Trying to Get Creative

My husband and I are in our mid-30s and very active sexually. We strive to at least engage sexually every other day, but more often than not every day.

This isn’t a story, but rather a question. I’m looking for some different ways in which we can be creative in sex, specifically for me.

My hubby is pretty adventurous, and if there’s something I want to do, he’s almost always game for it.  But I don’t know what to do or what to try.  To be specific, I’m looking for some creative things to do with his semen, either when he cums or following him cumming, other than just him cumming in my vagina or in my mouth.

For the record, I love getting his cum in my mouth, I love tasting it even.  But I’m trying to learn what are some fun, wild, or even kinky things to try?  Also, what are some things that other wives do that they really enjoy?

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  1. possibility says:

    It is lovely you want to be creative in your sex life – it will help to keep the "flames burning" between you both.
    You say you love getting his cum in your mouth. How about leaving your own orgasm until after he has cum in your mouth and you have had a long cummy French kiss together? Oh, the thought of his cum being swirled around by your tongues will probably help you build up to your own climax.
    This thought plus the accompanying picture with your story has made me feel horny!

  2. hornyGG says:

    You can always have him cum on your body, such as your tits etc. I have never done this ( yet ), but you can make " cum cakes". A friend of mine mentioned this to me recently. Basically you suck or masturbate him and have him cum into some cake batter, then make just enough cup cakes for you and him to share. This might be fun, unless your husband doesn't care about the idea of eating his own cum. Of course you probably won't be able to taste it mixed with the cake batter, but the idea seems erotic enough.

    Stay horny!

  3. Closet Freaks says:

    Personally, i love shooting my load either on her face or tits. Occasionally, I'll eat it out of her mouth or pussy if I'm really horny. Either way, it's very sexy when it becomes more than an afterthought.

  4. Roy Hobbs says:

    Something I’ve always wanted to do after cumming in my wife’s vagina is to gather up our cum and then kiss her or scoop up our cum with my fingers and feed it to her.

  5. texasman76 says:

    AKMAAPS, there are a number of things you can do. Give him a really nice BJ but don't swallow it. Surprise him and share it in a deep, loving kiss and let him swallow it for a change. Likewise, get adventurous and have him shoot his load into you and then clean you up by lovingly licking/sucking the load out of you bringing you to a fantastic orgasm. You can try with him going straight down after he blows. However, alot of men have that post-orgasm "no-interest" feeling so you could ride him and then hold the load in with your hand while you scoot up and prop your pussy right over his mouth and tell him to eat you out. He will get a hardon quick just from turning you on and the kinkiness of eating his own load for you. It's such an expression of love. Another fun thing to do is masturbate for each other. Finger yourself while he is stroking and tell him you want to see him eat his own load. You can taste your juices while fingering yourself to get him really hot at the thought. Assist him by talking it up to him and he can prop his legs up over his head on the headboard or wall. Tell him how hot it is for you to watch him take his own load for you. Caress his ass hair and balls while he is pumping and, believe me, he will shoot one of the largest loads he ever has from your exciting him with all that talk and touch. Make sure he keeps his eyes open so he can aim well. Good luck! It's fun to have some kinkiness to change things up.

  6. Catholiccouple says:

    Test his limits: ask him to go down on you after sex. I suggest asking him during sex, then see if he is still up for doing it post-orgasm.

    Incredibly hot but guys into it many times will need to be “forced” to do it. Just make sure he agrees pre-orgasm.

    • Rcthom55 says:

      I agree, it is very hot. She has only let me do it for a couple of years, but I love it and she loves it that I do it so that she will experience a big O

  7. Tulsa says:

    My wife gets a real thrill from cum-play!
    Started out when I did oral on her after cumming in her. WOW! What an intense orgasm she had when that happened!
    So… I have tried, and we have tried, a lot of other cum-play things since then.
    Her favorite is still when I do oral on her after I cum in her, but we do other things as well. Guaranteed, if I eat her after cumming in her, she is going to be cumming BIG!

    We like taking a quick break while I'm eating her cummy pussy to give her a big sloppy kiss, which is both of our stuff! She has no problem with a taste of herself….she likes it!
    Or, like others said, a big wet kiss after a BJ but she hasn't swallowed. And when all the cum drools out onto her tits…..I clean it up! Or after a handjob, or we masturbate together, she'll clean me up and share in a kiss.
    Or cumming on her nipples—maybe from a handy, maybe I jack-off—and then licking & sucking her tits (often with mutual masturbation).
    And, another wife pleaser, a big one, is if I don't cum in her but pull out and cum on her and then clean her up! We have also done the same when doing mutual masturbation. If I cum first, I just go to licking her, and she will be cumming pretty fast too!

    Hope that wasn't TMI!
    But there's a few starters!

  8. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    Recently I have come on her tits or her shaved bald pussy. Then I rub the come into and around her nipples; it makes for very slippery play! Also, use the come to rub into her labia and finger her clit, makes her hot and gives a nice orgasm.

  9. AKMAAPS says:

    Wow, so a lot of cum sharing!
    When hubby is really horny, he will do anything; but in the afterglow, he is less inclined to partake of his own taste. Anything I can do to help with that? But to be honest, I get a little possessive of his cum anyway. It is mine after all… 😉

    • Tulsa says:

      My wife isn’t at all bashful about it. After I cum in her pussy, she wants me to lick her to another orgasm and will say ‘EAT ME’, if I don’t get to it quickly enough!
      She will also push my head to where she wants it to be! 😉
      I find her ‘bossiness’ hot!

    • texasman76 says:

      As I mentioned above, when starting out it can be a challenge if he is not used to eating his own cum because of the post-orgasm "non-interest". If you try him cumming in his own mouth with his legs over his head as described above, he is still super horny from your coaching him on and playing with his ass hair and balls that he will want it really bad at the height of his horniness. Once he takes his load, he will view it as a fun part of lovemaking. Also, "forcing" him to take his load from your mouth after a BJ is one way. Another, of course, is to ride him and immediately climb up and put your pussy over his mouth and tell him how sexy he is and to eat your love juices out of you. He will have another hard-on in no time from how amazing your orgasm will be and go for round two. He needs to associate his cum with pleasure. His cum is just as pure as your pussy juice. The marriage bed is made for husband and wife to enjoy without inhibition.

  10. LilaY69 says:

    Hopefully you're doing this already, but one obvious way of having fun with his cum is to give him a nice and sloppy blowjob, then have fun with the cum-mixed-with-spit strings while making out and giving each other tongue. I always have lots of fun with the cum and spit strings while giving him a marvelous blowjob. The sloppier, the better.

    Have you had him cum on your face? Or how about on your ass? Very sexy.

    I try to receive facials regularly because I read that it's good for the skin. A win-win!

    Has he ever eaten your cream pie? When he cums in or on your pussy, have him then eat your pussy out until you cum. It's super hot. If done right and he doesn't hesitate, he'll empty his big creamy load on or inside your pussy, and then dive in and go to town. Make sure he cleans you all up with his mouth and tongue, letting nothing go to waste! Of course, I can get such toe-curling and mind-blowing orgasms from this, more often than not. It's pussy eating, but almost like on steroids.

    By the way, one thing that I still want to try is to eat his cream along with some chocolates! Maybe I'll stroke him and milk his entire creamy load onto some chocolates! Yum!!!

    • Dave CapeTown says:

      Oh my word, Lilay69… I read ALL your comments on here… And EACH one of them makes me rock hard!!!

      I love the idea of eating and sharing cum… Wow!

  11. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Creativity in position is the easiest and, for me, the most effective part of sex. Moving from missionary, turning her hips and entering from behind can lead to spinning her on top. From there a good reverse cowboy has turned into a 69 or into some of the kama sutra positions.

    The added bonus of the "numbness" effect after a couple of positions helps her and helps me prolong the first shot.

    Good luck!

  12. AKMAAPS says:

    This is Mr. AKMAAPS…
    Thanks for all your encouragements! My wife and I truly do have some things to try. I admit there is a mental hurdle there for me, but should be fun to try!
    Thanks! God bless!

    • texasman76 says:

      Hey Mr. AKMAAPS, I had that mental hurdle at first as well. However, I was determined to do something special for my wife and made myself do it. Once you do it the first time, it's a whole lot easier. Have you tried tasting your pre-cum when you are masturbating together or solo? That is a step in the right direction. The thought of it when you are all horned up is really hot but then it is like a light switch that goes off once you blow. One weekend my wife took the kids to see my in-laws out of town. She knew I was going to be edging solo and told me to have a good time. I went for four hours straight and kept telling myself I was going to do it so I could eat her out after I came. Finally, I kind of shimmied up the wall and flipped my legs over my head and aimed. Once I did that it helped me over the hurdle. I would like to hear how other husbands overcame the mental block. I would suspect others have tried the same thing or perhaps had their wife coach them while they are horny to keep the urge going after blowing the load.

  13. Ben G. says:

    My wife Gina loves sharing my cum with me after a blowjob occasionally. I also enjoy eating her creampie and tasting our combined juices. I like the taste of my cum. I started eating my cum as a teenager to hide the evidence of my masturbation. If I was flexible enough I would love to be able to suck my cock to completion. Years ago I was able to get the head in my mouth for a brief time. I have tried several times since ( at Gina's request) but unsuccessfully. What can I say, I am a little weird and kinky. Lol.

  14. Tulsa says:

    I overcame the mental block, the first time, out of necessity. After returning home from a long business trip, my wife and I were just getting started catching up, and I came uncontrollably in her. It only took a minute or two.

    Easy for me to tell she was disappointed, so I figured why not, I’ll just go down on her so she could have her orgasm too. That was normally what we did anyway, but oral on her was always before PIV, not after.

    Not long after that, I did it once again. I wanted to see if she had the same unbelievably powerful and long orgasm she did the first time!
    It became routine because I loved the results!

  15. Southernheat says:

    I would be interested in how men overcome that hurdle as well. My man has only gone down on me after filling my pussy twice. I begged him to do it, and it was so hot that I came big time, but he was really grossed out by it. He loves eating my pussy but got grossed out at the thought of tasting his cum. He's always willing to finger me as long as I want after he cums, and that is wonderful! In early years, he would fall asleep, but now he loves to bring me to orgasm in foreplay a few times and then a few more with PIV and then several more after stroking my G-spot until I’m satisfied and tired.

    • hornyGG says:

      I agree, Southernheat. My husband Ben loves eating my pussy and even enjoys it after he dumps his cum inside me. He actually enjoys the taste of his cum and enjoys my sharing a portion with him after a blowjob. It is so hot in my opinion.

    • Roy Hobbs says:

      I overcame it by tasting my cum after a solo session. Also figured if I desire my wife to enjoy how I taste then I should be willing to. I ask her to enjoy how she taste by kissing me after I’ve licked her pussy and give me a BJ after I’ve been inside her. The first time I went down on her after cumming was akin to jumping off the high dive. Once I committed, it was all good. Hope this helps!

  16. AKMAAPS says:

    It seems as though overcoming that hurdle requires diving in…
    Perhaps masking the taste with flavored lube would help a bit, but the texture and the thought are still there.
    Last night I pulled out and came on my wife’s clit. Was able to lick her until she came a couple more times, but I didn’t swallow… 😬
    We did some kissing after that, which helped, and really was pretty hot.
    I had some cum hanging on my chin and she licked it off, so that was fun.

    Getting past that hurdle of having it my mouth is something that I think I will battle for a long time.

    • Rcthom55 says:


      Good job! Sounds like you have made some progress!

      What you did and the other suggestions are pretty hot. I came inside my wife the other night and she still had not cum, so I did the same thing – licked her until she did. She loved it and the fact that I was willing to do it so she could enjoy a good O.

      I always figured that if I wanted her to taste me and take it in her mouth, I needed to be willing to do it too. So I tried it and after several times, came to think it is really very hot and fun to do.

      Keep trying a few things like you did. She will love and you will grow to enjoy the pleasure it gives her.

    • Tulsa says:

      Well….diving in, is how I did it the first time. No plan….it just happened.
      Times after that, yup! Dove in again, but I wanted to see if I could duplicate the results! (She came like crazy!)
      Kept doing it 'cause it was an obvious pleaser for her!

      Swallowing has little to do with it and really isn't required at all. I can tell you, that first time especially, I was figuring on just licking her clit, above the mess. Her hip-bucking, body-gyrating orgasm sure wrecked that plan, and after unloading a huge one in her and licking her to a fast and powerful orgasm, I was well past the glazed-donut look when I came up for air! 😉 Talk about wet & dripping!
      The whole swallowing thing is overrated. My wife, after a BJ, often just lets all my cum drool out of her mouth, and all over my cock & balls…..slowly. She likes to watch me watch! She may lick it back up….or just play with it some more…..and may swallow some, or none. No matter. Having it disappear in her mouth pales in comparison, as far as hotness, to watching her play with it all.

      Lots of things to do, when it comes to cum-play!!!

    • texasman76 says:

      You will get there, man, if you strive to. Have you tried any of the advice above solo or with her? Once I got over the hump, like many other husbands on here, it's pretty much smooth sailing.

  17. 1blessedman says:

    My wife and I kiss after going down on each other. Sharing of each others juices as we are headed for orgasms heightens the play. Sometimes my wife is into more than just kissing or deep french kissing. Sometimes she licks and sucks on my lips. At such times, I will take precum and smear it onto my lips for her. The first time I did it she kind of gasped with a sense of pleasure and it made her supper horny. She loves to lick and suck precum from my cock and lips, so I oblige. Occasionally, I will eat her out after cumming in her. It is not a fav of mine but if she wants it she gets it! I can set aside my minor dislike at that moment to hear her moan and watch her body writhe and convulse in pleasure! Another use is finger paint. My wife likes to "finger paint" me with my cum after shooting on her belly and tits.

    • Tulsa says:

      On the 'not my fav' comment, is yeah, it wasn't mine either.
      First time was my own fault, for failing to get her's before I got mine. But, the times after that, were because I wanted to make her orgasm like that first time again! I always thought she had the best orgasms ever, when I did oral on her. On a scale of 1-10, they are a 10. I was right, except there was a way to make O's from oral better, a lot better, and that was if I did oral after cumming in her, instead of before. On the same 1-10 scale, they are a 20! That, is incentive for sure, at least for me.
      After a dozen or more times, with the same results, I finally asked her what the deal was. Turned out, she had wanted me to do it for years! She fantasized about it, most every time I did oral on her! More intensive!
      So….after learning all this, in quite the graphic conversation, I started doing it almost every time. And, instead of trying to avoid the gooey mess, and try to just go after her clit, I really went after it, by going down on her and licking her from bottom to top, and tonguing her too! It made it even better for her, and wasn't long, until I was experimenting with other things along the same line, to see what else gave her such a rush.

      So, to my point, yeah, it was not my favorite. But when she told me it was her favorite, it BECAME my favorite! Not right away by any means, but I got there. For her!

  18. coboy78 says:

    One thing we haven't tried (mostly because it sounds like a lot of work) but I think would be extraordinarily hot is keeping it collected for a while in the fridge. If I knew it lasted long enough, I'd love to be able to bukkake my wife with my own cum. I also like the idea of her walking around in panties soiled with my cum.

    if you were collecting it, watching someone drink a martini glass full of cum could also be pretty hot.

  19. Bjlove says:

    i am just as obsessed with Cum as you are. I always use it to the best of my ability and very seldom will I want it wasted on the bed sheet or in tissues. A few things I enjoy:
    Having his cock head, just as he's about to shoot, tightly gripped with my lips. It practically fills my mouth and slowly I start a swallowing process. Thereafter I clean him out completely by sucking out the last drop. Another way is after he's made me reach orgasm (and he always does), I let him ejaculate fully into my gaping mouth and then suck the last drop off. Sometimes he messes me up by spurting all over me and after I rub myself with sperm we just grip each other and drown in sticky semen. At times I enjoy a full facial and don’t mind being drenched all over my face and hair. At other times as he's about to shoot, I close my lips and let him do a “lipstick” on me with excess semen rolling down my neck and on my breasts. At times I let him thrust between my tits, and I have a way of bringing my mouth to his cock and let him ejaculate mostly in my mouth. Turning to my anus. If we are not using a condom, I let him fill me up before all of it drips back between my pussy and legs. I use my fingers to scoop up and cleans it out with my mouth. [MH recommends against this practice for health reasons.] There are many more things that I try with his sperm. I am obsessed with sperm and perhaps the most I enjoy is different positions of 69 culminating in both of us having full orgasms with my mouth ever ready to take a load. I also enjoy a deep-throat with my head hanging over the edge of the bed and with a deep penetration he always loves to ejaculate fully down my throat, which he knows I just adore. There are many more ways but if you have no handicap about it, try it. You’ll find the great enjoyment that a man's load can bring to your boldness. All in all, my husband loves cum kissing so if you want to make it challenging do the “dirty” things and end it off with a deep kiss.
    P.S. don’t forget all this is not limited to the bedroom. Be bold and try anything, but try and be secluded as public sex may be an offense.

  20. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    These are great questions. In reflecting on our marriage, basically every time I pushed the limits my wife happily went along. And vice versa. A few highlights:

    1) One night in doggy style I got kind of inspired and started slapping her ass cheeks with my hands. She loved it. She loves to be spanked in doggy style.
    2) The harder the sex, the better. I used to worry it would hurt her. No, she wants it hard.
    3) Talk dirty. I have said some really graphic stuff in the act and she loves it and has started reciprocating.
    4) You hit on this already but no matter how messy it is she'll gladly accept my semen wherever I desire to shoot it. She'll sometimes lick it up. Maybe try that?
    5) Introduce toys. We have a dildo and vibrator and she loves to simulate mmf sex. Maybe try that?
    6) Edge him and then lick up his cum.
    7) Masturbate together.
    8) Sext together.
    9) We one time had sex in a high rise hotel room in a major city at night with the lights on in the room and the curtains totally pulled open. We wanted someone to watch. Was wild.
    10) Shave your pussy bald.

  21. SecondMarge says:

    We all differ to some degree. I learned very early in my second marriage that despite being raised to think being a voyeur was bad, I enjoyed watching. I feel confident that almost everyone does.

    What took longer was discovering being looked at or watched could turn me on. My husband's encouragement to wear flattering clothes and eventually go topless on a beach helped me overcome body image issues that almost all women have. Seeing others with bodies that were as different from what we are told is desirable as mine, I relaxed and was happy being seen.

    After my change in attitude, I began to appreciate the looks. And finally realized being seen while being sexual heightened the pleasure for them and us. I’m not suggesting I would have sex in public in hopes of being seen. However, in the right controlled environment, being heard or seen having sex, whether just touching myself or being touched is extremely erotic.

    The stories lately of people hearing sex on the phone and being watched in a hotel room point this out better than I can. Finding the best way to have this happen may be the catch. Finding the right person or couple to share these erotic events so that maybe they respond in kind as in the story. I probably should not go into more detail but I am glad to read many people here are turned on by this kind of situation. Helps me accept what I have done.

    Keep listing things for others to consider trying. Then people that have thought about trying it will feel it ok to try.

    • realboybd says:

      My wife Shazia is a lot of woman.Specially her plush ass.She turns a lot of eyes.She wears burka but no help.I have made peace with it.I work in a construction company.There is a guy called Cody.You can say we are work rivals.But there is also a mutual understanding between us,a respect for each others work.Sometimes we through sarcastic comments at each other.Try to outwit each other friendly way.One day at work during lunch break we were discussing redhead actresses in Hollywood and Christina Hendricks name popped up.And someone said "that
      Big Assed Redhead?"..We were all talking a shit,Cody sometime being the asshole he is,says "Buddy buddy,whatever you say,Zahid (me) here has hit a sizeable jackpot (pointing to Shazia's ass) with his wifey".And everybody went "OOhhhhh".I was dumbfounded.Didn't know how to respond to that.Then said "Thank you" and then let it go.I think i should have reacted more protective towards my wife on that comment,but deep inside i knew i can't win.Cody was right on that.And it made me proud of my wife and turned me on also that a guy with whom i have cutthroat competition,has complimented my wifes ass which only i have first hand access to.That day i fucked my lovely wife Shazia bare back.I always feel like a champion when i do her like that.So i decided this is how i'm gonna make peace if any compliments my wifes ass.And yes that includes a jackass like you Cody.

  22. BillAnthony says:

    SecondMarge, I always love your thoughts and comments! You’re a very interesting lady!

    I’m one who has always refrained from swallowing my own semen. I’ve never hesitated to taste and swallow my own precum, but that is not as strong in taste as ejaculate. One thought mentioned here is licking cum but not actually swallowing it, which I think is something that I could handle if it turns my partner on. She might also like to lick it from my tongue.

    I also find hornyGG’s suggestion of including cum in cake batter to later be shared together an interesting intimate sexperience! But how might we include some of the lady’s fluids in the batter?

  23. Chloe says:

    SecondMarge: "…being heard or seen having sex, whether just touching myself or being touched is extremely erotic."

    Are there people on MH who would LOVE to hear one of your stories involving being watched (especially while playing with yourself!)? YES PLEASE!! 😍

    • SecondMarge says:

      Kind of you to say Chloe but I doubt it would pass the censorship board. Not that I blame the moderators for all the times they have censored me or changed what I wrote. They have an impossible job keeping everyone happy. With some people thinking MH has gone to far and others trying to push the envelope further. But I will consider putting some thoughts down. Again thinks for thinking it might be interesting.

  24. YumYum says:

    One night after a Christmas party, I started removing my clothes in the car on the way home. It was my way of saying how horny I was for my husband. When I removed my panties as the last item, my pussy was damp & his cock was hard. I carefully unbuckled & unzipped his pants & he help me get them down to his ankles as he drove us the long way home.
    I had his cock in my mouth as soon as I leaned over & pleasured him with loving lips. I loved his hand on my ass as I sucked him slow & sweet. I raised up long enough to put tongue kisses in his ear & told him I wanted his cum in my mouth. It didn't take much longer for me to suck him off & get the cum I wanted & he got to watch me orgasm with my fingers on the way home. He liked sucking my cunt-soaked fingers and told me how yummy I was. He's yummy too !!!

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