, the hood of my truck, the cab of a bulldozer while I was doing some excavation work, kitchen counter, shower, forest along the Blue Ridge Parkway, on our picnic table and on the beach (Pea Island). Positions: Any and all! missionary, scissors, doggie (luv this one-awesome view to match an awesome sensation), cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sitting back against her/feeling those wonderful tits while she gives a reach-around JO, 69, bj in any position, lj (lick-job for her) forward-backward-scissor. Toys: vibe, dildo (we made it; create-a-mate), rabbit vibe, glass dildo, masturbation sleeve (super head honcho), cock ring, and a future thought of a sex swing. I am okay with more anal play and toys at any time while she is anal play (give/receive) oriented occasionally as well as must be "in the mood" when it comes to toys. If it is a toy or anal day…..Wow!….she is very into it and can be wonderfully aggressive! She luvs to suck cock (hence my username: 1blessedman), receive slow rhythmic deep-vag sex in all positions, and I luv to go down on her pouty pink lips, make luv to her "B's" or enjoy the rear-end view while she gives an awesome penetrative lap dance! So, we enjoy a varied sex life that seeks to be mutually enjoyable and fulfilling.

  17. Liverr says:

    So beautiful to hear of regular married couples with children share regular every day life … especially love the descriptions of her muscles tightening around him, and his contractions as well … what a great down to earth description

  18. Captain J says:

    Great question! After almost 40 years of marriage and a few more than that as intimate partners, it has changed considerably. Before we were married, she would give a hand job in the back seat of my parents car, with them in the front seat, on the way home from my BB games. Other times we'd find places to have sex if my folks were at home.
    Right after we were married, it would happen, 2- 3 times a day.
    Struggles in our relationship actually caused a time when she left me. A horrible time in my life, which was my fault. No sex at all for weeks. After a time, we worked it out. No infidelity, just immaturity on my part.
    Then children came. While pregnant, she was horny constantly. After pregnancy, that changed considerably. 2-3 times a week, with her intiating seldom.
    Then started a decade or more of pre menopause. I really had to work to get it twice a week and in that time I could count on one hand the sex she started.
    Health issues have taken their toll in post menopausal days. I don't have to work as hard at getting her in the mood as I did during pre times, but usually, sex happens 2 times a week. A few months ago, we did it twice in one day. Nothing spectacular, but that hadn't happened in years. I'm hoping she will get the drive back, as we quickly aprroach 60 years of age.
    I will be honest and say not all the dry times were her fault. I found out I had low testosterone levels. Weekly injections have helped immensely in that area. Because of weight gain, I pretty much have to mount her from behind for us both to enjoy intercourse. We do missionary every so often because I love see her face as I make love to her. Seeing her tits move is an added bonus.
    I do hope to enjoy intimacy with her for years to "cum".

  19. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    What’s our ordinary, day to day, sex life like? For us, Monday to Friday are usually quickies because time is often limited.

    How often? Almost every day. If we take a "day off," usually it's Mondays. But it's not uncommon for us to have 6-10 sessions per week with lots of doubles and occasionally some triples on the weekends. The week between Christmas and New Year's Day, we have had sex as much as 14 times. One time early in our marriage, we had sex 20 times in a single week. We average 200 sessions per year (keep in mind my wife is "out of commission" every 28 days).

    What do we do? Monday to Friday, usually intercourse and maybe oral sex. If time is really short and we want to do oral sex, we'll do 69.

    Which position? If it's intercourse, 80% of the time it's doggy style. The other 20% would be cowgirl, reverse cowgirl or missionary. But doggy style is our go-to position and we typically do multiple positions.

    Where? Usually we're "confined" to our bedroom, which functions as our own sex lair as we have lots of toys, costumes, video equipment, etc. We love to get it on in the shower. If our son is not home, could be anywhere, including on our back deck.

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